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  1. Hello fellow ARCers! It finally happened... the old tank is officially retired as we moved houses March of 2017. With that comes the end of the old FarmerTy mega-thread... it treated me well over the years. Here it is for reference and also as a tool for punishment for new reefers to join the club. [emoji5] http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/29288-farmertys-215-build/?_fromLogin=1#replyForm
  2. FarmerTy

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    That's my Palmer's blue... They look very similar to me. My Palmer's is much less blue in my t5 display though compared to when I had it under the Ocean Revives. Here is the silver bullet prostrata. Under Radion G4s and T5 in the frag tank.
  3. FarmerTy

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    The holidays consumed me! Never! That's how people start bugging me for specific corals! When are you gonna cut that Mind blowing colony Ty? How about now? Now? [emoji12]
  4. FarmerTy

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Hey hey, pot and kettle here Jim! [emoji12]
  5. FarmerTy

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    And even more corals!
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    Back by popular demand

    Hey bud, I remember you. Welcome back! I may have been JeeperTy back when you were still active.
  7. FarmerTy

    FarmerTy Fall Bash Meeting

    Haha, sure! [emoji4]
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    FarmerTy Fall Bash Meeting

    Hello ARC, I officially got approval to host another meeting at the house! And when I say approval... I mainly mean the wife said I could! Woot woot! When: October 13th, 12pm-2pm Where: PM me for address Topic: How to keep acropora! If you haven't been to one of my meetings, I generally cater in Vietnamese food... Fried rice, spring rolls, and egg rolls for all to enjoy. Water and soda will be supplied as well. The price you ask? Having to listen to me drone on about corals and reefing! I know... Tough trade off but the food is good so capitalize on that! I will be removing and cutting up at least 6+ colonies in my system and moving them on. I'll have large frags of those for sale cheap at the meeting. Please don't ask for me to hold or request to pick up later. These will be only available at the meeting and first come, first serve basis. I'll be handing out numbers as you arrive for those interested to better organize and be fair to those who showed up first. Those circled in Red are for sure going. I'll be removing them hopefully this week and fragging them up for people at the meeting. Please vote in the poll if you are attending so I have a good idea of how much food to order. That means you'll have to login via computer Tapatalk users... polls don't show up in Tapatalk. Thanks a bunch and looking forward to seeing everyone again! -Ty
  9. FarmerTy

    FarmerTy Fall Bash Meeting

    The purple one is my Purple Martian and the other isn't named.
  10. FarmerTy

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    I put clear water cups over the colonies... Much easier. [emoji23]
  11. FarmerTy

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Polyps! Don't tell the angels!
  12. Beautiful bud! Feed them at least 2x/day frozen... They're a pain to feed but rewarding to see brighten up the tank with their amazing color and activity.
  13. FarmerTy

    Beautiful bubble tips at Aquarium Designs

    Someone say anemones? [emoji16] Those are super healthy and happy rainbow anemones.
  14. I would almost guarantee they are in the display too and you can't see them. I would do what you're doing, treat the fuge separately. It shouldn't cause issue for the other things in the fuge as long as you do the water change and run carbon quickly. Then personally, I'd follow a week later with a full tank treatment... You'd be surprised how many you'll see in the display. And then another treatment a week after that.
  15. FarmerTy

    What am I missing? 1.028 salinity, Milwaukee Refractometer

    Haha, I can picture her face while saying that! [emoji23] Glad you got it figured out bud!
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    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    You've seen Jurassic Park... Life finds a way.
  18. FarmerTy

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    I had to edit it a lot to kill the over saturation, but not bad. Don't you have like 4 Lemondrop aiptasias in your tank too? I'll be a good pal and remove them for you... No charge.