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  1. FarmerTy

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    They may have a showdown, with the emperor mainly harassing it for awhile is my guess
  2. FarmerTy

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    I was surprised how aggressive my regal can be towards the other angels. I didn't know they had a mean bone in them but maybe I was fooled by their beauty. Nice collection there sir! They will look great in the tank!
  3. FarmerTy

    Pale SPS

    A little carbon dosing goes a long way. I would slowly lower the amount you use and monitor nitrates as you do it. Nothing good happens fast in this hobby... And everything bad happens in a flash! [emoji16]
  4. FarmerTy

    20G Waterbox Build

    So clean looking! I love the start of new builds!
  5. FarmerTy

    20G Waterbox Build

    Thanks Matt! My steel stand cost $700 so that price range of around $150 sounds great. I'm sure there gets to be a point where the size and weight of the tank wouldn't make sense anymore to do aluminum but good to know! Thanks for sharing!
  6. FarmerTy

    I’m back!!! Red Sea reefer 350

    Tank was just pissed you didn't take it with you. I feel the same way! [emoji19]
  7. FarmerTy

    the jolt 1̶5̶0̶ 180

    That's a good sign that it already has great color in the DT... anything but the finest and its mud brown. Happy anniversary! My wife and I just celebrated our 5th so we are catching up to you. [emoji23]
  8. FarmerTy

    Sean's SPS 25g Lagoon - In with the tides

    Those acros are going to go blind! [emoji12] Looks great sir! One question, is it wise to mount a baseball bat so close in proximity to the tank? You don't think in a fit of rage one day at the tank, you might employ its services? We've all been there with our tanks... Just wondering. [emoji16]
  9. FarmerTy

    Acro ID

  10. FarmerTy

    Pale SPS

    I aim for 0.03 ppm phosphate, with daily feedings in the tank. Just my own tank personally, anything above 0.18 ppm phosphate and I start to lose color and certain species sensitive to higher phosphates start STNing on me.
  11. FarmerTy

    Acro ID

    Tubbs mystic blue stag
  12. FarmerTy

    Planet Aquarium 130g

    Tank is looking good Jimbo. Everything looks happy and healthy!
  13. FarmerTy

    Pale SPS

    Yeah, let your nitrates get to 5-10ppm range... You'll like the colors a lot better. I'd leave phosphates where they are as long as you are feeding your tank daily.
  14. FarmerTy

    Angelfish Disease?

    Doesn't look like anything I've ever seen. Perhaps bacterial?
  15. FarmerTy

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    I'll use them for chore credits around the house. Mow the lawn, get a Voodoo Magic frag. Put up the dishes, that's one PC Rainbow frag. It'll be awesome.