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  1. I'll default to the guy that's been to more wholesalers and distributors than I can even name... [emoji4]
  2. Looking to distract you with a pretty, flowing, 3-headed Cerberus of a goniopora while nobody notices the fish are missing.
  3. Nice! Very jealous! I bet you those in the cups are being isolated so they cannot eat anymore to purge their systems before shipping.
  4. I love mine!
  5. That's all smoke and mirrors Jordan! [emoji12]
  6. Dang, whoever sold you that could have at least cleaned up the coralline for you! [emoji12] I'm ready to follow! Make it epic!
  7. Hmmm, never tried one. I know Juiceman plans to have one, maybe chat with him.
  8. Looking good as always man!
  9. I just saw one just sell in Houston that would have fit this bill perfectly! I'll keep a lookout for you bud! Woohoo upgrade!
  10. Its a good thing I don't have a sense of humor. [emoji12] Wait, when I grow up I want a giant house and giant tank like you have. Thanks Shawn! Thanks Jordan! Good to see you back! [emoji106]
  11. Thanks James. I didn't talk this time to not scare you off.
  12. Coral polyp update!
  13. Yes, this is true. Like years... [emoji53]
  14. Perhaps the cloudiness is from the anemones expelling their guts in response to not ideal water conditions? Seems odd to have bacterial blooms with a large skimmer on the system and very low bioload.
  15. They are professional members on the site. http://www.austinreefclub.com/index.php?/topic/37488-NDstructible-Welding-examples Built my stand too and I am extremely happy!