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  1. Here's a FTS I took tonight. Everything is stable so I'm leaving it be to take care of everything else going on right now and hopefully will be able to return to it in a few weeks to aquascape and start working on cable management and adding the frag tank.
  2. Nice! Love that minimal aquascape! [emoji12]
  3. Me climbing to the top of the ranks of postings and likes on the club. You got your chance to make a comeback while the baby is distracting me. Get those Gifs ready!
  4. Someone hijacked my old tank today! [emoji22]
  5. I know, we were hoping he got his mom's looks. He's hosed now! Maybe he can be a radio jockey still...
  6. Hey hey, we're making fun of Jolt now. Did you not get the memo?
  7. [emoji23] We only tease because we love Jim! [emoji106]
  8. What we need in here...
  9. Hmmm... There may be a few things that might be slowing my daddy down...
  10. Thanks Diesel! The original plan always included cabinet doors above for easy, quick access but after I mentioned it to my wife, she turned it into a mandate as she didn't want me to always have to disappear into the fish room everytime something needed to be worked on.
  11. I knew they were real! [emoji3]
  12. How do you plan to make this tank epic? What fish stock? What coral stock? [emoji12]
  13. Is the needle valve before the reactor or after?
  14. Hey Nick, Sorry you're having to deal with this as its no fun. The potassium dip won't kill eggs either so you'll have to be diligent while dipping weekly to cut off or scrape off any eggs you see. I used to just superglue over them and call it a day. I did make it part of my process. Dip, then inspect for eggs weekly Personally, if you see eggs, I would start all over again and dip for 6-10 weeks all over again. Better safe than sorry.