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  1. datBme150

    Radion XR30w Pro Gen 3

    ill leave this hear another few days remove to post on R2R.
  2. datBme150

    Radion XR30w Pro Gen 3

    Price drop. $ 350.
  3. datBme150

    Radion XR30w Pro Gen 3

    For sale my Radion XR30w Pro Gen 3. Manufactured in 2014. Works like a dream. I just updated to the Gen4. Comes without the box. The box in pictures is from my Gen4. Also comes with the newer power pack that replaces the massive white transformer. It's way better than the older version and safer. $400. Thanks Preston 512 656 0720
  4. datBme150


  5. datBme150


    Yes sir
  6. datBme150


    i'm kind of amazed these haven't sold out yet. Great zoas for a fairly solid discount. Might move them to R2R or grow out more then move.
  7. datBme150


    single hallucination sold. rest still available. Text if interested: 512 656 0720
  8. datBme150

    42 Cube Brief Build

    If you're talking about the pic of the frag rock in the middle. It's either a WD or a Pink Lemonade. The WD is the fatter on on the 2nd row. The pink lemonade is the thinner one right on front. If not, I have a ton of bubble gum digis. I bought one then out of pure luck got a mess more sent as freebies with other stuff I bought
  9. datBme150

    42 Cube Brief Build

    Pics under whites
  10. datBme150

    42 Cube Brief Build

    That rainbow Acan for example was the brightest and most colorful I have ever seen. Now it has dulled out a bit. That grafed Monti and beach bum Monti in the back came from you. They are sweet.
  11. datBme150

    42 Cube Brief Build

    A couple images. Coloration hasn't come back yet, but it better than what it was a few weeks ago. What do you guys dose for color? Picking up a very small yellow eyed kole Tang to handle hair algae today.
  12. datBme150

    42 Cube Brief Build

    Updates. Had a weird issue with water quality a few months ago, couldn't solve. Sent off the ICP test, came back testing high in heavy metals. ICP came back and said they had an issue with their tester that was falsely finding heavy metals... After I had already treated. Jerks Then my butterfly fish decided his favorite food was coral. He had expensive tastes and had to go, although not before he cause the untimely demise of a couple of my favorites. Jerk. Then had a bubble algae outbreak. Getting rid of that slowly, and added more emeralds. One is now the size of a small blue crab. Soon to be Jerk Everything else is good now and stuff is really starting to open back up and grow. Just started dosing Kalswasser as I was dropping alk and Cal bewteen water changes.
  13. datBme150

    Enzo1028’s IM Nuvo Fusion 30L Build

    looks good!
  14. datBme150


    I have a frag of White Zombies (2 polyps) $140. Three frags of Hallucinations (single, double and single w/ baby). $ 60 per polyp. I also have a frag of a Bubble Gum Digi too, $ 20. 512 656 0720
  15. hey man,

    Do you have one left.  I had a rather aggressive fish that took mine out.  Id like to replace.  I can buy and pick up this week if you can.