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  1. Reefers, I am wanting to do a new build anywhere from 75-120 gallons. I found the ideal tank (105 gallons, 48x24x20), but it is in Dallas. Hoping to find something similar locally and avoid a 6 hour trip and renting a truck. If you have a rimless, reef ready tank with similar dimensions for sale please message me. Thank you for your time! Cheers, Colin
  2. If 27, 61 and 62 are still available I would like to snag them.
  3. Thank you for response. Unfortunately this will not fit in my tiny sump . Good luck with sale.
  4. Sorry but someone grabbed them already
  5. Is this still for sale? If so, could you please let me know the diameter. Looking for a CO2 scrubber to fit in the sump of my 45 gallon all-in-one (don't have a lot of real estate). Thanks!
  6. Looking for colorful millepora; pink, sunset, bubblegum, rmf diablo or others (already have ASD rainbow and palmer's blue mille) . Thanks! Cheers, Colin
  7. Colin Gearing


    Here is a link to the results for the City of Austin's drinking water (you can check any other city or public water system's results here as well). https://dww2.tceq.texas.gov/DWW/JSP/NonTCRRecentSampleResult.jsp?tinwsys_is_number=5969&tinwsys_st_code=TX&wsnumber=TX2270001
  8. I bought 4-T5 bulbs from Aquatek right before they moved. According to Aquatek they have never been used but had been chilling in storage for awhile. Never had a large enough T5 fixture to test them but assume they still work. Two of them are Pure Actinic, two are Aquablue+. Pick up in Tarrytown (Windsor/Mopac). Cheers, Colin
  9. Bump. Price Drop. Need tank gone by this weekend. Thanks!
  10. The Copperband is eating PE mysis daily and live black worms occasionally. Has a very healthy appetite.
  11. Just downsized tanks and need the old aquarium out of my house before we have company over this weekend. Will take $450 for everything if picked up by Friday. 125 gallon pre-drilled tank with 4 small overflows, 40 gallon sump, metal stand with wood panels magnetically attached, 300W heater, Jebao Return pump (There is a chip on the back corner but is only cosmetic (seen in photo)) Tank dimensions are 72×18x23. - $300 Bubble Magus Curve 7 Protein Skimmer - $125 (the drain hose attachment is MIA but I will try to find it) 3 x 16" SB Reef SBox basics in various condition (All a little less than 2 years old. Still under warranty but the company has been unresponsive to my emails) Fully functioning - $45 Blue channel is stuck on ~60%, still grew Acros - $35 Blue channel is completely burnt out - $25 Jebao pp15 - $35 (about a year old) Wavebox qp16 - $50 (under warranty by Reefbreeders until October 2019) Eheim 300W heater - $25 Thank you for looking!
  12. SOLD Transferred tanks and have livestock in trash can with powerhead. Going to take into Aquatek if no one claims them before they close today ~5" Purple tang - $75 (Just noticed a tiny bit of discoloration on his face. Assume it may be the start of hlle. Healthy and colorful otherwise) Jeremy's Digitata colony - $40 (on magnetic rock, about 8x4") Red Monti cap colony - $50 (~diameter of a basketball)
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