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  1. Colin Gearing

    High End SPS and Zoas

    I plan to place an order for a couple Acropora frags on Saturday. Shipping for my order will be free. If anyone is interested in ordering anything from this vendor you are welcome to have it shipped with my order to avoid shipping fees. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/high-end-sps-jf-homewrecker-unicorn.510748/
  2. Colin Gearing

    Small Clean-up Crew - $10 (SOLD)

    I will take them if they aren't already spoken for
  3. Colin Gearing

    Lots of SPS FS, Palmer's Blue, Pink Lemonade, ORA and Wild

    Rack 1. My bad. I was at work so I posted fast and sloppy. Didn't want my boss to catch me in on ARC, again.
  4. Colin Gearing

    Lots of SPS FS, Palmer's Blue, Pink Lemonade, ORA and Wild

    Sorry, I meant 4, 7 and 19, not 14, sorry about that.
  5. Colin Gearing

    Lots of SPS FS, Palmer's Blue, Pink Lemonade, ORA and Wild

    I will take 7, 14 and 19 please
  6. Colin Gearing

    Automatic feeders

    @Christyef, I have a couple Eheim auto feeders sitting around that I have never used. If you want one, it is all yours. May take me a while to dig through all the aquarium supplies I have been hoarding though.
  7. Colin Gearing

    Algae Scrubbers

    Not sure what size tank you have or if you are still interested in acquiring an ATS, but this seems like a good deal. I read this size should be able to handle up to 125 gallons https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/302-algae-scrubber-trade-fs.502495/
  8. Colin Gearing

    Algae Scrubbers

    Are you using GFO or anything else for nutrient control in conjunction with the algae scrubber?
  9. Colin Gearing

    $26 for 200g Instant Ocean from Dr. Fosters & Smith!

    I just missed this too! Thank you for the heads up though Scott. I recently switched from Fritz to IO and feel reassured about my choice since everyone in this thread is a seasoned veteran in the reefing game and using IO.
  10. Colin Gearing

    Large Blue Hippo Tang - $100 OBO - SOLD

    My hippo tang is bullying my purple tang and needs to find a new home. Healthy, active and colorful specimen. She is probably 6" or so. $100 OBO Disclosure: she will pick up any frags or small coral on sand bed and drop them wherever she pleases. Also, my tank has had/has ich but haven't seen any signs for well over a year
  11. Colin Gearing

    Acropora mini colonies - GONE

    I will arrive with sharpened #2 pencils. Do I get a free frag if I pass?
  12. Colin Gearing

    Acropora mini colonies - GONE

    Thanks for the promo, Ty. It isn't as colorful as it's momma but has more greenish/blue coloration than the picture I took illustrates. Hopefully I will be able to keep my Acros as vibrant as yours after the lecture on Saturday!
  13. Colin Gearing

    Acropora mini colonies - GONE

    I have a couple mini colonies up for grabs. Had to chop up the Ectoplasm and have duplicate Cali Torts Farmer Ty's Ectoplasm - $30 - $20 - about the size of my palm, maybe a tiny bit smaller, crazy fast grower Cali Tort - $25 - $20- 4-5 inches tall, about the thickness of a thumb? One side isn't quite as colorful as the rest due to shading Also willing to trade for certain Acro frags. Thanks for looking!
  14. Colin Gearing

    FarmerTy Fall Bash Meeting

    There will be pandemonium at your front door. Make sure Parker is somewhere safe!
  15. Colin Gearing

    FarmerTy Fall Bash Meeting

    That is a pretty intense purple. The green frags listed above are nice too. Hopefully there will be some left to take off your hands next week. You should decide to cut up all of the circled colonies, or at least rehome them in my tank. Don't tease us!