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  1. Colin Gearing

    Rodi water

    I started using this product a month or so ago and have gotten great results. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/red-sea-nitrate-phosphate-reducer.html?sku=208219&gclid=CjwKCAjwuO3cBRAyEiwAzOxKskzHnLm-uJQxcHJgKr8_OxS-AW_RLA42BYLIBwh98fUbmqEpsky40hoC3TsQAvD_BwE It dropped my nitrates and phosphates super fast, probably too fast. Chemiclean is also reef safe and should help temporarily wipe out cyano. If you have high nutrients, the cyano will most likely come back.
  2. Colin Gearing

    ISO Chaetomorpha Algae

    PM sent. Thank you!!
  3. Colin Gearing

    ISO Chaetomorpha Algae

    Awesome. I just cycled my 47 column and plan to stock it with macro and seahorses. I will take as much as you are willing to part with, after Bburrage04 gets his/her share.
  4. Colin Gearing

    ISO Chaetomorpha Algae

    Is this high five for chaeto deal still on?
  5. Colin Gearing

    Labor Day Frag Tank Blowout!

    Thanks for the sale! I was pleasantly surprised by how colorful and vibrant the sour twist looks under actinic lighting. Please let me know if you frag anymore Bellina, GB Tropic Sunset Milli or SC Orange Passion. I was late to the party and missed out on these gems.
  6. Colin Gearing

    Labor Day Frag Tank Blowout!

    I'll take 13. Sending pm for payment instructions.
  7. Colin Gearing

    Trip to Austin

    I second what Sascha said. I am always very satisfied with my purchases when they are from fellow ARC members. Usually great stuff in livestock classifieds and Farmer Ty always has some really nice SPS frags for sale (if you are into that). I think Austin Aqua Farms has the best quality, as far as stores go, but it is probably worth the time to hit them all up and see if you can find something that strikes your fancy. Happy reefing and an early happy birthday!
  8. Colin Gearing

    SB Reef SBOX16 LED - $75 SOLD

    I run 3 of these lights over my 125 gallon SPS tank and get great color and growth. Highly recommend.
  9. Colin Gearing

    School Starts SPS Sale...splendid savings surprise! [emoji38]

    Thanks for the hook up. Always a pleasure stopping by.
  10. Colin Gearing

    Apex EB8, Skimmers, Radions, Testing kit, Reactors ...

    Shucks. I already have the low range. Thanks for the quick response.
  11. Colin Gearing

    Apex EB8, Skimmers, Radions, Testing kit, Reactors ...

    Is the phosphate checker the low range or ultra low range?
  12. Colin Gearing

    Baby Banded Cat Shark - $50 obo

    I ended up taking the shark into Aquatek. Jeremy, I am fresh out of great whites. I will put you on with my bald eagle/great white/panda connect. On a serious note, Jeremy is a good friend and Sascha is a good guy, let's all be friends here
  13. Colin Gearing

    Baby Banded Cat Shark - $50 obo

    Bump with price drop
  14. Colin Gearing

    Fragging Help

    I could be wrong, but I believe it is green nepthea.
  15. Colin Gearing

    Candy Canes and Clove Polyps - SOLD

    Clearing out some space for new pieces. Large Candy Cane Colony - $30 obo 35-40 heads, about the size of a softball Smaller Candy Cane Colony - $15 Super Vibrant Clove Polyps - $50 obo Purchased from Extreme Corals for $115 (Definitely got ripped off but they are super colorful) Kryptonite Candy Canes - $10/piece Large one has one head missing some tissue due to Acro falling on it Also have some forest fire digitata frags that broke off from colony. Free with any purchase. Thanks for looking!