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  1. Colin Gearing

    Various Tank hardware

    PM sent for return pump
  2. Colin Gearing

    75-120 Gallon Rimless Aquarium

    Reefers, I am wanting to do a new build anywhere from 75-120 gallons. I found the ideal tank (105 gallons, 48x24x20), but it is in Dallas. Hoping to find something similar locally and avoid a 6 hour trip and renting a truck. If you have a rimless, reef ready tank with similar dimensions for sale please message me. Thank you for your time! Cheers, Colin
  3. Colin Gearing

    July 4th Frag Tank Freedom

    If 27, 61 and 62 are still available I would like to snag them.
  4. Colin Gearing

    BRS CO2 scrubber $20 (SOLD)

    Thank you for response. Unfortunately this will not fit in my tiny sump . Good luck with sale.
  5. Colin Gearing

    60" Geisemann T5 bulbs

    Sorry but someone grabbed them already
  6. Colin Gearing

    BRS CO2 scrubber $20 (SOLD)

    Is this still for sale? If so, could you please let me know the diameter. Looking for a CO2 scrubber to fit in the sump of my 45 gallon all-in-one (don't have a lot of real estate). Thanks!
  7. Colin Gearing

    Colorful millepora

    Looking for colorful millepora; pink, sunset, bubblegum, rmf diablo or others (already have ASD rainbow and palmer's blue mille) . Thanks! Cheers, Colin
  8. Colin Gearing


    Here is a link to the results for the City of Austin's drinking water (you can check any other city or public water system's results here as well). https://dww2.tceq.texas.gov/DWW/JSP/NonTCRRecentSampleResult.jsp?tinwsys_is_number=5969&tinwsys_st_code=TX&wsnumber=TX2270001
  9. Colin Gearing

    60" Geisemann T5 bulbs

    Pending pick up
  10. Colin Gearing

    60" Geisemann T5 bulbs

    I bought 4-T5 bulbs from Aquatek right before they moved. According to Aquatek they have never been used but had been chilling in storage for awhile. Never had a large enough T5 fixture to test them but assume they still work. Two of them are Pure Actinic, two are Aquablue+. Pick up in Tarrytown (Windsor/Mopac). Cheers, Colin
  11. Colin Gearing

    SOLD -125 Gallon Aquarium and Misc. Equipment

    Bump. Price Drop. Need tank gone by this weekend. Thanks!
  12. Colin Gearing

    Purple Tang and Monti colonies - Sold

    The Copperband is eating PE mysis daily and live black worms occasionally. Has a very healthy appetite.
  13. Just downsized tanks and need the old aquarium out of my house before we have company over this weekend. Will take $450 for everything if picked up by Friday. 125 gallon pre-drilled tank with 4 small overflows, 40 gallon sump, metal stand with wood panels magnetically attached, 300W heater, Jebao Return pump (There is a chip on the back corner but is only cosmetic (seen in photo)) Tank dimensions are 72×18x23. - $300 Bubble Magus Curve 7 Protein Skimmer - $125 (the drain hose attachment is MIA but I will try to find it) 3 x 16" SB Reef SBox basics in various condition (All a little less than 2 years old. Still under warranty but the company has been unresponsive to my emails) Fully functioning - $45 Blue channel is stuck on ~60%, still grew Acros - $35 Blue channel is completely burnt out - $25 Jebao pp15 - $35 (about a year old) Wavebox qp16 - $50 (under warranty by Reefbreeders until October 2019) Eheim 300W heater - $25 Thank you for looking!
  14. Colin Gearing

    Purple Tang and Monti colonies - Sold

    SOLD Transferred tanks and have livestock in trash can with powerhead. Going to take into Aquatek if no one claims them before they close today ~5" Purple tang - $75 (Just noticed a tiny bit of discoloration on his face. Assume it may be the start of hlle. Healthy and colorful otherwise) Jeremy's Digitata colony - $40 (on magnetic rock, about 8x4") Red Monti cap colony - $50 (~diameter of a basketball)
  15. Colin Gearing

    42 Gallon Planet Aquarium (Reduced)

    Pm sent