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  1. Ceciliaz

    Apex PM1

    I’m looking to buy a PM1 moudule. No need for probes. Thanks in advance
  2. Ceciliaz


    I have a apex gold with all 4 probes and probe holder for sale if you are still looking for one.
  3. Ceciliaz

    Frag Swap Items - CLOSED

    I will take the mixing bucket
  4. My husband and I had a talk, so here we go 😖😖😖 10G AIO acrylic frag tank with 3 frag racks, return pump and homemade solid wood stand. The tank is less than a year old and no scratch I can see. 18”x20”x8 NO LIVESTOCK OR LIGHT $175 IM Nuvo 20. Come with 4 months old return pump, kessil 160WE tuna blue, goose neck and controller. Very clean tank. 24”x15”x13” NO LIVESTOCK OR STAND $350 $250 - 90G tank with wood stand, 20G sump, skimmer, Jebao 5000 return pump. It holds water since I just took it down. I cleaned it but I’m sure it can use more cleaning. Thanks
  5. Ceciliaz

    Kessil 150,160WE,360WE, controller and apex

    The sump and tank are all plumbed together. I can’t just sell the sump.
  6. Ceciliaz

    Kessil 150,160WE,360WE, controller and apex

    Hi, let me try to sell the set first if I can’t sell it in a couple weeks I will let you know. Here is the dowsing pump, one is pending for pickup
  7. I have 4 Kessil 160WE tuna blue $150 each Kessil controller $50 Or all 4 lights plus controller for $600 1 kessil tuna blue 360WE with goose neck $200 2 kessil 150 deep ocean blue $100 each all the light are about 1.5-2 years old. All in great working condition One pending for pickup- Jebao Doser $30 each I have 2 or take both for 50 Apex gold 2016 with all the probs and holder $350
  8. Ceciliaz

    120G whole setup

    Selling 120G whole set up. No livestock included. great tank, no leak and nothing wrong with it. I upgraded to a 225. 120G Tank 4’x2’x2’ Wood stand and canopy 40G sump 4 kessil 160 tuna blue and controller. Wavemakers Jebao return pump UV sterilizer with a new bulb. BRS duel reactor Reefoctupus skimmer Refugium light Jebao Doser $1,300 for the whole set up. Not willing to part out yet.
  9. Ceciliaz

    Vortech Mp10

  10. Ceciliaz

    (GONE) Misbar Clown, Yellow Coris Wrasse, and Banggai

    I will take them
  11. Ceciliaz

    Sicce Syncra 1.5 pump

    Anyone have a Sicce Syncra 1.5 pump for sale? The pump has stopped working on my nuvo 20.
  12. Ceciliaz

    In search of chaetomorpha algae

    I can give you some. I’m in RR
  13. Anybody got a non drilled 75 gallon tank or similar size sump available?
  14. Ceciliaz

    1” bulkhead and checkvalve

    I will return this weekend if no one need them.
  15. Ceciliaz

    1” bulkhead and checkvalve

    1 inch Schedule 80 bulkhead. I just received it today from BRS. It doesn’t fit paid for 14.99 each will sell 10 each. Also have a brand new 1 inch check valve for 6. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/bulkhead-schedule-80-slip-x-thread-slip-on-the-flange-head-side-1-3c30bc3ec05967d33995f258b184fabb.html