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  1. Ceciliaz

    2 Kessil A360E Tuna Blue

    Both lights are in pefect working condition. I ordered them new on BRS 6/18 and 7/18. It comes with 3D printed swivel canopy mount. I don’t have the mounting arm/gooseneck. 210 each or 400 for both. 450DB564-7B4C-481C-A04A-4FA08D5372C2.MOV
  2. Ceciliaz

    Healthy Bi Color Angel - Sold

    Sold Rehome a Bi Color angel for 25. Super healthy and eats everything. I’ve got him for about 2 years and I believe he’s the one nipping my euphyllia. D3B1BE6D-5FAF-4CC0-8ADB-06E181DABA96.MOV
  3. Ceciliaz

    Sunkiss and reefkoi bounce

    Bought both from cherry corals last year. 250 for the sunkiss. It’s about 2” 200 for the reefkoi (the one on the right) 1”
  4. Ceciliaz


    I should be at home. Shoot me a message before you head over and I can give you my address.
  5. Ceciliaz


    What time? I should be home most of tomorrow.
  6. Ceciliaz


    Round Rock near Cedar Ridge High school, 78665
  7. Ceciliaz


    I can frag sunny D and rainbow Paly as well.
  8. Ceciliaz


    Yes. These are all I have left. I also have 3P bowtie blaster and 3P GB Buttkisser I can send you pictures.
  9. Ceciliaz

    All gone - Sherman and “sunburst morph” bta

    I’m open to trade/ partial trade but I can’t have anymore clowns. I have a pair of big lighting clown thanks for the offer tho.
  10. SOLD Anybody interested in some BTA. Large Sherman ( over 8 inch) and 2 sunburst morph (about 6-7”. It’s not sunburst. It’s from Oceanlife in Houston and they call “sunburst morph” but I would call it nice rainbow. Lol) 75 for the small Sherman (5-6”) Sold- 100 for the large Sherman and 150 for the sunburst morph - 1 Sunburst morph sold and 1 still available.
  11. Ceciliaz


    Do you mean you want Illuminati and spitfire?
  12. Ceciliaz


    Fairytail - sold Rasta - sold 3p BBEB - sold sonic flare - 1 sold and 1 left 2p Purple Monster sold 1P BBEB sold 3P spitfire - sold 2p available for 20
  13. Ceciliaz


    Got some sunny D, rainbow infusion, nirvana I can frag as well.
  14. Ceciliaz

    Apex PM1

    I’m looking to buy a PM1 moudule. No need for probes. Thanks in advance
  15. Ceciliaz


    I have a apex gold with all 4 probes and probe holder for sale if you are still looking for one.