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  1. I have 1 radion g4 pro for sale.
  2. Ceciliaz

    75 gallon sump

    75 gallon sump. Used in saltwater reef tank. L 48 1/4”x W 18 1/4”x H 20 7/8” Good used condition, it has no leak. Just cleaned and ready for the new home. 120 obo
  3. Ceciliaz

    WTB: Chaeto

    I can give you some. I’m in RR 78665.
  4. ISO 2’x4’ aquarium stand if anybody has one laying around.
  5. Ceciliaz

    RBTA and GBTA

    Sounds good. My number is 512-999-8129.
  6. Ceciliaz

    RBTA and GBTA

    You got it. I’m in RR near Gattis elementary school, 78665 if you want to pickup or I might be able to meet
  7. Ceciliaz


    The mp10 is about 2 years old but it’s been sitting in the garage for about a year The wetside only used for a month. Good working condition. $165
  8. Ceciliaz

    RBTA and GBTA

    3 Really nice RBTA and 1 GBTA Pictures were taken under full spectrum kessil and the color looks pretty accurate. #1 is a little bit smaller $50 #2 and #3 are $60 each #4 is $40
  9. Both lights are in pefect working condition. I ordered them new on BRS 6/18 and 7/18. It comes with 3D printed swivel canopy mount. I don’t have the mounting arm/gooseneck. 210 each or 400 for both. 450DB564-7B4C-481C-A04A-4FA08D5372C2.MOV
  10. Sold Rehome a Bi Color angel for 25. Super healthy and eats everything. I’ve got him for about 2 years and I believe he’s the one nipping my euphyllia. D3B1BE6D-5FAF-4CC0-8ADB-06E181DABA96.MOV
  11. Bought both from cherry corals last year. 250 for the sunkiss. It’s about 2” 200 for the reefkoi (the one on the right) 1”
  12. Ceciliaz


    I should be at home. Shoot me a message before you head over and I can give you my address.
  13. Ceciliaz


    What time? I should be home most of tomorrow.
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