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  1. Looking for house to rent

    In the interest of leaving no stone unturned, I wanted to reach out to the community to see if any landlords are amongst you. Basically, my wife and I are looking for a house to rent in the Round Rock-Georgetown area. We are quiet people who mainly keep to ourselves, we do not smoke, have no pets EXCEPT (and here comes the kicker) I would need permission to have around 12-15 small saltwater aquariums throughout the house. Of course, we will agree to carry renters Insurance to cover the cost of any damages should one of the saltwater aquariums leak. I just figure a fellow reefer might be more open to this arrangement than your typical landlord. This arrangement would last about one year, at which point I would either downsize & go back to being a hobbyist or move everything into commercial space. I just don't want to commit to a 3-5 year lease for the latter until I'm sure my business idea will work.
  2. Looking for house to rent

    This thread can be closed.
  3. Tank move - FINAL ;)

    Possibly - it's complicated but there's enough concern to justify not putting down roots in Austin just yet. Also, my wife just found out that her aunt died overnight so we may be taking a trip for the funeral over the long weekend. Best to count me out at this point. Sorry.
  4. Tank move - FINAL ;)

    If I'm able to help, it will be a last minute thing. We might be leaving Texas before Friday.
  5. Chloroquine Phosphate

    Dose every 48 hrs for 2 weeks. Do a good sized water change at around the halfway point.
  6. Chloroquine Phosphate

    Dose the water every 48 hrs for 2 weeks. I seem to remember being impressed by River City Aquatics selection of meds, so they might have Seachem Metroplex.
  7. Chloroquine Phosphate

    You can use formalin instead (Formalin-MS, Quick Cure, Aquarium Solutions Ich-X, Kordon Rid-Ich Plus all contain formalin), but I've had mixed success using that on eels. Acriflavine is much safer/less harsh. If you can't find acriflavine or formalin, and the other fish aren't showing any symptoms, then you could probably get away just treating with metro in a QT. The chemical bath is designed to provide temporary relief until metro finishes the parasite off.
  8. Chloroquine Phosphate

    It's probably Brooklynella, as Ty said. Sometimes non-clownfish are not affected by brook, but it's possible the disease will remain latent until you treat all the other fish, go fallow, etc. I would give all your fish an acriflavine bath (Ruby Reef Rally) and then transfer them into a clean/sterile QT. Nothing from the DT should be reused to setup the QT. Treat with metronidazole (Seachem Metroplex or Metro-MS) for 2 weeks and after that brook should be eliminated. Fallow period for brook is 6 weeks. If you think you might also have ich in your DT, then it might be a good idea to treat with CP or Hypo for 4 weeks afterwards; and go fallow in the DT for the full 76 days.
  9. Chloroquine Phosphate

    It does look "brook like". @Chris_ATX Are these new clowns? Or have you added anything new recently? Even corals/inverts?
  10. Chloroquine Phosphate

    Would like to help you out, but my entire fish medicine cabinet is in storage up in Arkansas.
  11. Tank move - FINAL ;)

    Assuming we're still here in 10 days (long story), I'll be happy to help again. I should be able to let you know for sure by early next week.
  12. Proper ways to euthanize animals

    For fish, I prefer using Tricaine-S (MS 222): https://www.thepondoutlet.com/tricaine-s-ms-222-by-western-chemical-inc. You can use it as both an anesthetic/sedative (for fish surgery) or for euthanasia if overdosed. More info and dosages can be found here: http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2010/11/fish
  13. Tell me... What do you DIP with?

    IMO; Bayer does a pretty good job. I also use CoralRx sometimes. But neither will eliminate pest eggs IME.
  14. Austin Aquarium

    Is this worth visiting or not? Online reviews are pretty mixed, but I figure local reefers would know the real deal.
  15. Acrylic or Glass for a Big Tank?

    Yeah, no algae scraping critters w/acrylic.
  16. Acrylic or Glass for a Big Tank?

    ^^ Agree. With an acrylic tank, it's just a matter of when - not if - you are going to scratch it. If you get a little lax on wiping the panels down, it's almost impossible to get corralline off without doing damage.
  17. Austin Aquarium

    Didn't even realize Houston had a downtown aquarium. The one at the zoo was nice. If y'all are ever in New Orleans, check out the Aquarium of the Americas at the foot of Canal St.
  18. Austin Aquarium

    Thanks guys, that's sorta what I figured.
  19. Whose side are you on?

    IME; healthy GSP will grow over almost any other coral.
  20. What type of algae/bacteria is this.

    No idea, somebody would need to do another chemical analysis.
  21. I Need help...

    If you're in Pflugerville, I'm staying close to there and can help out.
  22. What type of algae/bacteria is this.

    FWIW; Chemiclean's new formulation no longer contains erythromycin. It was temporarily banned in Europe due to test results showing erythromycin. When Americans found out about this, we just started dosing erythromycin (i.e. Maracyn) instead of paying for Chemiclean. So, Boyd removed erythromycin from their product for multiple reasons.
  23. Wild Caught Ornamental Fish

    Yup, these marine conservation groups like to sensationalize the impact we are having. Think about it, the ornamental fish industry is a much softer target to ban than, say, commercial fishing. However, I personally have deep concerns about lingering cyanide use in the Philippines and Indonesia.
  24. FarmerTy's 215 build

    Obviously, count me in too. I've got a pickup truck that has moved many tanks.
  25. ATI T5 Bulbs

    This is a great source for lighting supplies: http://www.championlighting.com/home.php They're the only place I know of where I can still get VHOs.