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  1. I was thinking about heading up to Dallas that day for the Texas coral fest swap they are having, but if I end up not going I will be able to lend a hand.
  2. Looks like some sort of sponge, not sure what type. Maybe @Timfish might know what type it is?
  3. Great capture Ty. It's quite a task to catch a clear photo of wiggly little clowns, so I applaud you.
  4. You should bottle that stuff up and sell it, i'm sure there are some people out there who would buy it. Have you noticed the growth of the coralline affecting your cal/alk numbers? I would imagine with that much in your system that it would be up-taking a bit. I love that even the CUC shells are purple haha. The YWG and tiger pistol I originally had attracted the attention of my wife too, enough to want her to set up her own tank. Which she immediately threw some of what others would consider No-No corals like zenia and blue clove polyps since I wouldn't let her put them into my tank.
  5. That looks like a beauty, the color is impressive. You are right though, it definitely looks like a yuma. I haven't had much luck with yuma living longer than a few months for some reason. The longest i've been able to keep one so far is about 8 months or so. I have one right now thats been in my tank for about 5 months, but sadly isn't thriving like some of my Florida rics.
  6. Thanks, they are my favorite coral hands down. I try to grab as many different colors as a I can when they pop up. Its more of a bright orange/green which might be showing up as yellow, but I bought that one from RCA a while back. The florida rics seem to be harder to come across lately. Here's the one I have that's pink. A bit of an older photo and its seemed to have lost a bit of color recently, but it was not very bright to begin with. I've seen a few online that are crazy. The one in the top left was a true yellowish color, but since it started to split its been unhappy. I wish I took a picture of it before it started splitting. I don't know if it will come back around, but I really hope so because finding yellow in florida rics seems pretty rare.
  7. Holy cow thats a big starfish. Great looking tank Tim.
  8. I missed the last update photos, you have some really nice looking stuff in there. I love the yellow watchman I had one in my pico for a while, they have an interesting personality and their always grumpy looking face makes me laugh. That coralline algae growth is crazy.
  9. Thanks! I really like the filefish too, picked him up from the aquadome a couple weeks ago. It's fun to watch it swim through the toadstool polyps. Hopefully it continues to play nice and not want to much on coral as it gets bigger. From what i've read about Radial Filefish they should be reef safe.
  10. Check it out in 4k, if it doesn't load in that setting. I pulled out the chunk of hair algae after I took the video... Wish I would have done it before, but oh well. Still working to lower my phosphates to help with the hair algae.
  11. Long time since an update. I guess this build title should now be renamed as I think I have maxed out this tanks space.
  12. Thanks Ty for being such a gracious host! Had a blast as usual, was great meeting some new people at this meeting and a BIG thank you to Mrs.FarmerTy!
  13. Incredible photos Jolt! You have some spectacular pieces in your collection, the merlin's staff is impressive.
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