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  1. takoattack


    I wouldn't chase phosphates if you don't have algae problems. Check out some of the videos / presentations from Richard Ross.
  2. takoattack

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    Interesting, I'll give that a try. I was having so much trouble maintaining stable alkalinity with water changes with black bucket that I switched to blue bucket. Both precipitate fast for me: storing without constant circulation, but at temperature. I also mix at temperature and keep a heater in each of my RODI and salt barrels. Some measurements I made: Black bucket would mix at 10.5 dkh, and in 48 hours would be 9.6dkh, after a week, 8.6dkh, after two weeks 8.5dkh. Blue bucket mixes 7.6-7.8dkh, after a week it drops to 6.2 dkh. I like to add saturated limewater until I get a number that will only swing alk within 0.05 dkh (depending on the size of the water change) Its a pain in the butt to have to measure alk 3-4 times per water change. I might try reef crystals next, based on BRS experiments. I had problems with low nutrients and high alkalinity, so moving down to a target of 8dkh also seems to be an improvement on my system. I have found that most people around here keep their alk around 8dkh, so its less stressful to have similar levels when introducing frags from locals.
  3. takoattack

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    It’s precipitation. Red Sea coral pro precipitates very fast in storage, especially at higher temps. Check the recent BRS video on YouTube about salt mix precipitation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. takoattack

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    -edit just realized i was replying to a very old portion of this therad- Have you found an air pimp that has an inlet that you could connect to an outside airline? I was going to experiment with micro bubbles, but wanted to run outside air as my house always has high CO2. I already did the hard part and ran 1/2 pex tubing though a few walls to get an outside line into my stand for my skimmer. Seems like I could hack something together with a USB charger and this pump: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2Pcs-DC-3V-6V-5V-370-Motor-Mini-Micro-Air-Pump-Vacuum-For-Aquarium-Tank-Oxygen/113589840598?hash=item1a727b6ad6:g:vJgAAOSwolpcSAVb&frcectupt=true
  5. takoattack

    BRS CO2 scrubber $20

    CO2 Reactor with 3/8” barbed fittings and flexible hose. Purchased in September 2018. decommissioned in January 2019. (4 months use, I ending up running a fresh air line outside. ) New price is 34.99 on BRS. I do not have any fresh media. Bulk media on ebay is more affordable, just search for "Soda Lime Granules" Asking $20. Located in East Austin near MLK train station.
  6. takoattack

    The new tank is up!

    Interesting, given the cost of media I decided to just run the outside air line. Less maintenance and rock solid 400ppm CO2 guaranteed. Good hack though! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. takoattack

    The new tank is up!

    New home / well sealed and high CO2? It would be interesting to track to see how long the media lasts. My home is up in the 1000 to 1200 ppm CO2 range a lot and I added a scrubber which was only effective for a few days/ a week tops before the media began to expire. A little bit later I ran a 1/2 Pex line outside to bring fresh air into my skimmer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. takoattack

    Some Frags Available - UPDATED

    I'll take 14, 17, 23. Aquadome Saturday at 5pm works. Thanks!!
  9. takoattack

    Reefer525XL delux Par measurments

    Ah yes, your 750 looks great.
  10. Shout out to Aquadome, for having a loaner program for PAR meters. Equipment: Red Sea Reefer 525XL with 3 AI Hydra26HDs placed equal distant on red sea's brackets. Sun System PAR meter with Apogee sensor. Experiment 1: Using BRS's recommended AB+ program (based on coral lab studies from Ecotech based on their radion schedule AB+) Measure different locations in tank: Experiment 2: t est intensity changes of different common program spectrums, and affect of modifying cool white (cw) channel intensity on AB+. Fixed location: Data: Hydra 26 HD Program Name PAR UV V RY B G DR CW AB+ (BRS calc) 211 118 101 82 65 6 5 19 AB+ whites 30 224 118 101 82 65 6 5 30 AB+ whites 40 234 118 101 82 65 6 5 40 AB+ whites 50 246 118 101 82 65 6 5 50 AB+ whites 60 254 118 101 82 65 6 5 60 AB+ whites 70 263 118 101 82 65 6 5 70 AB+ whites 80 272 118 101 82 65 6 5 80 AB+ whites 90 280 118 101 82 65 6 5 90 AB+ whites 100 294 118 101 82 65 6 5 100 AB+ whites 110 297 118 101 82 65 6 5 110 AB+ whites 120 305 118 101 82 65 6 5 120 AB+ whites 130 312 118 101 82 65 6 5 130 AB+ whites 137 322 118 101 82 65 6 5 137 Saxby (first peak) 294 40 64 114 105 8 11 66 Sexby Lo (first peak) 261 40 64 101 99 8 11 44 Key takeaways: Ripple in surface water can cause +/- 30 PAR excursions, based on bending light. Testing was performed with pumps off. Hydra26 spread was mostly even in the middle of the tank, however the front and back of the tank lost a lot of light. I think I will eventually build a floating hood fixture and add supplemental T5s in the front and back. Those Hybrid fixtures with LED pucks in the middle would be ideal. I was running Saxby for a while, which was a little too much PAR in my opinion. AB+ program at 100% seems to be a good balance for mixed reef. My left island is mostly low in the middle and tall in the back. The low middle spots get more PAR than the back top. I did not expect that, and may add some more height to this island. If I add diffusers to my hydras (I may) I will increase CW channel from 19% to something more like 50-70% to offset a loss of 15-20% PAR.
  11. takoattack


    Just picked up a beautiful 5” Sherman from Robb and can attest to it’s beauty. Day 0 and 48 hours later photos below. He didn’t like the new island I made for him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. takoattack

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    So much fire! I need a Mille harvest once my tank stabilizes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. takoattack

    Dendro and Sun coral

    I have two tubastrea (sun corals) in my bio cube: yellow and black/green. The yellow really are nocturnal, they are always open after lights out and before lights on. They take about 15 minutes to open up once they sense food, so I can only target feed them if i feed after midnight, or if i spend 30 minutes hand feeding the tank in the early evening. Because they don't fit my feeding habits I've had a hard time keeping them healthy. Typical feeding is to blow around food in the tank for 15 minutes with the return off. The blacks are better at catching food this way, and seem to be doing better now than the yellows. My nems and fish usually finish the food in 15 minutes before the yellows open up. I try to target feed them when I can after midnight. They are hard to photograph because they are rarely out when the lights are on. Yellow added January 2018: March 2018 - added black and green (feeding tentacles not out yet, it took a few days for the green to open up) May 2018 - Black and yellow (starting to "wake up" from feeding response) flesh starting to recede. August 2018 October 2018 December 2018
  14. takoattack

    Hair Algae with good water?

    Try a sea hare, or a very small tang with a rehoming plan. I had a big “new tank” bloom on my biocube and a sea hare took care of it. Fun to watch creature. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. takoattack

    Struggling with acros in a reefer 525

    I do not have a par meter. I’m using light profiles that have multiple user success in the same tank size and mounting arm. That was one of the allures if a Red Sea tank. Recently I have dialed down the light to see if that helps. I’ll be looking to rent a par meter to sanity check the intensity in the new year. (I think aquadome has one that they will rent?) The alveopora has been in here for 7 months, and the Gorgonian was added about 2.5 months ago. It’s regularly has full polyp extension but not in these photos. The big Cyphastrea and Pavona have been in about 6-8 weeks and just started to take a turn for the worse in the last week or two. I have another cyphastrea frag on the rack that is growing out over the plug. I just did a 5 gallon water swap with my 2 year old nano that runs higher nutrient. Will check in after the new year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk