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  1. Wolfreef74

    fishs and corals - ROCK AND SOME FREE STUFF

    Pmed u
  2. Wolfreef74

    40G breeder tank - barely used

    Ill take it. Gonna pm u
  3. Wolfreef74

    Free Fish and Corals

    Pmed u
  4. Wolfreef74

    Free Fish and Corals

    Sent u email lmk details thanks
  5. Wolfreef74

    Free Fish and Corals

    Ill take the clownfish n what ever else u got couldnt text u so i emailed u lmk thanks
  6. Wolfreef74

    Clownfish ( occelaris ) type and tangs

  7. Seeing what out there lmk Thanks
  8. Wolfreef74

    Lamarck's Angelfish

    Pmed u
  9. Wolfreef74

    Yellow Tang - $15 (SOLD)

    Im intersted lmk
  10. Wolfreef74

    4ft light strip

    Looking to keep softies... Nothing fancy lmk thanks
  11. Wolfreef74

    SOLD All livestock has to go today

    Pmed u on clwnfish n anemone lmk thanks
  12. Wolfreef74

    Medium Clown Tang

    Im intersted!!! Lmk
  13. Wolfreef74

    Aquatic Life 48" T5 Fixture $75

    Im intersted how old is the unit? n the blubs? Im located in kyle lmk
  14. Wolfreef74

    Rodi water

    No... ive heard of it whats a gfo? Is it the bio pellets tumbling kinda thing ?
  15. Wolfreef74

    Rodi water

    Yikes 16 im already battling cyno cuz ive been using walmart ro water for a while this cyno is really getting to me so. Def need. Lower nbrs. Thanks anyways appericate it