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  1. Wolfreef74


    Anyone have premix saltwater. Was goin to make some somehow my salt has got hard due to come contact with Wetness from the cup i used so its hard as rock tossed it out. Anyone can help me out will be greatly appericated thanks...
  2. Wolfreef74

    Occleraris clowns

    Looking for 2. Around 2in lmk thanks
  3. Wolfreef74

    Rodi water Rodi unit

    Texted u
  4. Wolfreef74

    Rodi water Rodi unit

    Looking for rodi unit. In the mean time needing some rodi water i live in kyle. Anyone near by?
  5. Wolfreef74

    WTB 29g or similar and LED light

    Ive got a 29 gal tank located in kyle
  6. Wolfreef74

    SOLD BTA and RBTA for sale

    Any bta Left?
  7. Wolfreef74

    50 - 60 Gallon Tall

    Ive got a 60 gal. Its 4' x"13x"24 was a reef tank tore it down this past weekend. Its a 10 yr old tank.Asking 50 bucks
  8. Wolfreef74

    Goose neck Bracket

    Hi im looking for the bracket that screw in the the goose neck to the kessil 360we lmk hopefully someone here has it. Hate to buy the whole assembly just fir the Bracket
  9. Wolfreef74

    Fish (all sold)

    Pmed u
  10. Wolfreef74

    48x18 stand

    Im still looking. Need one asap
  11. Wolfreef74

    Aquarium Stand For Sale

    I msg u twice no response lmk
  12. Wolfreef74

    Aquarium Stand For Sale

    Id be intersted for the right price
  13. Wolfreef74

    48x18 stand

    What day? Any pics ? N how much
  14. Wolfreef74

    Aquarium Stand For Sale

    What ur final price on this lmk thanks