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  1. Wolfreef74

    4ft light strip

    Looking to keep softies... Nothing fancy lmk thanks
  2. Wolfreef74

    SOLD All livestock has to go today

    Pmed u on clwnfish n anemone lmk thanks
  3. Wolfreef74

    Medium Clown Tang

    Im intersted!!! Lmk
  4. Wolfreef74

    Aquatic Life 48" T5 Fixture $75

    Im intersted how old is the unit? n the blubs? Im located in kyle lmk
  5. Wolfreef74

    Rodi water

    No... ive heard of it whats a gfo? Is it the bio pellets tumbling kinda thing ?
  6. Wolfreef74

    Rodi water

    Yikes 16 im already battling cyno cuz ive been using walmart ro water for a while this cyno is really getting to me so. Def need. Lower nbrs. Thanks anyways appericate it
  7. Wolfreef74

    Rodi water

    Just got off work everyones closed Looking for anyone able to spare bout 20 gal Rodi water tonight asap! Ive got an rodi unit on order so just needing this tonight thanks
  8. Wolfreef74


    Bumpty bump bump anyone?
  9. Wolfreef74


    Whats out there ? Looking for local reefers,bredders etc. If nothing else ill check out lfs Lmk thanks
  10. Wolfreef74

    Rodi unit

  11. Wolfreef74

    Rodi unit

    Send me pic at 5129801421 thanks
  12. Wolfreef74

    Rodi unit

    Ok thanks
  13. Wolfreef74

    Rodi unit

    Anyone have a rodi unit lmk thanks
  14. Wolfreef74

    Skimmer, misc reef, etc. - updated 7/16

    Pmed om phyton water change system
  15. Wolfreef74

    Restarting 55, everything died after 4 hr move

    Pmed u