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  1. FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    You make excellent videos, always have. That should be a subject at a meeting, how to make Videos.
  2. FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Best video yet . I liked the zoom in/out effect, very nice
  3. What. In. The. World?

    I know this is 4mo old, but I found a large colony under a rock as I was breaking down my tank. The bryozoans all look pretty symmetrical and these are uber random. Either way it was my fav hitchhiker. I should check with the new owner to see if it lived 🤔
  4. Sold - dead rock

  5. GONE- Free 30g Zen Reef sump

    Free 30g zen reef sump with refugium. Needs to be resealed at bottom, has a few leaks. Measures 30"L x 18"w x 14.5"h Pick up East of Georgetown off Hwy 29 near toll 130. I'll leave it on the porch so it can get picked up whenever. Pm for address
  6. Divekam's 175g [re]build

    How are things doing?
  7. Salt Water Withdrawal

    There are solutions for everything. I have a battery back-up too. Duh
  8. Salt Water Withdrawal

    No, well, maybe in Guate city. Two days, five climates and lots of dirt roads away. I can catch fish in the reef too I guess. But we'll be traveling and hopping between the mountain home and the beach home. I don't know if I could take care of it, that's my main concern there. Oh, and electricity. Not always reliable. We do have a backup generator but someone has to turn it on and Guatemala doesn't know the meaning of urgent
  9. Salt Water Withdrawal

    I think it's time to take Noah to the aquarium. Or if i wanted to actually enjoy it I'd go while he was in school. Yup! To the aquarium. Tomorrow. I'm supposed to be working right now (that's a soda)
  10. Salt Water Withdrawal

    I like that idea! And Rob does indeed have a few extra. I love this idea. Ugh. Angel would kill me. We've started packing and we have a buyer for the landscaping business. Once that sells things will move quickly to early retirement. I predict we'll be moved into Guatemala in 6 months. I should have probably mentioned that at the beginning. My bad
  11. Salt Water Withdrawal

    I would love that, and considered it. We won't be in the US but for a few more months though and when we sell the house we're moving to a transitional house and I don't want to mess with moving it, or selling it. It would be nice though. If we hit a snag I think I'll set up a pico
  12. Salt Water Withdrawal

    Thanks Ty, that was a great video!
  13. Salt Water Withdrawal

    Sup fellow reefers! It's been a week and a half since I turned my tanks' light off for the last time and I haven't worked on it for about a month. I'm suffering some serious withdraw! I miss it so much I have actually cried. More than once. I do tend to be emotional but that's not the point. I really need something to get my fix. I have a beta: Bubbles, but I need something more. Here's the problem: we're moving so I can't have a set-up here and I can't have one in the new location. I will have easy access to the Belize Barrier Reef though so I'm less concerned about that (which I planned). So suggestions please. What can I do to get my SW fix without a tank?