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  1. Reefpuck

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Congrats! Long overdue!
  2. Reefpuck

    4-5" Convict Tang - Fat and Healthy $30

    If still available I'll take it.
  3. You have pictures of the mother colonies somewhere on your website? Curious to see what some of your acros look like all grown up...
  4. Reefpuck

    Red Sea diving & snorkeling

    Looked fun!
  5. Reefpuck

    Looking for Frags for a 3g Pico

    I just asked a buddy of mine that may have what you're looking for. I'll let you know.
  6. Reefpuck

    Repeated cyanobacteria blooms

    I use RedSea and find it to work well and easy to read.
  7. Reefpuck

    Repeated cyanobacteria blooms

    Got a pic of the tank?
  8. Reefpuck

    New to reef keeping

  9. Reefpuck

    Color and growth influenced by water flow

    Same here. I think he's throwing those delicious egg rolls he orders for his group meetings in his sump.
  10. Reefpuck

    Color and growth influenced by water flow

    Sorry to hear Ty...been wondering why you haven't been on here as much. I obviously didn't see whats going on...that's probably because I browse quickly over everything before getting back to work (busy life as well).
  11. Reefpuck

    Color and growth influenced by water flow

    Anything change with that colony you originally posted? Got a buddy who's got great color and growth from his sps... but they're thin branched and not the best polyp extension. Flame angel could be a polyp extension culprit... among other things... but the thin branched growth makes me wonder if its it's a flow pattern/strength issue.
  12. Reefpuck

    SPS turning green

    They still green?
  13. Reefpuck

    2015 Reef Savvy Dream Tank Giveaway

    Ah ok...both very cool!
  14. Reefpuck

    2015 Reef Savvy Dream Tank Giveaway

    Looking good. What's that sps piece in the middle...looks greenish/yellow.
  15. Reefpuck

    Which LFS in San Antonio?

    Ok elegant reef seems like a must. Cool thx all!