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  1. Hi All, I have a Sea Hare that eats a ton of Hair Algae that is free to the first person to come get him/her. This animal, with help from my Refugium, took care of the rest of my Hair algae in my 55 fish only tank. That is all that it eats is Hair Algae and it eats all the time. :-). I was going to take it back to River City and get my money back, but thought that someone in the club may need it. Let me know soon or it will be residing at River City. thanks, John The fat rabbit is gone to another reefer needing algae help. Thanks all!
  2. Welcome back. What size / setup if tank do you have? John Scott
  3. Cheato for sale until I thin out about half of my Fuge. 😊 So first come first served. Clean but there may be some pods (which is a good thing) Tennis ball $10 Softball $20
  4. Wow, not good, maybe send a water sample to one of the labs for testing?
  5. Unless you have some absolutely awesome rock that you can't bear to part with, then in that case I would bleach the **** out of it, clean it really good with a pressure washer, and then leave it out in this heat/sun for a few days and it should be pretty clean. No guarantee that everything in the deep crevices is gone, but I would think most everything should be at least dead. Then I would put it in a tub of salt water for a while to leach out any remaining bad stuff, test the water for nitrate/phosphate, water changes, when those are mostly undetectable start the curing process again. You pretty much need to to the same process with dry Pukani, but I personally would feel safer with the new dry rock, then rock that I know had some issue.
  6. I know this is horrible to think about, but if you have to start over I'd recommend new rock, re-seeding and the whole ball of wax. That way you are sure to remove anything related to the rock. I would get rid of the sand as well. (replace rock, sand, water, thorough clean out of the sump - start over). If you are nuking the rock you are pretty much starting over anyway, it would cost more $, but be more certain if you start with new/cycled dry rock. Just an opinion.
  7. One of my really large Rainbow Nems split. I was able to catch one while he was moving around the tank. These are like softball size with nice colors when they blow up. $45 First message gets it.
  8. Oh lake Austin, right. I would not be able to get there until this weekend. If that isn’t soon enough and you have someone closer who wants it, I understand.
  9. I can’t today. Where are you located? I’m in Round Rock.
  10. 10 x healthy Blue Digi frags for sake cheap as long as they last. $10 each. Bright blue polyps. Message me here.
  11. Is he gone? I’ll take him if not
  12. For sale: 1. Neptune Apex Classic (used) -w- EB8, Aquabus cable and 2 probes (PH, Temp) $225 (price reduced) 2. Ty's old Calcium Reactor (used) - 5" diameter x 20" tall media tube, Ehiem recirc pump, PH probe adapter - $150 (sold) 3. Milwaukee MA957 Co2 Regulator (brand new) $50 (price reduced) Message me if interested John
  13. Just saw this. I’ll taje a green slider if still available and possibly more depending on what you can frag. Thanks, John
  14. Do you have any of the sour apples left? If so I’ll want one. John
  15. Hi Tim, Thanks for the reply. I'm at a bubble every 2 secs, a slow stream as you described, and the Carbon Doser is set on at 7.3 and off at 7.2 in the chamber. That level of CO2 is keeping me steady at 8.1 in the tank at the moment (with this low level of corals). I'm controlling the Alk with the Carbon Doser, not the flow. As soon as my Kamoer Peri pump arrives (if it ever arrives) I intend to lower the flow into the tank and reset the Carbon Doser for the change. Do you see any issues with this plan? The second one? Not good. He may not replace it then. Is Dan still selling frags? John
  16. I’ll call Aquadome thanks. I saw someone in the club that had one, but that forum message was from last year. Do you know if anyone?
  17. RCAs meter was destroyed by a “renter “. I heard it was dropped in his tank. He should replace it (my opinion), but that hasn’t happened yet. I’d rent one from an ARC member if needed. Thanks on the tank. It will look a bunch better with a bunch of coral! 😊
  18. Hi all, So far my levels are staying consistent for a few days now with the CaRX running although PH dropped (different forum topic) Good news 😊. I have one more question though. I have a very tall tank with 2 rock towers. Startup pic below. I was wondering if anyone in the club has a par meter I could borrow for a day? I’m adding corals and it would be good to know the levels throughout the tank with 2 x Kessil 360s and 4 x 48” T5s on a 4’ tank that’s 31” deep? thanks, John
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