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  1. Welcome to the club Cameron 🙂
  2. AI Prime HD for sale used. Works fine. Its white, no arm, just the light. Priced to sell - $125.00 These are $209 new and I haven't seen a used one for less than $165 or so. I just have a lot of extra equipment that I need to get rid of. More adds coming - 😉
  3. I'll take the Yellow tang if it doesn't get sold. John
  4. I’ll take these if they are still available. I’m in Round Rock
  5. I have a new bucket of Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt , 55lbs for 200 gallons. $100 new, I’ll take $50, $50 dollar discount. (low as I'll go) SOLD
  6. I'll take the following: 5 for $80 Cali tort, Rainbow, Chips, blue tip, paletta and 1 of the torches Crap, this is an old old post...that's a drag
  7. I finally hung my custom built light fixture. Thanks to Marvin for the help hanging it, it turned out perfect. Like the Electronics cabinet, this lighting fixture was built in my garage. 🙂 It was designed to provide a slim profile and still house my 8 bulb ATi T5 fixture, 2 x Kessil A360WE's , and the Kessil lunar lights. It isn't stained yet, that will happen last when I build the side skins and then stain everything to match my kitchen cabinets. It looks pretty good without stain though. You may also note that I added a plex cover under the ATI T5's so that they don't get hit with salt splash. It wont affect the cooling as the T5 just sets on top of this plexiglass panel. I also mounted everything flush with the bottom to give it a more professional look. The pics look bluer than they are in real life. My Iphone doesn't take good pics of the T5's. Let me know what you think.
  8. Thanks! Much appreciated! I put a lot of time/work into building that with all the fitting and adding a bunch of fiberglass rods to make it all fit together like a puzzle and be secure. It is hard to see, but there are a ton of arches and caves so the fish should love it! Thanks again!
  9. Well I'm adding water (finally!). Not quite done but almost. One more garbage can of RO water to add before adding salt. I'm going to use HW-Marinemix Reefer Salt Mix. It's synthetic so no extra chemicals or nutrients added, the company has been making salt mix since the 60's, and it sets up at Calcium at 445-450 ppm, Alk of 9.0 dKH, Magnesium at 1380 ppm which is where I want to be. Here are some pics of this part of the build. Still got a ways to go, but I'll have fish in a week. Starting with some damsels that I like, yellow tails and Talbot's. Both are very hardy and are good little reef fish, don't touch the coral and are not aggressive.
  10. Thanks Bobcat. I added sand yesterday and I’ll have water in it in the next couple days. I’ll send a pic or two of the sand. I used the Caribsea Aragonite.
  11. Here is the lighting fixture that I built to house the ATI - 8 bulb T5 fixture, the 2 x A360 Kessils, and the Neptune Lunar Lights. I will stain this fixture to match my Kitchen cabinets in the near future.
  12. Here is the cabinet that I built to house the Apex and all the electronics.
  13. Here are some more pics of the plumbing. I added a UV Sterilizer on the back (Aqua UV) and pulled all of my controllers off of the back of the stand to clean up the messy wiring. Instead I decided to build a separate cabinet for my Apex and all of my controllers and wiring.
  14. Sorry to hear that bud. I’ll keep my eyes open for stuff for sale. I would like to have your lone star leather as soon on as you want to sell it.
  15. Hi Bobcat, this pic is just an example. I'm building mine this weekend. It will be bigger and include LED lighting. I'll provide pics. 🙂
  16. Here are pics from the sump side of the tank. Pic #2 is the pellet reactor (next to the Calcium Reactor), not sure that I'll need it with the large fuge that I have, but better to have and not need it. Pic #4 is where I extended the manifold to the location of the pellet reactor (front of sump). Pic #3 is showing the 2 x media reactors. I built 2 little plex shelves to sit them on since there was not enough head room to hang them as originally thought. Pic #5 shows the other end of the manifold and the connection to the Varios 6 pump that feeds the manifold, and the hard line connection out the back from the COR 15 pump that is feeding the return to the tank. In the middle of the end of the manifold line (there is a gap) where I'm adding one more valve to feed a 25 watt Aqua UV Sterilizer that I'm mounting on the back side of stand. I'll provide those pics after I install it. This weekend I'll be building the Controller Cabinet. That will be a fun build and very much needed for this setup. More to come....:-)
  17. Thanks! I’ll add some more pics of the inside plumbing in a while. I’ve had to re-do a few things, but now is the time to get it right. 😊
  18. Sorry for the delay, been busy at work. All the plumbing is done finally! Here are some of the pics, more coming tomorrow. This is just the back, I'll send pics of the plumbing under the tank tomorrow. You can see that I re-plumbed the return line (plumbing3), it had a defect that appeared like it might leak, so I re-did it versus waiting to see what happened after filling the tank. I'm working on the wiring at the moment. I started adding items to the back, but decided to build a side cabinet to put all the electrical/electronics. It should be cleaner and look a lot nicer. I'll build something like the example below (wiring1). Comments?
  19. For Sale A beautiful Koran Juvenile Angel, about 4" and very fat from eating Sea Veggies Seaweed: $40 A very healthy bonded pair of Lightening Maroon Clown fish, selling the pair together since it took 3 males before the female bonded with this one. A medium/large female and small male: $60 for the bonded pair I'll add some better pics later.
  20. Thanks for the likes! Much appreciated. This was actually harder than is looks (for me) to get all the parts perfectly aligned and with the right lengths. I'm also ashamed to say that I have a few wasted pieces. There were some sacrifices to my learning process since this was my first time at this intricate of a plumbing job. I like the way it turned out, but I didn't get all the plumbing done, so I will be working on the return lines and the manifold this week/weekend. The return will be supplied by the Neptune COR-15 pump (1500 GPH DC pump) and the manifold will be supplied by the RO Varios-6 (1720 GPH DC pump). The manifold will in turn supply the 3 x Aquamaxx Media reactors. The Carbon and GFO reactors will be hanging from the manifold (hard plumbed) and the Biopellet reactor will be plumbed hanging in a remote location next to the Calcium Reactor. The overflow plumbing was done in 1" red pvc and the return and manifold plumbing will be done in 3/4" red pvc. The supply/return lines on the media reactors will be done in 1/2" red pvc. Some of you may be interested in the remainder of this setup.
  21. Plumbing: Here is the beginning of the plumbing. I plumbed the overflow. All 3 x 1" lines into the sump from the Bean Animal Modular Marine overflow. I ran Spears Gate Valves from the direct line and Durso lines on the Bean Animal to allow water depth adjustment in the overflow. I also plumbed 3 x unions, 1 per line to allow adjustment and removal if required. The last piece on each line going into the sump is pressed in, not glued which should be adequate. I'm now working on the 3/4" return line from the Neptune COR15.
  22. MP40 no longer for sale. Thanks to some help from my buddy Marvin, I got this pump to stick to the 3/4" glass on this cube, so I'm going to keep it. It will work really good in addition to the Gyre pump that I have on the tank.
  23. I built one that looks pretty cool, I'll take a couple pics and show ya.
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