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  1. Spanky


    Any news on the potential November swap?
  2. Spanky

    School Starts SPS Sale...splendid savings surprise! [emoji38]

    Dang we really need to get a runner between SA and Austin....I’d buy a frag of everything you’ve got if I were able to get them to SA.
  3. Spanky

    Spring frag swap

    Any chance of this happening? My 2-year old pulled a few float switch wires from my controller which ended up putting 80 gallons of saturated kalkwasser in my sump and out onto the floor in about an hour. Needless to say I am in need of restocking what once was a beautiful sps tank. ps: babyproof your sumps and controls cabinets!!! Randy
  4. Spanky

    XXXX...XXL Red Dragon colony

    Anyone from San Antonio interested? I’d love a big piece but I’m a bit far, and leaving to Austin for frags while my wife takes care of baby wouldn’t go over well. randy
  5. Spanky

    XXXX...XXL Red Dragon colony

    Wish you were closer to San Antonio...I’d take a big piece Randy
  6. Spanky

    Rainbow acan echinata large piece

    Nope...it'll be headed to San Antonio. Randy
  7. Spanky

    Clove corals

    I bought some of these from you at LMAR this weekend, and am curious what lighting they are being kept under. My tank is a mix of LED and MH and in some places is 30" deep....so I'm just trying to figure out where they will be happiest Randy
  8. Spanky

    Rainbow Stylo and other Frags for Sale

    PayPal sent for rainbow stylo.....see you at C4!
  9. Spanky

    Rainbow Stylo and other Frags for Sale

    Will you be at C4 this weekend?
  10. Looks like my wife and I will be able to make it....with new baby as well! Babies first reef activity. Randy
  11. I won't be able to attend due to my son being born...but I'd certainly be interested if anyone from San Antonio would be making the trip and willing to bring back a few frags from Dan. I can PayPal ahead of time and am happy to help with fuel or frags as needed. Soooooo, anyone from SA making the trip? Randy "Mkengr45" on Maast
  12. Spanky

    Wtb Appleberry, starburst, and other monti

    I almost forgot...I'm looking for hologram monti also. These are all pieces I lost in a tank move a year ago. Hired incompetent people to move my tank lost it all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I'm looking for these three montipora...Appleberry, starburst, and i forgot the name of the other one. Two are encrusting and one is a plating. Let me know what you have. Randy 210 eight three one four three four seven Or message me here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Spanky

    Stylo SPS Frag Pack & Large SPS Colonies

    Dang I wish you were closer to SA Randy
  15. Dan just wanted to let you know all the frags i got from you a few weeks ago and from the lmar swap are doing great. I regret not picking up more while I was at your house. Wife's baby bump is getting huge and I don't think I can convince her to go on another frag run up to Austin....we need some sort of frag runner to go back and forth Randy