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  1. I'm fairly certain there are plans to get a new location in South Austin opened soon. I don't know the time line, however.
  2. I have two sunset montiporas that are doing well and some kind of green acro that has held on through all the others getting RTN. It's showing small polyps at the bottom and what look like new branch nubs starting to come out of it's encrusted base. One of the sunset montis I thought had died all the way but after fixing the alk problem, I noticed that weeks later what I thought was coraline algae was actually the red monti color encrusting the old skeleton again. There are blue polyps coming out of it now and it's slowly creeping back over the white skeleton that I thought was completely dead. The alk is sitting around 11dKH.
  3. Lol. I think now that I've got my Alk under control I can put some sps in the tank again. The few pieces I have left are starting to show polyps and encrusting again.
  4. Is it ok if I bring cash and pick from whatever you have that isn't spoken for? If so please send me a PM. It would likely be this weekend.
  5. Those blue agave's are awesome! Good luck with the sale. (I still need to come get those clove polyps from you at some point).
  6. I wonder if putting the fish in a fresh water place like the lake is a bad idea? I'm sure another fish or bird would like the food.... this may be a terrible idea, just spitballing here.
  7. This: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LZVX5D2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Sorry for the late reply. A small update: the side panel on my home made sump developed two cracks in it for seemingly no reason. This was not one of the panels that had a plexiglass and/or silicone.... it cracked right in the middle of the panel. I had to switch everything over into a larger sump made by Oceanic. This did allow me to move my skimmer down into the sump now so that is good. The chaeto grow light above was suggested to me by MFrame and I've been pretty satisfied with it so far. My Chaeto seems to have grown from the size it was given to me. I do have the means of measuring it's weight so that might be a cool experiment to do. I decided upon not putting any sand in my new sump just to make things cleaner. For some reason the entire small sump I had built myself was filling up with all kinds of crazy detritus. This could have been due to lack of mechanical filtration but, in any case, the new sump has been running for a week or so now and it is much cleaner looking and has a lot more water volume. The Mame overflow is still running like a champ and I'm very pleased with it as a product. I want to get one of their glass nano skimmers now just because of my experience with their overflow and being pleased with the quality of it. The sump, I think holds more water than my 14G aquarium does that it's attached to so this was a big win that I didn't really expect or ask for.
  8. Very nice! I'm glad to see other people trying to make their own stuff too. Mine is still running really well. It's made doing water changes easier for me also. I've added some of that bioplate stuff to mine as well to increase the surface area that bacteria can inhabit. It's also got a huge chaeto ball in it now. BRS has a recent video they did where they measured the filtering capacity of running chaeto in your sump and the results were pretty impressive in favor of using chaeto. The amount of nutrients they were able to maintain was very low in the systems using a proper grow light on the algae. Are you going to do your ATO sensor in the sump? Mine is in the chamber where the pump is because if water evaporates it's usually noticeable there. My larger tank is set up with the ATO sensor in the sump as well.
  9. Works great and is in new condition. 5 star seller rating.
  10. What is the algae he's next to in the first picture and does he not eat that? Maybe it was the "before" he ate it picture, not sure just trying to figure it out. I'm interested and in hosting him at my venue in South Austin whenever the time is right for him to move on from his current spot.
  11. Interesting, thank you for the info Peter. I was a little worried because i know animals like anemones do propagation when they're stressed.
  12. Hello Kim, if you still have this I'll buy this from you. I think I still have your # so I'll text you about it later this afternoon. Thank you.
  13. Have any of you ever had a ricordia "walk" across a rock? I realize mine may be doing this to get to a "better spot" but along the way it has stretched it's foot and left behind quite a few baby ricordias. They start out looking like just a smooth piece of it's foot but then they grow tentacles. I started with 3 large ricordias and I now have about 6 babies since last April when I started my tank. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever seen this happen in their tank. I asked about it from someone that's been in the hobby a bit longer than me and they said they've never heard of a ricordia doing this.
  14. Yeah true.... that's like south dallas for me since I'm off Slaughter which is basically north Mexico.
  15. I'll take him if nobody else wants him. I don't mind them, I'm pretty sure they're responsible for completely devouring a dead fish i put in the refugium area of my sump in only one night. Not sure how..... but no "evidence" of a dead fish the next day tells me something did a magic trick.... probably a large bristle worm.