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  1. jvalentine83

    Jacob's Red Sea Reefer 350 Build

    \ New Aquascape!
  2. jvalentine83

    Jacob's Red Sea Reefer 350 Build

    Finally got water, sand, and rocks into the tank!! This is not the final aquascape, just put all the rocks in to make sure they cycle fully. I'll aquascape in a few days and update the thread
  3. jvalentine83

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    You are correct, I mixed it up in the display tank, not in a mixing tank. But I have no sand or rock in the display tank. The only reason I chose to mix the salt in the display tank was I dont have a container large enough to mix the water for this sized tank, 91 gallons :/
  4. jvalentine83

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    Last night I began to start up my Red Sea Reefer 350. I filled it up with RO/DI water (BRS 7 Stage RO/DI), ensured no leaks and that it ran fine. No sand or rocks in the tank yet. Put a Maxspect Gyre xf330 pump in and began adding Red Sea Coral Pro salt into the tank and letting the Gyre and my return pump (Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0) do the mixing. Water temp was about 70 at this point. Got the salinity up to 1.026, added a heater set to 78, and made sure to scrape the bottom of the tank to kick up any salt that may have settled and watched it for a few hours, hoping for the water to clear. By the time I went to sleep it was still a bit cloudy but clearing up overall. However when I woke up this morning it was MUCH cloudier than when I went to sleep. A thin white layer had formed on the Gyre and bottom of the tank (didn't really look like salt deposits though?). Anyone else have this issue? Will it clear up eventually or did I mess something up?
  5. jvalentine83

    Jacob's Red Sea Reefer 350 Build

    Got the stand built! Put the aquarium on the stand and got everything connected this morning. Waiting on a few equipment shipments to arrive and my rock to finish cycling before adding water. Just must remain patient
  6. jvalentine83

    Jacob's Red Sea Reefer 350 Build

    A mixed reef. Mostly SPS, but I have always been a fan of Bubble Coral, Duncans, Ricordea, and Zoas!
  7. jvalentine83

    Jacob's Red Sea Reefer 350 Build

    Hello All, I have been a member of this site for a few years but not very active at all, mainly because I have not had a tank up and running since 2013 when I lived in Louisiana. My dive into reef aquariums started in 2008 when I started up my first tank; a 55 gallon (48x12x24) tank with hang on skimmer and T5 lighting. After having that tank for a few years I got an Oceanic 75 gallon (36x18x24) system with a sump and metal halide lighting. Both tanks were really successful and healthy for a few years. Then life happened and my girlfriend and I broke up and since she owned the condo we were living at, this meant I need to take the tanks down (the apartment I had rented after the breakup was on the 2nd floor and couldn't support the weight of the tanks). I was so hard selling all my fish and coral that I had been collecting over the years that I decided that I would not set up another tank until I owned a home of my own and would not have to go through that experience again. Well, here we are 2019 and I have owned a home in Cedar Park since August! I waited until now to start to set up a new Red Sea Reefer 350, mainly because I wanted to get settle into the house! About a week ago I began cycling all my old rock in a brute trash can. Adding Dr Tim's One and Only and some pellet food to kick off the ammonia spike. I am using the BRS 7 Stage RO/DI unit to filter my water. The Red Sea Reefer 350 arrived to my home yesterday evening and I figured it was a good time to formally introduce myself and start a build thread! Current Equipment: BRS 7 Stage RO/DI Unit Red Sea Reefer 350 Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0 Return Pump Planned Equipment: (1) Red Sea RSK-300 Protein Skimmer (2) Kessil A360X LED lights with Mounting Arms (1) Maxspect Gyre XF330 (1) BRS Carbon & GFO Dual Reactor
  8. jvalentine83

    SChrisEv’s 375g reef

    Great looking tank! I really like your aquascape!
  9. I am going to try to make this one!
  10. jvalentine83

    Hope you guys dont mind me joining

  11. jvalentine83

    New to Texas

  12. jvalentine83

    Greetings from Houston

  13. jvalentine83

    Introduction and ARC "shopping trip"

    Welcome to ARC!
  14. jvalentine83

    New SPS lover

    Great Tank!! Welcome to ARC!
  15. jvalentine83

    Planet Aquarium 130g

    This tank is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything you've done in this build!