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  1. Hey all, So I have recently had 3 fish die randomly (no ich, velvet, etc). Two were Flasher Wrasse's (one Blue Flasher, one McCoskers Flasher), and one was a Copperband Butterfly. They all came from the same LFS. They lasted about 2 weeks, and were doing really great before their sudden deaths. In both cases, after about 2 weeks, they stopped eating one night during feeding (after eating well the whole time) and by the next morning are on the sandbed dead and I can't explain it. No other fish in my tank have any issues (2 DaVinci Clowns, 2 Bangaii Cardinals, 1 Yellow Watchman Goby). I've read on various forums that it could be the collection method. Some vendors use cyanide and that can cause random sudden death of fish a few weeks after they are collected, anybody know if any of the local shops here purchase from vendors using this method? I know its unlikely, but just trying to cover any possible issue it could be. I have no clue otherwise, anyone with another idea? Current tank Parameters: pH: 8.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate : 5 Phosphate: 0.19 (this is higher than I'd like) Alkalinity: 8.8 dKH Calcium: 440 Magnesium: 1470 I appreciate any advice
  2. Redid my aquascape and captured a quick video! 20190602_184447.mp4
  3. Its been a while since I updated, tank is doing great! Here is some shots of new and growing coral!
  4. It being Easter I wasnt sure. Anyone know if anything is open?
  5. Alright.....tank finished cycling about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I've begun to slowly stock the tank!! Current inhabitants are as follows.... Fish and Inverts: (2) DaVinci Clownfish (2) Banggai Cardinalfish (1) Sunburst Anthias (1) Sand Sifting Starfish (1) Cleaner Shrimp (10) Snails (7) Hermit Crabs (1) Christmas Hermit Coral: Hammer Torch GSP Green/Orange Ricordea Mushroom Blue Rhodactis Mushroom Nirvana Zoas Duncans Red Gonoporia Teal and Red Acan Lord
  6. Cycling finally completed on Thursday of last week! And my skimmer came in:
  7. Still waiting on the cycle to finish but grabbed a few shots after installing some under cabinet sump lighting!
  8. after consideration, I decided to take the rock off the glass. I liked the look, but you are right....it'll be hard to control detritus buildup. Here is a video of the new scape: 20190325_195536.mp4
  9. Glad I got to meet some of you! Had a fun time! Thanks to all who made it possible!
  10. Finally got my lights in! Went with the Kessil AP700 over the two A360X's, mainly because its more than enough light for a mixed reef. If I move to a more SPS Dominant tank in the years to come I may upgrade..
  11. Finally got water, sand, and rocks into the tank!! This is not the final aquascape, just put all the rocks in to make sure they cycle fully. I'll aquascape in a few days and update the thread
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