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  1. corsair66

    40 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Yes, there was a pretty decent variety of sponges growing in there. None of the big ones survived the move, but there are enough small ones in blue, yellow and purple that they may reappear. A bunch of that kind of stuff went into decline when I was traveling for work and the tank didn't get liquid food much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. corsair66

    40 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Hello everyone! I had previously started a thread in Lagoons, but hadn't updated in a while. Besides, it's a little sleepy in there I have had this tank for six years, although I broke it down and moved it last October when I came to Austin. I ran it as an unfiltered, partially solar powered room divider back then. It sorta devolved into a Kenya Tree forest towards the end, but it survived an entire year of me being in outside sales. They were fed by the neighbors, and got a water change every couple of months whether they needed it or not When I moved here, I knew the tank was going against a wall away from the window. Couldn't do what I did before. I decided to cut all the coral off the rock and flip it over for fresh start. The tank also shed its aged T5 fixture for one (later two) Ai Prime LEDs. The tank was still unfiltered when first set up here in town. I don't have a ton of pictures of the last few months for one simple reason: it looked gross. Same tank, same rock, same equipment, but the hair algae was persistently causing issues. I think half of the problem was the new aquascape. The rock now sits leaned up against the back instead of flat in the middle of the tank. Now it has a giant pocket behind the rock. I also switched the substrate when I moved. The previous setup used blasting sand that immediately felt very mud like when coated in biofilm. The caleurpa took to that much faster than the pretty white pet store stuff in there now. The light bulb moment came when I saw an eShoppes nano skimmer in action and realized I could tuck it behind the glass top. I put it on a few weeks ago and the tank absolutely came to life. The urchins are cleaning up the last of the tank's adolescent mess, and the nutrients have dropped below test strip testable levels. So that's since October. It's a mix of macro and softies, a couple of anemones and a bit of LPS just for fun. I'll detail the stock list in another post. The most exciting resident is the mantis shrimp, although it's heard more than seen at the moment. It's a fun tank, and it should be ready to roll and grow in from here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. corsair66

    Skimmer problems

    Skimmers have to break in. The goo you cleaned out of the neck is what the bubbles stick to so they can "climb" up to the cup. It takes a minute to rebuild the biofilm and make the thing work again.
  4. corsair66

    Does ANYONE still use t5's and MH?

    About those screen tops... In the reptile world they are reported to cut light by at least a third. I use MH and T5 on my reptile tank. When the lizard was a baby I ran screens over the MH to keep the heat and dull the light. A frequently cleaned piece of glass is about as good as it gets. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. corsair66

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    I like the race car red! I miss having water hooked to my tanks, totally worth it. For detritus in the sump, why not add a stack of rubble and a small brittle star? They clean up great in the display.
  6. corsair66

    My 40b Lagoon

    Mantis is settling in, starting to spend time in the open. The clown fish and the blenny have stopped kicking sand at each other. Success. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. corsair66

    My 40b Lagoon

    Double post :/
  8. corsair66

    My 40b Lagoon

    No lie. Between the clown, the dottyback and the damsel, it's a lot of attitude for 40 gallons. Things got bad after the anemone moved and shifted the clown's territory front and center. It's easier if they're all worried about the mantis popping them for causing a scene. Once I get decent photos top and bottom, I'll be able to ID the species for sure. Aquarium Designs always has these, and calls them "green mantis shrimp." Shows a preference for living in rock vs digging a burrow, so likely a Gonodactylaceus of some sort. It's probably this: http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/arthropoda/crustacea/malacostraca/eumalacostraca/royslist/species.php?name=g_falcatus I had a peacock a long time ago and it was a digging fool. The ones that come out of rubble zones are less troublesome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. corsair66

    My 40b Lagoon

    Updated tank shot. I like the finger leather divided. It provides much more habitat for the fish this way. I picked up a mantis shrimp at Aquarium Designs in San Antonio. Mantis shrimp have a fearsome reputation, but most of it is overblown. If you provide an adequate habitat, they don't require much accommodation. This one is just settling in, so it isn't very photogenic yet. That will pass. It already comes out to fight for turf at feeding time. Soon it will just own the tank. These fish lived with a mantis before. Without it there to keep order, they were getting a little rough with each other. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. corsair66

    My 40b Lagoon

    Barely 24 hours after the divide and both sides are open and feeding. Tough stuff! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. corsair66

    My 40b Lagoon

    Got brave and divided the leather coral. The anemone seems firmly settled back there, so the only solution was to make a hole. Probably for the best. The leather was bound in by the front glass and harassing the other coral as it continued to expand. The left side had already grafted onto the main rock structure, so I simply cut the rock with the rest of the colony free. Should look nice in a few days. This little guy is doing just great. I'm excited to finally figure out some LPS for this tank. I give credit to the Prime LED. Previous attempts were under T5 HO and similar conditions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. corsair66

    My 40b Lagoon

    Thanks guys! Well... The anemone stayed in one piece, and it hid itself back behind the leather. Kind of irritating, but nothing to worry about. The leather doesn't seem to mind. I added a Starry Blenny, which is taking care of the hair algae pretty quickly. I also added a candy cane coral, replacing the Kenya Trees. It seems to be settling in okay, which is encouraging. I haven't really tried LPS in here before. We'll see what happens. The anemone is still shifting around in its new spot. I may try just feeding it like crazy until it settles, splits, or both. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. corsair66

    My 40b Lagoon

    Last night the anemone set to roaming. Turns out it's because it's having a baby! I'll take a tank shot when they settle back in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. corsair66

    Tube anemone

    Cool! The metallic ones are pretty. Get some daphnia and spot feed it. It's a freshwater food, most stores can at least order Hikari. I used one of those plastic syringes for feeding birds, shoved a cube in, filled it with water and came back 5 minutes later. Feed as much as it will eat, at least daily until it will accept larger prey from you. It needs raw calories to get established. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. corsair66

    Tube anemone

    Wow those are beautiful! My sandbed varies around the tank. Where I'm wanting it to go it's probably 2" but I can easily change that. I bought a couple bags of sand to add to the tank where needed. My sand bed was maybe 3"? They aren't picky at all once established. The "foot" or whatever just needs to be fully covered. They eat way more food than you would think though. At the size in that pic, each one ate like an 8-10" grouper. When it hit sub-woofer size, you could just hand it frozen cubes and it would swallow 2-3 whole. They like to eat. If you haven't bought anything yet, the white/purple is much cheaper and easier than the green/orange. Just be aware of the space requirements. This is another angle I wish I had more pictures from back then. I lost a bunch of stuff when my old phone blew up. Always sync. The big ones could fully occupy half a 40b at night (an 18" square). No idea how tall it would go in a deeper tank. The green/orange seemed to max out at a 5-6" disc and lays more flat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk