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    Fiji Follows Hawaii

    https://reefbuilders.com/2017/12/29/fiji-coral-live-rock-banned-by-ministry-of-fisheries/ The Ministry of Fisheries has banned all harvesting, purchasing, sales and export of live coral and aquarium rock (also known as live rock, coral rock or fossil coral) from the 28th of December, 2017.All companies are to adhere to the following:1. All harvesting, purchasing and sales of live rocks and live coral are now banned, and no export permits would be processed by the ministry.2. The Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Scientific Committee (SC) will be submitting to the Management Authority (MA) on 7th January 2018 that Live Coral and Live Rock is given a zero quota for 2018.3. The Ministry of Fisheries and both the CITES MA and SC would be supporting the development of other sustainable options, particularly the development of farmed or cultured coral.
  2. BobcatReefer

    Isaac's 180+

    heh - I use the exact same funnel for my carbon and GFO.
  3. BobcatReefer

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    The SC ruling says states "can" charge, but it doesn't require it. I know that we don't charge tax for any customers outside of Texas, but we don't sell a tangible goood (SaaS). Just looking at my last half-dozen Amazon orders and only 2 have any tax collected, and one order looks like it only collected from 2 items out of 7 ($3.83 is 4.1% of $91.26). Still the wild, wild, west out there!
  4. BobcatReefer

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    Thanks for the breakdown! Might want to check on the tax angle though - not sure you're paying taxes on items purchased/shipped from out of state. Added savings there...
  5. BobcatReefer

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    Sascha - what's the price break on that much? I would think the shipping would offset any discount, but I know you pay attention to that closely, so curious as to the actual discount after shipping. Not sure how it would really apply to me, as 4 packs lasts me ~4 months, but just curious on the math involved.
  6. BobcatReefer

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    use the actual url, not the one from the share button https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03KDdmuHdm0 =
  7. BobcatReefer

    Ashton's Waterbox 15

    In a tank that small, I would avoid GSP like the plague. It is bulletproof and will grow like the weed it is, so unless you put it on it's own little island*, it's only a matter of time before that entire rock structure is covered. *If you do make an island, I would suggest raising it up out of the sandbed and hovering it. GSP grows towards light, so it won't go underneath in the shade. If you leave a GSP rock on the sandbed, it will eventually grow out onto the sand as well. Welcome to ARC!
  8. BobcatReefer

    BBMarlin's 76G - Skimmerless SPS Reef

    I do, but it definitely got trimmed up and hasn't been growing much. But, that's because my tank refuses to grow any SPS. Seems happy enough, just never growing...
  9. BobcatReefer

    Dendro and Sun coral

    That froggy looking pretty good and sounds like it's growing a bit! I am *pretty sure* that fungus is local to the dendro only. Haven't seen any sign of it on any other euphylia. They aren't in direct flow, but just shaded a bit from the nearest powerhead.
  10. BobcatReefer

    Dendro and Sun coral

    I have dendros (I think...) and I certainly don't feed them everyday. I've actually cut back direct feeding quite a bit as my nutrient levels were out of control and had way too much algae. Mine haven't grown at all, but I also have some weird external issue going on - tough to see in this pic, but it's the darkness at the base of the coral. Seems like some parasite/algae that won't brush off and is attacking the exoskeletal part of the organism, but whatever harm it's doing, it's doing very slowly. corals: Here's my thread asking about the issue: http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/39777-help-w-dendro-issue-please/
  11. BobcatReefer

    BBMarlin's 76G - Skimmerless SPS Reef

    That purple stylo is still going strong!
  12. BobcatReefer


    Fair enough on all accounts. My assumption on the vinegar vs coraline was that the vinegar is stronger (that's why we use it) and 1gal vs <1gram shouldn't use up much, chemically. Granted, I am not a chemist, and I only have 2 med, 1 sm powerhead.
  13. BobcatReefer


    Curious as to why you use fresh vinegar? I don't believe you are changing the chemical composition or "using up" the cleaning properties of the vinegar. I keep a small bucket of vinegar (1gal) for pretty much the same purpose - to dunk my powerheads in while cleaning. I keep the same bucket (sealed up) for probably 18-24 months before dumping and refilling w/ new vinegar.
  14. BobcatReefer

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    Oh my goodness! Hate to hear that Sascha! 😥😥😥
  15. BobcatReefer

    Mag test readings

    Haven't dosed Ca since at all since a water change on 10/20:
  16. BobcatReefer

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Wow John - hate to see that happen to such a thriving tank. That pic shows SO much real estate, and you were literally jam packed last time I was over there. Glad it looks to be on the mend!
  17. BobcatReefer

    I got worms

    I am a fan of the manual removal, fully aware that there are 100 more in there I can't see. Don't care. Just like winning those small battles! Those small worms can grow into freakin' MONSTERS, and I'm just happier knowing I'm doing SOMETHING. Still, it's not much. Here are some beasts I found when I upgraded my tank and had the rock cycling:
  18. BobcatReefer

    Austin Boil Notice

    wow, really?!? I don't think I've ever seen my "before" TDS higher than 35-40. Just made a batch of new water last week, and that was directly after swapping out all RODI innards, including membrane, so I'm just going to leave it off for a while and not look to see what it's running currently.
  19. Every now and then they sell some frags on Facebook. I never got any orange out of mine (before I killed it) either - always just dark green.
  20. BobcatReefer

    Bobcat's 75gal First Reef Build

    In Jan 2015 I was gifted a 75gal tank, sump and refugium. I've spent the last year acquiring and planning and today I drilled the hole for the bulkhead, so I think I've officially started the build. Here's my current tank: www.austinreefclub.com/topic/35471-greetings-arc-new-reef-build-first-reef-build What I got to work with: 75gal tank Aquatic Life 48" T5 HO lights Bubble Magus Curve 5 skimmer Sicce Syncra Silent 3.5 Pump (660 GPH) Hydor Koralia 3rd Gen Powerhead, w/ controller BRS GFO & Carbon dual reactor Plan for tank: Dual HOB overflows: one for sump, one for fuge, hopefully tuned 2:1 3" of sand, which sounds like 40# this and 20# this 50#(65#?) of live rock from my current tank, 15# Pukani dry rock from BRS Refugium w/ sand from my current tank, rubble, cheato, pods 2gal ATO tank Aquahub DIY Top Off Kit (which I'm a little intimidated by) Big props to Breed & Co in Westlake for having 90% of the plumbing fixtures I've needed, and putting up w/ me showing up every couple of days for something else. I've actually enjoyed the Lego-esque nature of pvc plumbing. This will be my first reef tank and I'm nervous as hell about it. My plan is to focus on easier/hardier corals, with the goal of not killing them. Here's a tank w/ corals I really like and plan to pattern mine after: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJk-fASKh33tB4O7kVjcmxA Goal is build complete, fish in NLT 3/15
  21. BobcatReefer

    Bobcat's 75gal First Reef Build

    Yup, I just haven't been able to find any chitons locally, and can't bring myself to spend for the shipping. Need to add a couple of Emeralds if I can find them, and a new Tuxedo as mine died a couple of months back.
  22. BobcatReefer

    Bobcat's 75gal First Reef Build

    Tried it and it did not even slow down the turf algae. Mind you, this isn't GHA at all - this is thick and well attached to the rock. Doesn't budge unless you grab hold and pull tough.
  23. BobcatReefer

    Bobcat's 75gal First Reef Build

    My water/chem issues... Had some TDS creep in (<5ppm), but did a full RODI swap, including membrane and I'm 0.0 now. Finally figured out why my parameters were swinging so wildly - long story short I am an idiot and getting 9/10 things correct when setting up auto-dosing doesn't cut it. Think I'm good now, and both Alk/Ca are fairly stable, dosing at between 1-2min/day. Just did a water change so Alk dropped today, but should be good w/i the next day or so. For reference, 135ppm=7.55dKH, 155ppm=8.66dKH....pH is typically 7.7-7.9.
  24. BobcatReefer

    Bobcat's 75gal First Reef Build

    Going forward, I'm going to focus more on softies and LPS. Other than the long gone Birdsnest and the current Purple Stylo, nothing hard is surviving and certainly not thriving in the tank these days. Even the formerly raging Palmer's Blue Mille has minimal extension and zero growth - been like this for 6+ months. Picked up probably 12 frags from folks about 6 months back, only 3 still live, and they aren't exactly thriving. The bleached one top left held on until like last week, I think the Hawkins is alive but barely - it hasn't had growth signs in months. The red one lower right seems to have good polyp extension, but no base growth/encrusting at all. The digi seems healthy and happy, but no growth at all lately. The green one is dead, it just doesn't know it yet. Mystic Sunset Monti was doing awesome until a couple of weeks ago when it got white blotches, then the rest of it seemed like it was going to fight back, it colored up, and then has looked worse this week. My acans haven't been eaten any more, but something in the water is pissing them off - they've been like this for weeks now. And the turf algae around them is out of control. Not real sure how to deal w/ that. Whatever is bugging the acans seems to be bugging the blasto as well Ricordias look good - split and up to 4 now Duncan that I was so worried about before is thriving now - this is still early waking, but it will be 1/4 bigger later today Fuzzy blue shrooms are loving that the Peach Toadstool got cutback. Hammer and Cinnamon Grandis are doing great, Cyphastrea is struggling. Purple Stylo
  25. BobcatReefer

    Bobcat's 75gal First Reef Build

    How about an update...let's start w/ the fishes. Kole Tang is out for being a bully. Lost the Rainsford Goby to starvation, and the newest Orange Diamond (I've lost count now, but this one also looks like he's not much of a sand sifter) is thin as a rail, but I think he'll pull through. He's still a scardeycat who hides under the grandis palys 23hours a day. Midas in his hiding spot Out and about Newest addition, and a fish I've always wanted: Black Cap Basslet Solar Wrasse Filefish, of the non-Aiptasia easting variety 😡 Big Fatty Starry Blenny is shy Pinkbar Goby and Tiger Shrimp still going strong Emaciated, non-sand-sifting, scardeycat Orange Diamond Goby