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  1. Awesome! Excited to follow along this massive build!
  2. What if you just toss it in the backyard the next time you see a raccoon?
  3. Brand new, in box, never opened. http://aquatop.com/aquatop-media-reactor-mr-20.html PayPal to hold, pick up in/near Westlake. PM for PP info and pickup details.
  4. For reals...that sump had a serious case of the nasty!
  5. Mine is fairly clean, and I think the only powerhead I have is a bit strong for this application, but I might swap that one for the one running my GFO/C reactor. BTW - love the vid! Those Acans, and everything else, for that matter, is fat and happy! Dig seeing the corals I have in my tank that I got from you in there too!
  6. Are Lionfish that bad for the reefs? Either way, you aren't going to manage population one at a time, Soprano style. Seems like doing something just to see if you can do it. And film it to put on the internet.
  7. Video is graphic, and there's a gif at the bottom on autoplay so don't click if that's going to upset you. This Video Of A Guy Executing Fish With A Pistol...
  8. *goes looking for that extra powerhead*
  9. Ty definitely had a solid plan in place, and our hiccups were minor and easily overcome w/ so many folks around who are used to improvising. Think it went about as smoothly as it could have. I'm sure those fish and corals are thrilled to FINALLY have some new, fresh, clean water!
  10. This was a nice addition to my tank at a low price/effort level, but no desire to take it on.
  11. Open.
  12. Now THAT is pretty cool. I imagine the LAST thing I need is an app that lets me watch my tank ALL the time! haha! Question: Is the bracing in the middle done like that* for any specific reason? *that = angle iron (for lack of better description) w/ the spine pointed up.
  13. Well then, whatever is the cheapest/safest option.
  14. Saturday for distribution at Ty's??