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  1. 5 wrasses seems like a lot for a 55gal. If it were my tank and those were my fish choices, I'd go with this lineup: 1 McCosker's Flasher Wrasse 1 Yellow Coris Wrasse 1 Pink Spotted Goby 2 Clowns - don't get maroons 1 Purple Fire Fish 1 Royal Gramma That's 7 fish to start, and you can add from there over time if you still want more. Plus, they're all pretty peaceful. Don't disagree w/ Tim on the Firefish / Royal Gramma comments either, so dropping the PFF and adding a RG or 2 would work too. I've never had luck with firefish though, and maybe it's because I've always had active fish.
  2. I have no expertise to offer, just here for the pics! Good luck w/ the whole project!
  3. So you put your new prized fish directly into your display w/ no quarantine??? Or did that happen before the announcement?
  4. Appreciate the knowledge! Thanks @mhart032!
  5. @mhart032 why? What's the deal w/ that stuff? Never seen it before.
  6. Thanks HarleyGuy - I think I'll have plenty, but I'm a bit aways from that right now. Will keep in mind!
  7. Someone posted on #AskBRStv about a worm they caught, and then the trap used to catch it, and the description matches 100%. Specifically, the mucous around dead critters the worm was eating. http://www.coralreefmagazine.com/how-to-build-yourself-a-trap-for-the-infamous-oenone-fulgida
  8. @don duncan OP is updated and accurate. Anything not listed as SOLD is still available.
  9. Love the blue/green anemones right next to each other!
  10. For reference: https://www.liveaquaria.com/divers-den/product/500038/caribbean-black-cap-basslet
  11. Something I think about often when designing my dream tank of the future in my head. Not only does it give you more room underneath, but it's just SO DANG HELPFUL to be able to put things down RIGHT THERE when fiddling w/ the tank. What material is the top layer, John? My unsolicited advice would be to go price out a slab of granite/quartz/whatever at the local shop - that size piece could easily be found as the scrap from someone else's dream kitchen and be had for cheap (I have a ton of friends in that biz). Something that looks really nice and can't be messed up by saltwater.
  12. Depends on which ones you pick. Each variety has different price points for different size frags. You could get the smallest of one and the biggest of another - whichever you want!
  13. Selling off the majority of my corals and starting over. Buy a frag pack of 4 different frags and get $10 off total. I'll want to keep at least a frag of all these, so I'll update as quickly as possible. Pick up in Westlake, near the Lake Austin Marina. Work from home most days, so can potentially be available 8am-9pm. Paypal to hold, otherwise first to pay/pick up. PM for address/PayPal. Urchins $10 each - 1sm black, 1lg black, 1sm pink SOLD: both smalls - 1lg black still available Cinnamon Grandis Palys ABC $5, D $10, EFG $20 (4-6heads), I $30 (10 heads) SOLD: H Metallic Green and Blue Shrooms AB $10, E $5, F $10, HK $20 (~10+) SOLD: D, I, C, J Bucket o' loose shrooms $40 (there's probably 8 or 10 in there? couple of big meaty ones. I'll grab a couple of other loose ones from the QT tank too if you want) Superman Shrooms DE $10 (1ea) , BC $20 (2 shrooms) SOLD A Rainbow Ricordea $20/head 6 singles $20ea, 2 doubles $40ea, 1 triple $60 Candy Apple Zoas 3 frags of 2 heads @ $10, 4 head frag $20, 2x 7/8 heads $25, ~15 heads $30
  14. Nice build! Following along...
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