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  1. BobcatReefer

    BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Thanks! Thought so - great looking piece!
  2. BobcatReefer

    Rimless 180g "2nd child"

    Very interdasting... Was in there last week and didn't see any, but dang did they have a TON of fish on hand. Full tanks and a dozen or so boxes waiting to be opened. Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. BobcatReefer

    Rimless 180g "2nd child"

    Where did you find these? Ran across a pair a couple of years back and would love to find some more!
  4. BobcatReefer

    BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    What is this gorgeous neon green coral??
  5. BobcatReefer

    What is this frag?

    Did they charge you for the algae?
  6. BobcatReefer

    280 gallon Build

    LOL! Have literally sat across from him as he asked me what I know about fluid dynamics so he knows how much to dumb down the rest of the conversation for me. 😆🤣
  7. BobcatReefer

    Micro brittle stars

    This man speaks the truth!
  8. BobcatReefer

    Family Hospitalized after palytoxin gets in the air!

    Well that doesn't sound ideal either. Is there any way to determine which palys are toxic/dangerous and which aren't?
  9. BobcatReefer

    Family Hospitalized after palytoxin gets in the air!

    I need to move this rock, and it’s likely that some of these purple palys will get squished in the process. Am I going to die?
  10. BobcatReefer

    Help w/ Dendro issue please

    Had this Dendro colony for about 6 mos now. Last 6 weeks or so I started to notice something weird going on. Rough, uneven skin, not looking like new growth, but something bad. Now has algae growing on it. Here are vid and pic from today before/after algae cleaning, and from Dec where you can see how smooth it was before. Thinking about trying to cover w/ superglue. Is this a good idea? If yes, suggestions on best way to do so? Every time I've tried to apply underwater, it's been a mess and not always achieving the desired result. Today before algae removal: [/url] Today after algae removal: Dec:
  11. BobcatReefer

    Shrooms! Shrooms! Shrooms!

    Yes - See above
  12. BobcatReefer

    Shrooms! Shrooms! Shrooms!

    No sir, but I do have two 3 head left that I'll sell for $40. Ready to have them out of my tank just for the real estate (I like my clean sand!). PM me if interested.
  13. BobcatReefer

    Selling Fish... need new homes fast

    PM'd on Orange Diamond Goby
  14. BobcatReefer

    Selling Fish... need new homes fast

    Orange Diamond Goby? If so, dibs! & pic?
  15. BobcatReefer

    RCA First Friday After Hours Sale May 4th!

    Orange Diamond Goby on the list for tomorrow?