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  1. So both of my leathers are kicking butt - big and fluffy. Kind of too big and fluffy right now, so I'd like to cut them back and start over. Can I just lop the entire head off and expect it to grow back the same? What could I expect to sell them for? Neon Green Lone Star and normal (??), both 8"ish across.
  2. New light is all !! Help me out on timeline...did you get all the sand and frags into the frag tank, then get an ich outbreak and take all the frags and sand out of the ft so you could use it as QT?
  3. That's what they do man! Exactly why I always have one - I can't stand dirty sand. You have a much smaller tank though, so he may be too much for that size.
  4. Alk levels: Went away for the last weekend of April and you can see the dive. Not sure how I screwed up the rise so badly, but I did. Now I can't get it back up to where I want it. Currently dosing 10ml Seachem Reef Fusion2, twice a day (didn't want to put 20ml in @ a time). Took multiple readings yesterday/today, which is why the end looks janky - typically test every 3 or 4 days. Suggestions on how to even this out more effectively?
  5. Necrosis/Alk burn issues? Had a spike a couple of weeks ago and these are the only two corals that had any reaction. Thoughts? Suggestions? Cyphastrea - pic was taken a week or 10 days ago, but this one looks like it's recovering now. You can see where it had started encrusting out on the bottom. There's more on the top side as well, just not visible in thispic. Pocillapora - 2 separate pieces on opposite sides of the tank
  6. Garf Bonsai looking awesome - deep purple base, green polyps, and that smaller cluster of growth is new. This guy did nothing for the first 6+ months in the tank. Pale and no growth whatsoever. Fluffy Acans and the I've figured out the Duncans want to be way low light and flow, so now have to find a place for them.
  7. Tank update: Overall, it's going really well. Currently dealing w/ some minor chem level issues - can't seem to get my Alk stabilized the last 2 or 3 weeks after months of keeping it w/i limits. Other than that, rockin' and rollin'. Current fishes: Ruby Head Wrasse - Great addition and doing exactly what I wanted: bring everyone out to be seen. Potters Angel - same as above. Everyone is out and active now. Clown Ruby Red Scooter Blenny (getting fat!) Purple Firefish (the Helfrichi died out of nowhere a couple months back) Goldenhead Sleeper Goby Rainsford Goby - grew really fast and is now a solid 2" and thick. Was worried he'd be the tiny guy in the tank Pink Stripe Goby w/ Tiger Shrimp - still going strong! Unfortunately the Fathead Sunburst Anthia disappeared shortly after the angel went in. Not sure if one had to do anything w/ the other, but it's a bummer to lose a really pretty (and fairly expensive) fish after it's been healthy in your tank for a while. Also makes me curious if I'm at my limit for fish, or can I still add 1 or 2 more? Dosed some chemiclean about 2 or 3 weeks back and it knocked the cyano and algae issues out like a champ.
  8. Well, he's WAY prettier than my (paired) goby, that's for sure! Changed my mind - gotta give him another shot!
  9. I wouldn't even give him the chance. Seems like aggravation and money on your end.
  10. That's a bummer, man. I absolutely love my shrimp/goby pair.
  11. That's great stuff Gig 'Em! Jealous of the trip overall!
  12. Awesome!
  13. Wait...those fish are in the new tank?
  14. As for suggestions for a healthy tank: Pull those dendros and give them to me for safe keeping.