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  1. Bobcat's 75gal First Reef Build

    How about a little update.... Gone: Large Screaming Green Birdsnest, Neon Green Lone Star Leather, Peach Leather Added: Green Bali Slimer, Hawkins Echinata, Northern Lights, Purple Stylo, Fungia Plate, Orange Digitata (still in frag rack) Notes: Looks like the (second) Garf Bansai is taking the mort. Not exactly sure why - the other one didn't dig an Alk spike, but we've been pretty stable for a while now. Palmer's Blue Mille had to take a trim as 2 branches were growing into the glass. DAM Swamp Thing got the necrosis and I screwed around too long before saving it, so down to a little nub (it's just left/under the chalice on the frag rack side), but I think it will come back strong - was growing like a champ before Alk spike. Got some new bulbs the other day and changed it up a bit - my fixture is 4 54w, 2 channel (blue/white). B: Blue +, Purple + W: Aquablue Special, Coral +. Also put them in the correct channels this time - last time I had 1B/1W in each...I don't know why, but it was on purpose. New lighting: Vid (sorry for no music to cover the gurgling - I don't know how to do that yet):

    That's how I learned about 95% of what I know today. This board is an incredible resource.
  3. Corals for sale - updated 10/6

    Yes. This is what is available.

    Man, wish you would have posted earlier today! ha! Ordered new bulbs today. Only a 4 bulb fixture, w/ 2 blue and 2 white, and I went w/ these: White: Coral+, Aquablue Special Blue: Blue+, Purple+
  5. Newbie here

    Thanks! You're off to a better start than I was when my tank got wet the first time!
  6. Newbie here

  7. Corals for sale - updated 10/6

    Available as of 10/6: $20 Blue Digitata $5 Alien Eye Chalice
  8. DB's 82 Custom

    Tanks are like cars and bikes and women - I dig most all of them. I like the budget builds for their DIYness and ability/willingness to refurbish and repurpose; I like the high end builds for their finish and bling and to dream about what I would/will do when I build my dream tank. Looking forward to this one!
  9. Corals for sale - updated 10/6

    Still available as of 10/1: $20 Blue Digitata $30 Neon Green Lone Star Leather $5 and $8 Alien Eye Chalice
  10. Corals for sale - updated 10/6

    Have a Palmer's Blue Mille frag, just over 2" long. Snipped from colony the other day because it was growing into the glass. Very healthy, furry, and has new growth nubs all over the tip. SOLD Momma:
  11. Back in the Game

    Welcome (back) to the board! I have some GSP I'll give you for free. Might be able to pop a shroom or two off for you as well, as I have a couple of patches that could use some trimming. I'm in Westlake, near the Lake Austin Marina if you'd like to pick up.
  12. Jeeps Gone Reef On 300g Build

    Looking good Jas!
  13. 80 Gallon Custom Rimless Shallow Reef

    Is this still an 80gal build? That frame looks more like 6'x2'.
  14. Corals for sale - updated 10/6

    Updated prices and pics. 1st post is updated as of 9/28. Pics from today: **SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD**
  15. FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    About time you gave some love to the softies!