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  1. @August he's available, just shoot me a DM and we'll figure out a time for pickup.
  2. There are some straight up blue shrooms, and some green metallic ones. I'll put together a for sale post as soon as I get a chance. Here's the one for the fish:
  3. Pick up in Westlake, near the Lake Austin Marina. Work from home most days, so can potentially be available 8am-9pm. Paypal to hold, otherwise first to pay/pick up. PM for address/PayPal. Doing a complete reboot on the tank and going to swap out all the fish as well. Going smaller overall. All have been plucked from the display and are in the QT tank, ready for rehome. All were QT'd w/ prazipro and paraguard, after going through tank transfer every 3 days for 3 weeks. All but the Coral Beauty (9ish months) have bee in for well over a year, and closer to two. Fat and happy! Will get pics up ASAP, but they look just like what they are. SOLD $30 Neon Dottyback, 3.5"+ Had him for sale a while back and when the buyer and I couldn't sync schedules, I let him go back into the display. One guy has tentative dibs already - I need to PM him. Will bully similar shape/color fish (terrorized a Naoko Wrasse that I had to evacuate), but has been very well behaved in our current setup for 6 months (since I originally listed him). Would go 90+ and with larger/more aggressive fish. SOLD $30 Coral Beauty Angel, 3"+ Juvenile, little on the darker side. Eats great, doesn't even pay attention to the other fish. PENDING PICKUP $30 Starry Blenny, 4.5"+ Big, mature, Blenny. Not a big algae eater, very chill guy. Mostly perches and watches. STILL AVAILABLE $100 Black Cap Basslet, 4.5"+ He was the Alpha of this tank, but not a bully at all. Will scavenge ALL your rubble to build himself a lair, and is fairly territorial vs a turkey baster, magnet or your hand, especially around that lair. 90gal and up, imo. Beautiful, FAT fish! #thicc
  4. Long time coming, but finally got the tank broken down for a reboot. Will have frags and fish up for sale shortly. Going to re-scape and set up softie, w/ an anemone front and center. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Sea Hares are awesome, but they need algae to live. They are pretty good at wiping it out, and once it's gone, it's best to re-home them.
  6. How do you get them to stay? I've had 2 and 1 never stuck anywhere, just blew around the tank til he died; the other rooted in a bad spot and lived a sad shriveled life for a year or so, then died.
  7. Tank looks great Kim! Your coral growth is amazing!
  8. I would think that something along these lines, just to keep the sump off the floor itself may be helpful. You could use a piece of plexi w/ a foam mat on top for pressure leveling/sound. Admittedly, I can't think of a definite reason to keep it off the floor itself, but for some reason I feel like it should have some separation. https://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/H-3187bl/Wire-Shelving-Accessories/Additional-Black-Wire-Shelves-48-x-24
  9. Congrats on your 2 new money pits! 😆😆😆
  10. SAAAWWWEEEEETTTT!!! Did you move? Or are y'all just going to live inside that tank?
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