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  1. BobcatReefer

    I’m back!!! Red Sea reefer 350

    I'm leaving for 10 days in CO at the end of the month and am scared to death....
  2. BobcatReefer

    Mag test readings

    Alk and Ca are dosed 3 hours apart, so precipitation is not likely. Haven't changed testers at all - Hanna for Alk, Salifert for Ca & Mg. Definitely not using them for a long time, as I'm testing almost every day. I'm fairly obsessive w/ getting the correct measurements on all as well - .2ml off? lol! I will re-scoop the granular reagent 5x if I think it's anything but flat on the scoop! I'll also re-do the test if I feel I've messed anything up, or if I get any kind of wonky result. The rise and fall has to do w/ the fact that I have to manually adjust the time on the dosers and I can't go smaller than minutes. I simply don't have the ability to dial them in any better than I am today. What I'm hearing (reading) is that I need to worry about the Alk level, but not so much the Ca and Mg, so long as they aren't crazy.
  3. BobcatReefer

    Mag test readings

    I suppose it's mostly from a math/chemistry position, not necessarily a reefing issue. It's confusing and I'm trying to understand the why.
  4. BobcatReefer

    Mag test readings

    ~77 & 34/1.026
  5. BobcatReefer

    Mag test readings

    My bigger point here is having to add ~10x Mg vs Alk/Ca and not seeing a significant rise in readings. If the Mg WAS NOT getting used up in the process, shouldn't the reading be HIGHER? Typically test 10a-12n, depending on when I have a bit of a break from work. Usually dose Mg manually directly after testing, Alk & Ca are dosed at nighttime on timers - I only have a timer w/ minute options, so I am constantly having to switch from 2>3>2>1>3 to try and keep things stable. Also had a couple runs where I was doing weekly water changes, so that was another challenge in terms of stability. Ca Alk
  6. BobcatReefer

    Mag test readings

    This is what I don't get... I can't get Mag consistently over 1400 and I'm adding 15-20ml/day. How the heck is that possible?
  7. BobcatReefer

    Rimless 180g "2nd child"

    Good luck w/ the Potter's wrasse! Beautiful fish!
  8. BobcatReefer

    New Guy

  9. BobcatReefer

    Bobcat's 75gal First Reef Build

    Possible, but he was just hanging upside down like a red/white bat/psychokiller in his usual spot, so if he did, he either stashed it for later or ate it up quick!
  10. BobcatReefer

    Bobcat's 75gal First Reef Build

    Blasto must have been huuunnnnnggreeeeee because I just went upstairs and there's no sign of the fish at all!
  11. BobcatReefer

    Bobcat's 75gal First Reef Build

    Ugh!! That’s 4 dead Orange Diamond Gobies now!! And this joker was *just* starting to sift sand too! [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35] I had no idea Blastos were meat eaters!
  12. BobcatReefer

    Juiceman's AGE 200 Gallon Reef

    Hate to hear that, Juice. Sorry man.
  13. BobcatReefer

    Give me your best DIY shrimp traps

    Well, yeah! That's why he's got to go! 😂🤣😂🤣
  14. BobcatReefer

    Bobcat's 75gal First Reef Build

    Picked up a Starry Blenny from a poster on here and he's adjusted to life in the tank like a boss:
  15. BobcatReefer

    Give me your best DIY shrimp traps

    Trap is stationary, CB hangs on the rocks, and the trap opening was facing his hangout spot. I have some other issues to work on w/ the tank so I may have to suspend trapping activities for now. Plus, I think I might be able to double net wrangle him from his secondary hideout - open on both sides. Will keep you all updated on this adventure as events unfold...I know you are all hanging on the edge! 😀