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  1. underbyte

    WTB Protein Skimmer for 20 gal tank

    @10gReef I was able to find one. Thank you though.
  2. Looking for a protein skimmer for a 20 gal tank. Prefer a hangover skimmer if possible.
  3. underbyte

    Fluval M90 - SOLD

    Tank is still available if anyone is interested.
  4. underbyte

    Fluval M90 - SOLD

    Selling off my old tank, generally in good condition with no water damage to the stand. Fluval M90 tank (36g) + stand fluval circulation pump tunze silence 1073 Everything for $250
  5. underbyte

    [GONE] Bubble-Tip Anemone

  6. underbyte

    Sunburst Morph BTA

    Pm'd for backup
  7. underbyte

    Fish trap

    I got a brown tag that's being aggressive to another tang. So I need to get it out. Let me know if you have one to sell/loan. Also if someone is looking for a brown tang, I'll have one for sale soon.
  8. underbyte

    Free JBJ nanocube - GONE

    I'll take it if @Salt Dreams doesn't
  9. underbyte

    Colorado Sunburst anemone

    Dang, I'll just continue to dream and wait. Thanks!
  10. underbyte

    Colorado Sunburst anemone

    Anyone have an Colorado Sunburst anemone for sale?
  11. Looking for 2 Maxspect XF 150 extension cord. Seems like all websites that sell them are sold out.
  12. underbyte

    Is it just me or....

    Don't forget about spending a few bills every week and leaving with a baggy.
  13. underbyte


    Very nice! Where did you find the coupon? I'm seeing it on clearance for $84, wondering how you got it down that low.
  14. underbyte

    Sunny Ds paly for sale 10 to 15$

  15. Hey everyone, I'm looking for any advice on this matter. I'm upgrading to a 180 gal peninsula with 36 gal sump (216 gal total). Planned on having a mixed reef with lots of fish and corals. The tank will be near the bedroom so I need all these equipment dead silent for years. The protein skimmer I'm looking at is Reef Octopus 200 INT, I'm wondering if this is over kill or should I get something in the Regal/Classic line or a different brand that's a little less. As for the return pump, I know the turn over rate should be at least 1512 gal for 7x. Something in the 2000+ gal should do the trick. I think it would be good to use the same brand so Reef Octopus VarioS-8 is my top choice right now. The other one I'm considering is EcoTech M1 with the price difference of $20 it really doesn't matter at that point but the VarioS-8 max rate is 2700GPH vs M1 2000GPH. Any thoughts?