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  1. underbyte

    BRS Water Saver 150GPD

    I mistakenly order the wrong part of my RO/DI system. Anyone looking for a water saver 150GPD upgrade from BRS? Haven't unwrapped it yet, hoping to break even on this. $59.99 or make an offer. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/water-saver-upgrade-kit-bulk-reef-supply.html
  2. underbyte

    Medium Powder Blue Tang for sale $50 - SOLD

    Powder blue tang for $50 is a sale! Only if I didn't have one.
  3. underbyte

    Paired Lightning Maroon Clownfish

    Gone off to a good home.
  4. hey man,

    Do you have one left.  I had a rather aggressive fish that took mine out.  Id like to replace.  I can buy and pick up this week if you can.



  5. underbyte

    Paired Lightning Maroon Clownfish

  6. underbyte

    Purple Tang and Monti colonies - Sold

    How's the Copperband butterfly feeding? What food are you providing it?
  7. underbyte

    Four Sunburst Morph BTA

    Bought them from this sale a couple years back; now, I have a few to sell. They're all about 3" - 4". Going to work on capturing them into a holding area this weekend and will post pictures once I get them ready. Asking $100 each.
  8. underbyte

    Paired Lightning Maroon Clownfish

    Had these two for about 2 yrs now, got them from Petco. They're doing well and eating geat. Looking to re-home them and get a different pair. Asking $80 for these two.
  9. underbyte

    WTB Protein Skimmer for 20 gal tank

    @10gReef I was able to find one. Thank you though.
  10. Looking for a protein skimmer for a 20 gal tank. Prefer a hangover skimmer if possible.
  11. underbyte

    Fluval M90 - SOLD

    Tank is still available if anyone is interested.
  12. underbyte

    Fluval M90 - SOLD

    Selling off my old tank, generally in good condition with no water damage to the stand. Fluval M90 tank (36g) + stand fluval circulation pump tunze silence 1073 Everything for $250
  13. underbyte

    [GONE] Bubble-Tip Anemone

  14. underbyte

    Sunburst Morph BTA

    Pm'd for backup
  15. underbyte

    Fish trap

    I got a brown tag that's being aggressive to another tang. So I need to get it out. Let me know if you have one to sell/loan. Also if someone is looking for a brown tang, I'll have one for sale soon.