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    From Subsea (Patrick) All of my system are saturated with silicates. I use ground water and add with no treatment to tanks to make up for evaporation. The TDS of my ground water is 950 ppm. Very close to lime water/kalk. As it turns out, the Upper Trinity Aquifer at 1000’ deep was the bottom of a shallow inland sea which was dominated with diatoms & sponges. So, all of my systems are saturated with silicates. I have an abundance of sponges & coralline algae.
  2. Dogfish

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    I use it and have never had that issue with Red Sea Salt. I do use a mixing barrel with a very strong pump. I have had the issue with RC and IO.
  3. Dogfish

    Need advice on chips found on DT front panel

    Just like a pro.
  4. Dogfish

    Need advice on chips found on DT front panel

    Wow that sucks. I dont know much about glass repair. Sorry
  5. Dogfish

    Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    Decided to start on the tank. 2 years of putting the house and yard together is enough. Plus it's hot outside. First step is to get the room ready. Here are a few pictures of the room and platform the tank will sit on. The platform was engineered to hold 18,000 lbs. I was not sure if the tank would be glass or acrylic. I had to do a little leveling of the platform. The framers that built the house were close, but i dont want to be off a 1/16th with all that water. The fish will have a great view.
  6. Dogfish

    Power brick brackets

    Is anyone printing these? I could use 12 or so. https://3dhunt.co/3d-model/drobo-5n-power-brick-mount-3d-print-model/34203/
  7. Dogfish

    Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    Its a torch. Its pretty big now. Still only has 2 heads. Went from marble size to almost hardball size in 2 months. I got it to see if they would do ok before I got a fancy colored one. I dont have a nem yet. Maybe someday Ill get lucky.
  8. Dogfish

    Power brick brackets

    Thanks. I didnt know if someone did some fancy stuff. Im just going to do some offfset brackets and paint them.
  9. Dogfish

    Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    One of my Nassarius snails deposited a batch of eggs this morning. Anyone have any luck with a hatch or do they get eaten?
  10. Dogfish

    Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    Algae update; It has remained constant. I have not bothered it by vac or blowing it off. Today on the red side I added another MP60 for flow down that side of the tank. Lets see if that makes a difference. If this does not work I will get the conchs.
  11. So today my apex classic has started to reboot itself. Since 4PM CST it has done so many times. I have unplugged the internet cord after reading it might be internet related. Is any one else having the same issue or had that issue in the past? Is there a solution?
  12. Ok got this sussed out. ATT has restored my faster internet over 4G. I assume it was a tower issue or something that affected the signal. I plugged in thew Apex and it has not gone into reboot mode. I did got get a new Apex just in case. (spare) The fish will have to starve for a few weeks and go without fresh water to pay for the bloody thing,.
  13. Dogfish

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    You do have those fancy gate valves with red knobs. Be a shame not to color up the sump area
  14. Dogfish

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    And they were such a good color of red.
  15. Last night I removed the ethernet cable and have not had the problem today. I did test my internet connection both last night and today. It has gone from (16 download and 3 upload) to (2.42 download and .06 upload). I use a modem that pulls the signal from an ATT 4G tower. The latency is long at 1.43ms. The speakeasy test will not even run with latency that long. ATT must have an equipment issue at the tower. At least I hope that's it. To confirm I reconnected it to the internet and it went back to rebooting. The connection is so weak I cant even connect thru Fusion
  16. Do you know what day that was ? I read a similar one posted on another forum about that problem and it was Sunday night.
  17. I have the newer model with a yellow fiberglass handle. Its my go to computer repair tool
  18. Dogfish

    Sad, sad day! :'(

    bummer 15 years is a long time
  19. So what I once believed to be a stripped thin worm has now developed into a lot of mini brittle stars. They are big enough to see that when they move the body thru the rock one arm retracts while another comes out another hole. I have never seen one come out in the open even at night. Question. Do they eat pods? I know my wrasses have been munching but not sure if the stars are getting the rest of them as they move thru the rock work.
  20. Dogfish

    Isaac's 180+

    What sensor do you use/ Optical with apex?
  21. Dogfish

    24G Fluval M60 Rimless Tank and stand

    What kind are the nano skimmer and two circulation pumps?
  22. Im not worried about the toxin as much as I want to be sure i can get rid of them. Scraping them off will be ok as I will do that in a plastic tub under water. If i cant get every last piece off the rock do they spread like aptasia?
  23. Not to be a pain here but wanting to avoid pain. I found 6 brown palys on the rock my duncan is on. I assume since Im in Texas they are Texas trash. I can take the rock out to work on it. I have long arm gloves, goggles and a mask. Should I cut them off close to the base and paste over whats left of them with something like aptasia-x ? Or ??????
  24. Dogfish

    Isaac's 180+

    Yep nothing like a canning funnel.