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  1. That's a real cool sign..Dena. We would definitely install light sensors and also been thinking about making an future addition to our family...eventually we would like to have a female German Shepherd. Zeus in getting up there in yrs. and he's starting to develop cataract......we would like to get him a friend, he still has that puppy in him and loves to play.
  2. I'm holding a stakeout tonight (no guns of course)....got the feeling it's some stupid teenagers...being Friday 13th. I'll just set my video camera out there and let it record for a few hours....got the perfect spot picked out. Good ideas to consider though....thanks...I just needed to rant about it..since I couldn't sleep last night, 'cause I was so mad
  3. For the past 10 yrs. we never had an issue with locking our doors till it was time to go to bed. The past 2 to 3 wks. someone has been kicking our side door (the one directly to our laundry room). Our dog sleeps in that area (he's an old dog) but he does his share of guarding. This person kicks the door so hard and moves fast, that my dog looks confuse but he's alert and knows someone unwelcome is past that door. My kids are now nervous and I'm beyond pissed. At first, I'm thinking it's a teens prank but for 4 times this has happened and I've reached my limit. Two days ago this happene
  4. I'm beyond pissed and I had it...somehow I need to catch "whoever it is" is kicking one of our side door open at night.

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    2. cmanning


      @ORD:I could hold a stakeout..I have the feeling that it will happen tonight, being Friday 13th.

      @Brooks--I guess I'll have to get some sensor, although my next door neighbor is rigged with the all around the property--pretty well lit.

      @Dapettit--Yeah! it's scary...I'm fixing to scare some teenage/rs butt, LOL.

      @Mark:It's that all you got to say!!

    3. Laura


      my house = security lights? check...cameras with night vision? check...loaded pop-pop? check...2 New York Italians with a bad temper...check-ar-oo!!

      I was told by WillCo that yes, if you are in fear or you need to protect your property...proceed...but please check on that before hand...

    4. Chrispar


      and if your gonna shoot aim below the waist, Then you arent trying to murder someone just incapacitate them.

  5. What size are you looking for?.....I might have some pieces laying around....just depends on the size you're looking for.
  6. Got some starter frags for sale. 1 frag (10 polyps) of King Midas zoas $15---SOLD 1 frag of Purple Death Palys (3 polyps) $20 I got several stripped blue/purple mushrooms (about 5-7) $20 + I'll give away some extras I need to get out from the main tank. 2 large head frogspawn (1of the large heads is started to split) $ 20. 2 frags of kryptonite candycanes 3-4 heads per frag $15-$20. Will post pics ASAP. Thanks for looking.
  7. Very nice, Jeremy. That strawberry shortcake does look yummy....it lives up to its name.
  8. LHS Varsity Volleyball is having a CAR WASH going on right now in the Office Depot parking lot (intersection of 183 & 1431)..Donations are appreciate!!

  9. YAY!! My oldest girl made the Varsity Team for LHS Volleyball...so proud; she worked hard!!

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    2. offroadodge


      tell her great job!!! I need to come by and visit since i have a lot of time on my hands.

    3. cmanning


      @Mama--This yr.is going to be crazier than before. @dapettit--Thanks, she said, "Now they're going to come see at least one game". @ORD, thanks..Yeah, when you're ready to drive around..you should stop by. Thanks Y'all.

    4. dapettit


      Just let us know when.

  10. Sorry to hear about your wrasse....Are you sure its dead? It really bites, just when you're not around, something goes wrong......at least everything else made it. And now that you're all patched up ...you'll be home in no time. Take care y'all.
  11. We'll be glad to help you out.....and if it's not a bother would like to visit at the same time (that's depending how you'll be feeling afterwards). -The Mannings-
  12. Laura, Thanks for keeping us posted.....sad that something like this happened. The Holderness family is in our thoughts...wishing a speedy recovery. Please let them know, if they (Whitney) can think of anything that we might be of assistance to let us know.....we're just down the road. -Robert & Cindy Manning-
  13. You might want to ask Dapettit....I think he has the branching hammer...and if I'm not mistaken, he has a large colony. It wouldn't hurt to ask them.
  14. Also, keep in mind, besides the future corals you want to keep......consider the fish you'll be adding. If you go with an open top (without canopy) be aware of some fish that are prone to jump.
  15. Very Sweet Deal on the Tyree WM chalice.....I got mine already and I can't wait for it to grow.....it really has beautiful coloration and it will stand out from other surrounding corals. Nice find.....
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