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  1. Chad and Belinda

    Assorted Equipment for sale

    BRS Dual reactor with Maxi-Jet 1200 pump $45 Kessil Goose Neck new $20 Kent Marine Float Valve $15 Float Valve $10 17 gallon Top off reservoir $25 Aquarium Currents 1" Sea Swirl Water Oscillator $75 Red Sea AquaZone 50 Ozonizer with air pump, air dryer and rechargeable air drying beads. $50 SpectraPure Liter Meter III with remote pump module $100 Reef Fanatic Micro-PH controller $60 New BRS 2 part doser 1.1 mL/ minute $40 Aquaguard QL-40 Ultraviolet Sterilizer $65 Pinpoint Salinity Monitor and probe $50 Pinpoint PH Monitor with power cord (no probe) $25 Permeate Pump ERP 1000 $20 NDS 1.5” tru union swing check valve $15 Cyclone Pro Trimline Series Drop in Chiller 1/3 HP $100 Neptune Socket Expansion $15 Danner model 3 pump 350 gallons/ hr $25 PENDING Danner Mag pump 950 gph $40 Utility pump 750 gph $35 (2) Danner Mag pump 1200 gph $50 each Koralia 600 gph $10 (2) Koralia 4 1200 gph $15 each Koralia 7 2700 gph $25 If you are interested, call or text me at 512 934 4974.
  2. Chad and Belinda

    REDUCED SWC 250 Protein Skimmer For Sale

    Reduced by $50. Now asking $75.
  3. Chad and Belinda

    Need to borrow a small fish trap

    If you still need a trap send me a PM. I believe I still have mine and will go get it out of the garage. We live in Georgetown (Churchill Farms off Inner Loop and University). Chad
  4. Chad and Belinda

    REDUCED SWC 250 Protein Skimmer For Sale

  5. Chad and Belinda

    [WTB] "Designer" Chalices... Oldies too!

    Hey Brooks. We got My Miami and Widowmaker. Give us a shout if your interested.
  6. Chad and Belinda

    DSA 105 Gallon; Our Small Slice of Ocean

    I have a 105 rimless that I got from RCA over two years ago. By far my favorite tank. Nice clean look and great footprint. I did add something (can't remember what since I'm not by the tank right now) to raise the tank height from where it sits on the stand and then added footing on the stand to raise the tank and stand.
  7. Chad and Belinda

    A couple of coral shots

    Looking good!
  8. Chad and Belinda

    Reef Equipment for Sale

    PM sent
  9. Chad and Belinda

    Tank and Stand Move - 7/13

    Can you text me on Wednesday and remind me? Otherwise I am guaranteed to forget. I should be able to come help. Chad
  10. Chad and Belinda

    Frozen shaft on pool motor

    Judging from what I can see it appears that area is good. However, I can't see all of it. I have sprayed so much of that oil I would be suprise if there is anything reachable that is still dry.
  11. Chad and Belinda

    Frozen shaft on pool motor

    The impeller shaft on my pool pump is frozen. This is a pump that has been stored for a number of years. Looks like some rust and calcium buildup on the end where you can insert a flat head screwdriver to turn it. The end where I pulled the impeller off of looks almost new. I have doused it with PB's penetrating oil (almost half a can throughout the day) and I cannot break it loose. I have heard that heating up metal with a torch (to a minor degree) works. Has anyone got any ideas...or is a welder if that actually works? Really do not want to buy a new pump as they cost several hundred dollars. I would rather buy more corals with that money. Thanks...Chad
  12. Chad and Belinda

    Cheap instant ocean at petsmart

    Thanks Thanks for the info! I use use Reef Crystals for my display and Instant Ocean for the sea horses. Managed to snag some and get an additional 15% off that I didn't know you could get.