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  1. I caught a glimpse of this guy earlier this week and finally got some pics. He never leaves this spot or fully emerges from the rock. Seems really occupied roaming the sandbed, sadly he's wedged in the back corner of y tank that is wedged against a wall and nearly impossible to get a good pic of. Any idea what is this and more importantly is it harmless? Thanks
  2. tennisjad3

    Bristleworm takeover?

    They won't go after fish? I put a self made trap in earlier today and haven't caught one yet, so maybe I overestimated my bristleworm issue. As for a clean up crew in the 29 gallon I have 2 pretty big blue legged hermits and 2 big turbo's snails on the glass. I only feed the fish twice a week and don't use any supps for the corals (it's an all softy tank). I've seen a few small worms deep in the rocks, but thought they were predators. If they aren't harmful to fish then I wouldn't say I'm worried about them as my coral growth is explosive. Maybe I've just been unlucky with my fish
  3. tennisjad3

    Bristleworm takeover?

    Hi All, I suspect my tank to be infested with bristle worms and would love any advice on how to remove them... I have a 29 gallon reef and the only fish I've been able to keep alive are a cardinal fish and clownfish, who essentially spend all their time floating/outside rocks. Lately I've been spotting and removing so bristle worms, so I suspect there are far more than meet the eye buried within my rocks. Are there any tricks/tips to clearing them out? I'm assuming they've been killing and eating my other poor fish in their sleep
  4. tennisjad3

    Palys Overextended?

    Hi All, I have a 29 gallon that's mainly soft corals. Today I noticed some of my palys are almost overeextended? They're open, but instead of the frilled edges going out around the mouth they're folded down facing the sand. Also the palys almost look to be stretching up? Is this just a sign I need to move them higher up in the tank/that they need more light? I can post a pic if that helps - outside that all the other corals - mushrooms, GSP, xenia, yellow polyps, leathers - all look normal and happy. Thanks.
  5. Looking to add some flow/meat to my tank. let me know!
  6. tennisjad3

    superman and chalice 3-$10

    I'll take the candy canes, you take venmo?
  7. tennisjad3

    Small tank/aquarium/bowl

    I have a little 29 gallon reef tank and my gf finally picked it up the fish hobby and got herself a betta fish. Sadly, it's currently living in a tupperware, so if anyone has a small tank/bowl/etc please let me know, I'd love to grab it!
  8. tennisjad3

    Green Hair Algae Control

    I hate it so much lol
  9. tennisjad3

    Green Hair Algae Control

    So I've been fighting GHA for a couple of months. I do a water change every 2-3 weeks and use only RO/DI water to top off. I also don't believe I overfeed as I have 3 small fish and a shrimp, I give them a little food every 2-3 days. What can I do to stop this menace? I take out the rocks and scrub them with a brush and pull it out manually. Any products/things I can dose? I got my water tested and they said it was 100% fine, is there a lesser known metric that isn't tested for in the general test? Also, its a 29 Gal. I have a hang on the back protein skimmer/filter combo and a water pump. I hit it with blue LEDs from like 9am-10pm and white light comes on for maybe 4-5 hours a day
  10. tennisjad3

    Random softies/LPS and a nem

    Trying to fill out my tank a bit more now that I moved. I'm not looking for any designer or super fancy pieces, just some cheap unwanted pieces ya'll may have racker up! It's a 29 Gallon. Some xenia, shrooms, polyps would be cool. Also would love to grab a nem for my clown!
  11. tennisjad3

    Free JBJ nanocube - GONE

    I'll take it if they can't or any unwated corals/livestock from it!
  12. tennisjad3

    Gold Nugget Clownfish

    If I have a reg clown will they kill each other?
  13. tennisjad3

    Momma Clownfish problems

    Hmm, even if she can still see her territory? I can flip the tupperware over so it's clear side down. The new one swims up to sides and the old one doesn't try to attack her through the clear plastic. It's noticeable, the new one is a really small baby (I assume) and about 60-70% of the old one's size. Not gaping, but maybe like 1 inch compared to 1.5 inches?
  14. tennisjad3

    Momma Clownfish problems

    Update for anyone who can help: had to isolate the old clown in a tupperware and she's floating around the tank in that now. I'm hoping this will reduce her aggression by resetting her territory, but my one concern is she can see the space still. Do I need to move her out of a clear container or would her being isolated still work?
  15. tennisjad3

    Momma Clownfish problems

    It seems to have shifted to her just poking on over and reminding him that she's the head honcho/watching him rather than the chasing/biting now. I'll just ride this out if it continues to be non-violent I guess. Fish are weird.