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  1. That's really good to know Mike! Had we not been able to buy one from Brian, we would probably have needed to borrow it until we could get one shipped to us.
  2. So last Saturday morning, my Apex EB8 decided it no longer wanted to live at about 7:30AM. It completely stopped functioning and shut down all of the sockets turning off half my tank's systems (main pump, secondary pumps, calcium reactor, lights). Luckily, my skimmer was still running and it overflowed spilling some water which triggered the leak detector waking me up. I checked on the tank and quickly determined what was going on after some troubleshooting. I was able to run some auxiliary power cords to keep the tank limping along, and then reached out to the local reefkeeping community. Within 15 minutes, we had located a spare EB8 thanks to Brian! It goes to show that it's really important to be involved in the community and support ARC. Without the local community, we may have had a hard time locating an EB8 on such short notice and would have had a hard time keeping the tank in good shape for very long. The calcium reactor would have been the tricky part. Well, here's a video of the story as it happened...
  3. Man, you've gotten the video making thing down. Great job bud! Sad I missed out on this event. I'll make sure to put on some HD makeup at the next swap to look good for the camera. Thanks! I've got vlogging down, I still suck generally at videos.
  4. Here's my video from the Swap! Thanks again for the fun day!
  5. Meg and I will be hocking our frags. See y'all there.
  6. Yes I'll be available most of next week.
  7. Kessils, about 450 par. Just lowered the price to $250.
  8. Well, I forgot to post this sooner, but better late than never. Meg and I went to Malaysia in May and spent a lot of time there under water blowing bubbles! If you're really bored, there's 13 total videos. If you don't have much time, watch the Sipadan videos as those had the most impressive diving. Also, if you want to watch them all, you can always watch the playlist below, otherwise the videos are just below that link.
  9. While working in the tank tonight, we accidentally broke off a very substantial arm off our Walt Disney Tenuis. It's certainly over 1 inch and has multiple arms. $250.
  10. Dan H

    SPS and zoas

    Down to 1 last scrambled egg and the super marios are gone.
  11. Dan H

    SPS and zoas

    Yes, those are available.
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