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  1. Down to 1 last scrambled egg and the super marios are gone.
  2. Yes we still have a few.
  3. Yes, those are available.
  4. I sent you a PM here on ARC. Look for the little mail icon at the top.
  5. Larissa, the producer of Chasing Coral reached out to us... Chasing Coral which premiered at Sundance and won the Audience award will be screening today (March 16th) at SXSW at 4:15pm (arrive before 3:35pm to guarantee ticket) at the Zach Theater, and Austin Reef Club has reserved a few free tickets to share with the first 10 follows of ours that respond. Message us if you want to go and we will send you instructions to pick up tickets. If you're interested in this, you need to respond very quickly so we can get your tickets arranged.
  6. I sent you a PM. I don't want to post my address publicly.
  7. I'm home now for the rest of today if you want to swing by. I think I messaged everyone.
  8. Not typically.
  9. At my house. NW Austin off 360 just North of 2222.
  10. I have both still available. I'm working from home most of this week so just let me know a time you'd like to swing by. PM is best.
  11. You're welcome sir! Hope it grows well for you.
  12. We've got another batch of frags ready to go! As always, I won't hold so don't ask. First come first serve. I'm available occasionally during the weekdays but also weekends. Reef Raft Nauti Spiral $10-40 Jedi mind trick $10 screaming green birdsnest $15 Pocillopora $15 and $30 People people eater $25 EC ultimate strawberry shortcake $40 and $50 original strawberry shortcake $30 scrambled eggs $40 Bottle brush acro $40 zoas $20 JF bugout stylo $20 and $30 Watermelon $30 Gatorade $20 captain America $20 and $30 Tyree undata $20 scrambled egg $40 Mind blowing paly $20 Montipora $10
  13. It is a Hawkins but we're not willing to sell that. There's 2 of them, but we're waiting to put 1 back in the main tank. Assuming it does well, then we'll sell the remaining one.
  14. The meeting will probably last up to 2 hours. Just bring yourself! You may want to bring money too if you want to take advantage of RCA's discount during the meeting.
  15. Fresh pictures and uh oh, we may have made new frags of the RR Nauti Spiral. [emoji2]