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  1. Hi, I'm taking down one nano reef tank so I got a few things to sell off... Corals x1 Green Hammer Coral (~3-4" dia) - $40 x1 Superman Mushroom (2 heads) - $25 x2 Superman Mushroom (1 head) - $15 or both $25 x1 Green Star Polp Frag (small frag ~1") - SOLD x1 Torch Coral - $40 ~25+ lbs of Fiji Live Rocks covered with Coralline Algae (~1+ year old rock started from dried) - SOLD Also have a few small/medium size dried fiji rocks - SOLD Once the live rocks are sold x2 Peppermint Shrimp - SOLD Macro Alage x2 Caulerpa Prolifera Macro Algae - $8/bunch (containing x5 stems) I'm in North Austin. PM me if you have questions
  2. Hmm.. must've not gotten the email, did you send to - [email protected]? We reply back very quickly. Thanks! Hi, Yup I did. I'll make a new list from this listing and email you again
  3. How long does it usually take for response? I PM'd here and email a list for last weekend's order and haven't heard back.
  4. What is the first species of zoas on the first pic (purple/red that is $45) ?
  5. j03yYunG

    Zoas and palys

    Very nice tank! I need to PM you when I'm ready to buy some. :0
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