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  1. j03yYunG


  2. Hi, I'm taking down one nano reef tank so I got a few things to sell off... Corals x1 Green Hammer Coral (~3-4" dia) - $40 x1 Superman Mushroom (2 heads) - $25 x2 Superman Mushroom (1 head) - $15 or both $25 x1 Green Star Polp Frag (small frag ~1") - SOLD x1 Torch Coral - $40 ~25+ lbs of Fiji Live Rocks covered with Coralline Algae (~1+ year old rock started from dried) - SOLD Also have a few small/medium size dried fiji rocks - SOLD Once the live rocks are sold x2 Peppermint Shrimp - SOLD Macro Alage x2 Caulerpa Prolifera Macro Algae - $8/bunch (containing x5 stems) I'm in North Austin. PM me if you have questions
  3. j03yYunG

    FS blue mushroom rock

    I'll take it. PM'd
  4. Hmm.. must've not gotten the email, did you send to - [email protected]? We reply back very quickly. Thanks! Hi, Yup I did. I'll make a new list from this listing and email you again
  5. How long does it usually take for response? I PM'd here and email a list for last weekend's order and haven't heard back.
  6. j03yYunG

    many corals for sale

    What is the first species of zoas on the first pic (purple/red that is $45) ?
  7. j03yYunG

    Tank breakdown freebies

  8. j03yYunG

    Zoas and palys

    Very nice tank! I need to PM you when I'm ready to buy some. :0