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  1. caseyworm

    Sherman Anemone - SOLD

    I'll take it if this is still available.
  2. I'll take what fruit loops you have left. Message me.
  3. caseyworm

    (GONE) Misbar Clown, Yellow Coris Wrasse, and Banggai

    Thanks for the interest. FISH ARE ALL SPOKEN FOR.
  4. It breaks my heart to have to get ride of these fish. I've had them since the tank was set-up. All are healthy and voracious eaters. We have foundation issues and the entire tank has to be broken down and stored until everything inside has been completed. I would like them to go to a good home. Photos attached, local pick-up only, please message me.
  5. You have frags of these acros for sale?
  6. caseyworm

    Orange ricordea

    Robb do you have any photos? I'm interested.
  7. caseyworm

    Anemone hitchhiker

    Thanks for the info everyone, the nuking will commence!! 😋
  8. caseyworm

    Anemone hitchhiker

    So I got some new zoas in quaratine and I noticed something that came out at night. During the day the anemone hides so nocturnal anemone is where I started but I haven't been able to identify this little guy whether it is harmful or not. Thoughts?
  9. caseyworm

    Sps frags or small colonies

    Hey FarmerTy, I'll pm you, thanks!
  10. caseyworm

    Sps frags or small colonies

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to get my hands on some Strawberry Shortcake and Cali or Oregon tort. Looking for more than just little frags if possible but will take what I can get 😊
  11. caseyworm

    Second time around

    Welcome back, I'm a returning reef addict myself. Nice tank.
  12. caseyworm

    Looking for Zoa Frags

    I now have everything I was looking for except those elsuive Fruit Loops Zoas. If anyone has any, shoot me a PM and we can arrange something. Thanks everyone!
  13. caseyworm

    Oct 19, 2014 ARC Frag Swap - Updated

    I'm new here, so I will surely be there to meet everyone.
  14. caseyworm

    Looking for Zoa Frags

    Big thanks to Richard for my frags! I can now scratch a few off my list =)