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  1. If you have never used Sketchup before, and your only goal is to figure out the plumbing, I'd just recommend hand drawing it out. I had used Sketchup for several years making woodworking plans and still I had a particularly hard time with getting the plumbing to look right. However if you want to learn the program so you can use it for other stuff too I think its a great tool, I just wouldn't spend hours on it just for a plumbing layout. When making your manifold, I would put in an extra outlet or two more than you think you will use, that way in the future if you want to add anything you wont have to redo it. I just set up a calcium reactor and for plumbing I know of three options to feed it. You can use the manifold, a dedicated water pump, or a peristaltic pump. Calcium reactors don't need a lot of flow, but in my experience fairly good pressure is needed to get a consistent flow through them. I am currently using a dedicated water pump (an MJ1200). You can put some reactors in the sump, it just depends on the recirculating pump that is on it. The co2 tank will obviously need to be outside of the sump. Its worth noting that if you go with planet aquariums, they have a stand builder they work with. They only make wood stands, but if you buy the stand with the tank, you get a 10 year warranty on the tank.
  2. #1, you will just tell Planet what size holes and where to drill them when ordering the tank. You may be able to send them the actual overflow, just talk to your dealer. #3, if you are good with sketchup, it is a great way to plan it out your plumbing. I drew up my entire plumbing before I ever bought a piece of PVC. There is flexible pvc (I used flexpvc.com) but as a word of caution I wouldn't call it very flexible. In my opinion its best for short runs that you need a slight bend or something. As for setup, you should decide if you want a manifold or anything beforehand, but the plumbing is fairly simple. You will have your drains, which if you go with a ghost overflow I believe its a bean animal, so 3 drain lines - siphon, durso and emergency. The synergy sump will have bulkheads to where you connect all 3 of these lines to. For the return its up to you on how to hook them into the return bulkheads, you can plan it out with sketchup, hand drawings or just play with some pvc once you get the tank in. 90 degree angles aren't an issue, they will reduce water flow though. You will just need to make sure your return pump is strong enough to overcome the 90 angles. There are calculators on reefcentral if you want to get really detailed into it. #4 It would be the few hundred dollars for the piece of mind. The tank will be 2000+ pounds in a small square footage. #5 I would go with the newest model. It has built in wifi and will be the most future proof. In my opinion the main drawback is it does not have a display, but you can buy one separately. It also has the 1link built in I believe, which is nice if you go with Neptune for any other accessories.
  3. I've been having a much harder time increasing my phosphates than I thought I would. I've been trying to raise them to .05ppm to help battle the chrysophytes. At first I tried to raise it naturally by feeding more. I went from a 1 cube and 1/2 a sheet of nori a day to 3 cubes, full sheet of nori, and added reefroids coral food. I still couldn't get any readings on the Hanna Checker after a week of increased feeding. I didn't want to increase the feeding further so I went ahead a bought some Seachem Phosphorus to start dosing. After 3 days of dosing between 5 and 15ml each day, along with continuing to feed the increased amount I finally got a reading on the checker! I'm going to keep dosing the phosphorus and keep the increased feeding until I get to .05ppm then watch the levels closely to see how they change. I hope I can wean off of dosing the phosphorus and just keep the increased feeding amounts. I had always been very careful on how much I feed, but I guess at my current tank size vs stocking ratio its almost impossible to overfeed. I have seen some cyano pop up, and haven't seen a decrease of chrysophytes yet, but I'm hoping I'm on the right track.
  4. Probably true, but he was the first saltwater fished I ever purchased, so he will get one more final shot!
  5. Looking great! I'm interested to see how that little Kessil puck light does.
  6. Look who decided to come out and join the party for the first time this morning! (Sorry for the bad pic) All three Assessors were out and about swimming with the other fish and eating. They are still pretty small compared to the other fish, but they were swimming around with the tangs (my largest fish) just fine. Still no sighting on the other firefish. I'm not holding my breath on him. I wonder how the current one would react if I added another? Strongly leaning that way. The science on the filtration capabilities seems pretty solid, and worse case, even if it doesn't filter much everything in it will look super cool. Still need to do a bit more research on how to properly set it up to make sure I can properly implement it. Me too. I'm wondering it would help if I make a little acclimation box for the pistol shrimp so the goby can get used to it before I release it. If he kills a 3rd one, he'll most likely get traded in so I can get another pair.
  7. Long update on the tank... FISH The golden assessors, chromis and fire fish are the display tank as of last week. The chromis are all doing fine. One of thefire fish is active and acting like normal. The other one is MIA. I haven't seen it since I put it in the tank almost a week ago. The two smaller golden assessors are also MIA. I briefly saw the large assessor for a split second. I think the assessors are just shy and hiding, the firefish I have my doubts on. Not sure what happened to him. During the move my tiger pistol shrimp did not make it. He was paired with a Pink Spotted Watchman Goby. I've since tried twice to introduce new tiger pistol shrimps to the goby, but he has killed both. I'm not sure why he has decided he no longer wants a shrimp partner. I still may try one more time, because I love watching the pairing. I also purchased 5 Carberryi Anthias from Reburn that are in QT. Will be doing a copper treatment for a preventative ich treatment then they will be put in the tank. REFUGIUM I FINALLY got my sand in for the deep sand bed refugium, got a really good deal on them but they took a long time to get here. The UPS man did not like me, 7 40lb bags of oolite sand. For the refugium, I was planning on doing a deep sand bed with straight from ocean uncured live rock, but I have been researching and thinking about using half of the 75g refugium as a cryptic zone instead. The other half would still be for growing macro algae. Steve Tyree's speech at last year's C4 got me thinking about it, and I recently saw a cryptic zone set up on another member's tank. From what I have read, a deep sand bed does not need to be lit to function property, so the portion of the bed that is in the cryptic zone wont be affected negatively from not getting any light. I'm about half way done with Tyree's book on the topic and will decide what to do once I finish it. CHRYSOPHYTES I am still battling chrysophytes in my tank. After posting and asking a few questions on Reef2Reef it was recommended I need to raise my Nitrates and Phospates (both were always reading zero). So I have been dosing stump remover and have consistently raised my nitrates to 5ppm. I drastically increased my feedings, but the phosphates kept reading zero, so I have purchased some Seachem Phosphorus that I will be dosing starting today. Goal is to have 0.05 ppm phosphate. I don't fully understand how this will help get rid of chrysophytes, but there were 3 people saying that it helped them get rid of it on their tanks. It was recommended to do manual removal of the chryso every day as well, but the work has been wearing down on me after doing it for a week straight with no results as of yet. There have been reports of some different methods also working for battling chrysophytes. They include: 3 day blackout, dosing vibrant and skimming VERY wet during those 3 days. I have already tried vibrant and blackouts, but never together. Running an oversized UV filter. This method is the most expensive, so I don't want to go this route unless all others have been exhausted. Dosing fluconazole. People mainly use this for bryopsis, but there have been people who tried this for chrysophytes. There was never any updates on whether or not it worked for them or not but there doesn't seem to be any harm in dosing it. RODI & SALTWATER HOLDING TANKS When I drilled the water tanks for bulkheads I drilled the holes too low to properly install the bulkheads, so I had to go with uniseals. One of my holes seems to even be too low for the uniseals because it developed a very slow leak in it. I tried a new uniseal and had the same leak, so I have caulked the seal with silicone to see if it will stop the leak. It has been curing for 24 hours so I will be filling the tank with RODI tonight to see if the leak has been fixed. Fingers crossed, or I'll have to buy a new tank.
  8. OK. Still interested in the group of 5. I'll send you PM.
  9. I'm interested in a group of 5 of them. Is the medication for preventive purposes or did you see anything on them?
  10. All the fish in QT are doing well... *knock on wood*. The 3 basslets will be going into the tank on the 23rd if they still look ok. The 2 firefish and 3 chromis will be going in on the 25th which is when the ick treatment will be complete. These will be the first fish additions in about 10 months, so I am pretty excited. I also did some work on the fish room. I mounted the RODI system and installed a booster pump to raise my psi from 45 to about 90. Painted the water tank stand with some waterproof paint: Made a stand for and moved the 75g to the fish room. This will be the deep sand bed & macro algae refugium. Still need to clean it and install the plumbing (which will be a challenge).
  11. What is your plan for treating the brook in the current stock? Formalin?
  12. While cooling would be a big issue in the Texas summer, there is a thread on reef central where a guy has a large frag tank in his back yard in California. He says rain and birds are not an issue, but you would have to be careful not to get fertilizer or anything in there.
  13. Received a trio of golden assessors today from Diver's Den. They are smaller than I was expecting (I got these sight unseen after a shipping mishap on my initial order from DD last week) but I think they should do OK. I was going to order a 4.5" blue throat trigger, which would go in the same 40g QT tank, but I may hold off since these guys may fit in the trigger's mouth. I could maybe split the QT with lighting diffuser material, but that wouldn't necessarily stop the assessors from wondering over to the wrong side.
  14. An example of the difference the gel filter makes. Top pic in the last post had no filter. Here is the same angle with the filter on.
  15. My view in the evenings: I got some gel filters for my iphone camera, they seem to work well at taking not-so-blue photos.