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  1. Lemon Peel Angel @ 13

    Looking good, lemon peels are awesome!
  2. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    He didn't make the night. For the female, she is looking healthy and eating normally. Tonight will complete the 4 doses of furan 2, and be 96 hours with the Kana and Metro. Tonight I think I will do a large water change (90-95%) and run carbon on it to remove the antibiotics and just do a Prazi treatment with no antibiotics. So far all the other fish in the main tank are looking fine and acting normally.
  3. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Added Prazi this morning and hooked up a few more air pumps. No change in condition yet. I did try feeding him just using a syringe into his mouth but that didn't work. I have something that I think will work as a feed tube so I'm going to go ahead and try to force feed him as a last ditch effort. Edit. Did the forced feeding. Used 3 drops of clove oil for 3/4 gallon to sedate him. I couldn't tell if the syringe went all the way to his stomach or not but it was pretty deep in there. I dosed about a ml of a NLS pellet sludge I made up. Think I've done all I can for now, time will tell if any of this will work!
  4. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    No change in his condition overnight. I think at lunch I am going to go ahead and dose PraziPro as well. From Sunday afternoon to now there hasn't been any benefits from anitbotics, so I'm guessing now it must be a parasite. From what I can tell using Prazi with antibotics is not encouraged due to the possible lack of oxygen. I have a big air pump running now at about 50% that I can crank up and several more small pumps and air stones I can add. With all that going I think it should be okay. I don't want to kill the female trying to save the male though. Don't think I will try the forced feeding. I don't have a tube or barb that is narrow/rigid like is suggested on the videos. I do have a pippette that I cut the narrow tip off of, but I am concerned that it is sharp and would cut up his insides. I did see some videos online that had just a short syringe tip that was just placed in the fish's mouth and not all the way in the stomach. I may try that.
  5. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    With the dog it was kind of a freak accident. My dog, Olive, had been playing with coozies for years kind of as a dog toy. Turns out it's really bad if they eat them! The coozie couldn't pass the stomach, but threads were hanging off of it and moved to the intestines and tore them all up. So after that $5K lesson, no more letting Olive play with coozies.
  6. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    I haven't heard of the forced feeding before. Honestly I just got done having emergency surgery on my dog after she ate a coozie a few weeks ago, so after that bill my Vet budget is nil.
  7. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Hes looking the same tonight (not good). I went ahead and did a 25% water change and did the fresh doses of Furan 2, Metro and Kana. Whether or not he survives, I'll continue to do a full treatment of antibiotics then a treatment of prazi on the female incase she has the same thing.
  8. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Yeah I tried nori that was soaked with some chopped up garlic yesterday morning but it didn't work.
  9. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    No I didn't post on the national forums, but I did some googling the other day and there are a few other cases where triggers stop eating. The responses came to the same conclusions as we came to here, either bacterial infection, parasitic infection, collected with cyanide or being harassed. We can eliminate the last two causes, these guys have been in captivity for years, and they weren't being harassed in the tank. That leaves only the bacterial infections or parasitic infections. I think I went about the treatment in the right way. Treating a possible bacterial infection first, since there are some minor signs of a possible infection, while there are no obvious signs of parasites. We'll see if he is still kicking when I get back home tonight, I haven't given up yet even though prognosis is not good.
  10. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Things are not looking good No interest in foods what-so-ever, and is having trouble staying upright. Sorry for the bad video, but you'll get the idea.
  11. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Did the 2nd dose of Furan 2 tonight. No change in the Trigger's eating habits. Seems uninterested in food in general today. I'm going to pick up some more feeder shrimps and try to hand feed him tomorrow. Video is me feeding a bit of LFR food. This was after trying krill and few pellets. .
  12. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    I have dosed the metroplex, kanaplex and Furan2. I bought some ghost shrimp today while at river city. While the female was merking the shrimp left and right, the male was only lazily going after them. I ended up grabbing a couple with some tweezers and hand feeding the male. I took a video of the 2nd shrimp I hand fed him. Not sure if he really ate any or not.
  13. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Cool, thanks for the help with this. I ran to river city and picked up some KanaPlex. Kana seems to be used more with Mextroplex than Sulfa & Metro together, so I will go with whats known to be okay together.
  14. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Just making sure I understand correctly, you used the mix of antibiotics at the same time? So I could use the Furan 2, Metroplex and Sulfaplex all at once.
  15. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    I got both the male and female out of the tank and into a quarantine tank. On up-close inspection of the male, he has a super slight haze in his eyes. It looks like it could be from rubbing against the glass, or perhaps a early stage of eye clouding. I am going to start with a antibiotic treatment in a few hours. I will then follow up with a PraziPro treatment afterwards. Any advice on what to use? I bought Furan-2, SulfaPlex and Metroplex yesterday. I am leaning towards Furan-2 mainly because it says it treats fin & tail rot and eye cloud on the box. I noticed on the metroplex it says to mix with food, which would be a challenge considering he is not eating.