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  1. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Loving the masterflex so far... can you tell when it went online?
  2. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    I started dosing nitrates again last night. Going to hold off on dosing phosphates for now. Also got the masterflex hooked up and running tonight!
  3. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Since I just got done fighting chrysophytes dirty I guess I'll fight the dinos dirty too . Any drawback in using both hydrogen peroxide and increasing the nutrients?
  4. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    That is pretty much what I did to fight the chrysophytes. I just stopped dosing nitrates and phosphates about a month ago, but sounds like it would be a good idea to start again. (Maybe I shouldn't have stopped.)
  5. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Am I ever going to catch a break with this tank? I was out of town this weekend and on my return I noticed I have dinoflagellates popping up in a few places. I'm 90% sure its dinos this time and not chrysophytes. This stuff is much more snot like and matches the pictures of dinos perfectly. Going to try and manually remove as much as I can. I remember reading that hydrogen peroxide may help in removing it as well. Any tips?
  6. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    The tip die off was on about half of the acros. I saw the flesh dying off on some of the crorals and the die off happened all at once which is why I figured it was something wrong with the water. But yes it was weird that the PE was still there even as they were melting.
  7. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    I have an aquarium engineering CaRX. I've talked to the owner bill and he gave a few things I could try to help solve the issue. I just happened to find a killer deal on the masterflex so went that route. I have actually heard it is better to push the water through the reactor if it has co2 recirculation to prevent an air pocket from forming. I don't really understand why it would make any difference?
  8. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Thanks! I used the YouTube smoothing edit. Not sure if the iPhone does any smoothing automatically or not. Yes, the master flex is a digital brushless model, it's pretty quiet! The pump is going under the stand so sound was definitely a concern.
  9. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    The tank is looking halfway decent, here is a quick video of it from a few days ago. Also, I got fed up with constantly having to adjust my calcium reactor so I got one of these. Hope to have it set up next week!
  10. Juiceman's AGE 200 Gallon Reef

    FYI, I just went though a nitrate (and phosphate) dosing schedule on my tank. At the beginning I had to triple the dosage vs what the calculators online said to get any nitrate reading. I would take the calculators with a large grain of salt and just increase dosage until you get a reading then adjust from there. I didn't experience any change in alkalinity or calcium however.
  11. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    I don't think so, the nutrients have been raised for about a month and a half. The acro growth rate had actually increased quite a bit with the higher nutrients and the tips just started dying a few days ago. The tips didn't get any worse yesterday, so hopefully the worst of it is over.
  12. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    The good thing is that it has worked. 95% of the chrysophytes are gone and I think they will be gone completely in another week or two (fingers crossed).
  13. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Right now I'm really only using a skimmer. I just put some granulated carbon online last night. I removed all my other nutrient removal due to the chrysophyte issue I was having. Apparently chrysophytes thrive in a low nutrient environment, so I have been dosing stump remover and Seachem phosphorus to keep the Nitrates at 5ppm and phosphate between .05 and.02 ppm. My feedings (6 cubes, & approx a teaspoon of pellets) were not enough to keep the nutrients up. I do have Biopellets, GFO, and a 75g deep sand bed /refugium I can set up if or when they are needed. I also have cheato growing, but I only run every few days for right now.
  14. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    These first two pics are some of the corals where the tips are dying. Kinda hard to see in these pics though. These are just some more pics because I hadn't posted any in awhile!
  15. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Source water should be good, I just changed out RO membranes, upgraded to a dual stage DI and added a booster pump. I guess the actual source water from the city could have an issue, but I can't do anything about that so hopefully that's not the case. I have a Triton test kit I'm going to send in to see if it shows anything.