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  1. I managed to get the effluent rate coming through at a pretty consistent rate at different drip rates. The secret is to adjust the needle valve very slowly. I did notice my regulator's solenoid is switching on an off fairly often. Is this normal? My CO2 bubble rate right now is 10 bubbles per minute. Apex is set to turn on CO2 at 6.7 ph and off at 6.6 ph. The current settings aren't quite keeping up with my tank's alkalinity needs so I will need to adjust some things. With how fast the ph drops in the reactor at 10 bubbles per minute should I just increase the effluent flow?
  2. What kind of pump do you use for your reactors?
  3. The needle valve is built into the reactor at the feed line. The knob marked with the red arrow shows where I adjust the flow.
  4. Got the calcium reactor up and running. Only issue so far is I'm having a hard time getting a constant effluent flow. The reactor is fed from my return pump manifold. I'm shooting for 30 drips a minute, but once I crank the needle valve on the reactor lower than about 120 drops a minute it tends to stop flow completely. Maybe not enough pressure from the manifold?
  5. I was going to make a trip down south to look at the fish stores, but I've seen reports that Just Reef may have shut down or relocated. Anyone know what the deal is before I drive down there?
  6. Awesome build! What brand of sump is that? It looks great.
  7. I managed to buy a box of it from fightinghippo yesterday. Thanks though!
  8. Found the specs online. It doesn't say it is food grade, but It's made from Polyethylene which I believe is reef safe in the high density form. Maybe someone else can chime in with info. Obviously I thought they are reef safe which is why I bought them. We have been using similar tanks for years for drinking water for cattle and quail we raise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Can you post a link? The guy at tractor supply told me they could be used for long term drinking water and were food grade. I didn't check the specs online.
  10. Bought them at Tractor Supply in Liberty Hill.
  11. I hadn't either until I saw a few build threads of people using them on the nano-reefs forum. The rock looked great in all the builds. Their website and facebook pages look legit so I figured I'll give them a try. Not having to pick up the rock at the airport is nice too. I'll be sure to update when I get the rock, I'm probably a week or two out from ordering it.
  12. I knew that if I invested more time in looking into I could find a better regulator but I just got a little overwhelmed and tired of researching and went with the doser. Good to know of some other brands if I am looking for another one down the road. The build quality is definitely outstanding. I don't think I could break it if I tried. Hope to get it running this weekend.
  13. Tank is up and running at full speed. Now that that's done, time for the fun to begin! I have an extra 75 gallon tank sitting around that I am going to implement as a refugium in the fish room. I plan to put in some straight from ocean uncured live rock, growing macro algae, and possibly setting up a deep sand bed. Some thoughts on it... The refugium tank currently has a glass-holes overflow, but I don't like that there is only a single drain (no emergency drain). Even though it has worked for years, I have been thinking on doing a DIY overflow box and using a herbie overflow. Not sure if I am going to do this or just leave as is and use a leak detector as a backup. Probably be lazy and do the latter. I've been going back and fourth on running a deep sand bed in the refugium. Besides cost of the sand and being careful that I don't disturb the sand bed I don't see any negatives on running one. Plus if it goes wrong I can shutoff flow to the refugium and remove the sand. 90% sure I am going to go this route unless anyone can give me a good reason not to. I also want to grow macro algae in the refugium. I have an BuildMyLed light that was made for freshwater planted tanks. It can grow freshwater plants like crazy, so I hope it will work well as a refugium light. Using dry-rock when I set up the tank left me with no pest, but also a severe lack of diversity in the tank. That's why I am getting about 20 lbs of uncured live rock from KP aquatics. (https://www.kpaquatics.com/product/aquacultured-live-rock/) While there is a higher risk of bad things coming in, I'm not going to hook up the refugium to the main tank until I'm reasonably sure there isn't too many bad things lurking in it. Also this came in today! Cant wait to get it set up this weekend.
  14. Ask and you shall receive... UPS just dropped this off. Hopefully I can find a LFS with some Reborn or other media so I can get it running this weekend.
  15. I ended up going with the carbon doser. I did read beforehand that the parts were fairly cheap, but it seems likes the positive reviews and experience reports far outweighed the negatives reports. In my search I had a hard time finding any commercial made dual stage regulators that didn't completely break the bank. For example I found this one that had great reviews, but at $625 it was too much to justify. (http://greenleafaquariums.com/products/gla-pro-1-ss-co2-regulator-two-stage.html). I also found this one, but then read some reports that it may not be a true dual stage regulator (https://www.co2art.co.uk/collections/dual-stage-regulators/products/aquarium-co2-dual-stage-regulator-and-solenoid-magnetic-valve-smc-valve). In the end I was tired of searching and just went with the carbon doser. Now, if my calcium reactor would just show up...