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  1. Here's some pics. Mothers and one of the ones for sale. The other for sale is in the corner of a bag and pissy.
  2. Managed to get 2 loose this morning. When fully opened they were a good 8" across. $60 each. Bagged and ready to go. Live in Gtown, can meet by RCA this weekend or take to work with me next week (Parmer/Metric area).
  3. Sounds like all are pending. PM replies coming.
  4. This pic is from Nov but this is what they look like.
  5. Single mouth pending. Others still available.
  6. Got a few frags that came loose. 1 has 4 mouths, 1 has 3, and I have a single. $5 per mouth. PM for text pics. Can bring to work with me during the week; I'm in the Parmer/Metric area.
  7. Well, that's not me but thanks for the nice words Chris.
  8. Sold
  9. Pending
  10. PM inbound on Jedi, green monti, and green birdsnest
  11. Got a small, about 1.5" across, RBTA for sale. Bagged and ready to go. Given the small size this one is $30. Given it's lineage, it will easily be 8" across in no time and will probably split numerous times. Can text pics. I work in the Parmer/Metric area and can bring it with me and meet in the general area of Parmer/Mopac or Parmer/35 area.
  12. My guess is it was for a closed loop setup.
  13. Got a GoPro Hero Session for sale. Comes with a mount and an 8GB SD card. Minimally used. $270 OBO.
  14. Not that an octo's life span is signifcantly longer... Following along.
  15. PICS!