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  1. Anemones you say?
  2. As of today.
  3. $26K for that?! Considering you can buy a used container for $2-3000....
  4. This might not be the correct subforum, but I'm a mod so it doesn't matter ;p, but... I'm wondering if those of you who have gotten RBTAs from me would post pics of them. I'm curious how they look in somebody elses tank.
  5. Pending to Cecilia
  6. Had a small nem split off and come loose this morning. Probably about 2" across. $30 for this one since its small and freshly split. I'm in Gtown. I can take it to work with me this week (Parmer/35 area).
  7. Pic from a week ago or so.
  8. Glad you like it. Thanks!
  9. Pending. Isaac: dont think so but you never know. Need victoly to bring a Geiger counter over and check.
  10. Another one came off the rocks so in the bag it went. This is a smaller one, probably 2-3" across. $40 in case anyone is wondering, I don't feed mine. They just throw clones pretty regularly. I've had up to 27 at once. Can bring to the Parmer/Metric area to make pick up easier.
  11. All gone
  12. One sold, one pending
  13. Text me for quickest reply local area code 7 seven won 9 dos 5 seven
  14. Managed to get 2 loose. One is about 4" across and the other is probably 6". Prefer to move these today. But can take to work with me tomorrow; Parmer/Metric area. $40 each