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  1. Robb in Austin

    Funny thing I noticed

    You may be right Tim.
  2. Robb in Austin

    Funny thing I noticed

    I think that would fall under T50.Z93 Poisoning by other vaccines and biological substances, assault or T50.903 Poisoning by unspecified drugs, medicaments and biological substances, assault
  3. Robb in Austin

    Funny thing I noticed

    As some know, I'm in healthcare. I recently noticed that there is a billing code for assault with sea anemone. No, really. T63.633 Toxic effect of contact with sea anemone, assault So, o0zarkawater, watch it bub!
  4. Robb in Austin


    PM incoming
  5. Robb in Austin


  6. Robb in Austin


  7. Robb in Austin


    Bump for views
  8. Robb in Austin

    WTB anemone

    Y'all need nems? I got nems for days. RBTA. Hit me up.
  9. Robb in Austin

    Sup ARC

    Well don't I feel special!
  10. Robb in Austin

    Sup ARC

    Where all my old school peeps at? Aside from those who have chimed in.
  11. Robb in Austin

    45 gallon cube

    Any interest in a trade for a 215?
  12. Robb in Austin

    Sup ARC

  13. Robb in Austin

    Back by popular demand

    Been a while since I've seen that name around. Welcome back!
  14. Robb in Austin


    Plenty. Sorry for the delay, just checked back in.
  15. Robb in Austin


    Got a metric ton of nems I can harvest. From 1.5" newly split to 6" across. Let me know if anyone wants any.