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  1. Acropora millepora frags for genomics

    Cool stuff.
  2. Beginning of a nem split

    One my 47074178 nems is on the glass and looks to be starting to split.
  3. Yet another RBTA $50

    PM sent
  4. Guess who's back?

    Ian "breaking" the Ban Stick.
  5. Help with nems

    3rd on stop feeding. See my FTS in the photo section for what no feeding, except what they catch or my clowns give them, will do for nems.
  6. Ricordea

    Some orange and blues left.
  7. Guess who's back?

    Looks like you are too! The three amigos!
  8. Yet another RBTA $50

    About 4" across.
  9. Ricordea

    All pending.
  10. Golden dwarf moray eel - lower price -SOLD

    Speaking of old post(ers)....Ian!
  11. Ricordea

    PMs replied.
  12. Ricordea

    #1, 1, 4 pending to Shawn.
  13. Ricordea

    Howdy all! Had some ricordea split off recently so offering them for sale. Orange with blue skirts are $10 per mouth. #1 has 1 mouth, #2 has 2, #3 has 2, #4 has 1. Blue with green mouths are $20 per mouth. #1 has 1, #2 has 3. I am in Georgetown and off all week. Alternatively, I can bring them to work with me next week for convienent pick up; I work in the Parmer/Metric area. Best contact is via text: local area code-seven seven won-nine too 5 seven.
  14. RBTA

    Here it is under 'normal' lighting.