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  1. Betta132

    Auto-feeders, asst. electronics, fake plants

    The fish are listed here: http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/38442-assorted-fish-need-rehoming-cories-cichlid-sunfish-others/ A few standard aquarium fish, a slightly unusual one, and a sunfish. PM me if interested, please!
  2. This is the 29g. It has a mild algae problem due to not having quite enough water changes done lately, but everything inside is healthy. The pump in the filter is on the fritz, but I have a replacement pump you can have. The sticks are pecan wood, and the substrate is a mix of black sand and clay soil with pecan leaf litter on top. Water is never quite clear due to a combination of clay particulates and tannins, but I like how it looks, and I think the ctenopoma likes the lack of bright light. Tank contains 3 "blushing" skirt tetras, which are white skirts bred for transparency, 3 black skirt tetras, one or two nerites, 5 albino cories, and the little ctenopoma. Ctenopoma occasionally chases the tetras and is particularly not fond of the black skirts because of their colors, but all are compatible now. Cories may eventually be small enough to be swallowed when the ctenopoma grows, but are nowhere near small enough now. I can't really get rid of the stand because it's my nightstand, but you can have everything else. Leopard ctenopoma. Blushing tetra. Even clearer in person. Cool anatomy lesson. This cory is one of the two with more prominent tail bends. It's a birth defect, presumably genetic, but doesn't seem to hurt them at all, and it's gotten less prominent as they've grown. I'm reasonably certain that two are males and two are females, but I can't keep track of them well enough to be sure about the fifth. Occasionally do their little spawning dance up and down the glass after water changes, but I haven't seen any eggs survive.
  3. I have no instruction manuals for any of these, you'll have to Google them. All are functional, but many spent some time in storage. Most are dusty. None have been used with copper medications. We have cats, but nobody in the house smokes, and nothing has been exposed to gluten. I'm in the historical district of Georgetown, pickup only, take as much or as little as you want. Can provide more details upon request. Top row, left to right: Automatic fish feeder, says "AF-2009D", appears to be "RESUN" brand, never used. Automatic fish feeder, "Aqua-Chef fish feeder". Contains stale gluten-free fish food dust, has duct tape residue on the back, mounting thing underneath is missing. Leviton light timer, dusty, used, works fine. ZooMed light timer, never used. Next row: Unknown brand air pump. Weak. TopFin D-battery-powered air pump. Loud. Two lights that I should have tested before taking this pic. Ignore those. Next row: Python water changer parts, never used. Miscellaneous air tubing bits, varying degrees of used. Cholla wood, used. Assorted plastic plants, used. Little hand-pump thing to stick on the end of a small siphon. Bottom: New-in-box HT10 50W heater. I also have some fish and a couple of setups I'm looking to rehome, see here:
  4. I can't seem to copy the image codes from Photobucket, but here's a few pics. http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/crazybonegirl/media/image_zpshl7ex9vl.jpeg.html?o=0 This is a 10 gallon that was formerly used as a divided betta tank and now houses the baby sunfish because he's still small enough for it. Both pieces of wood are anchored to squares of slate to weigh them down, and there's enough uncut dark grey slate to cover about half of the back, when it's stacked carefully on itself. The wood on the right is hollow and has two holes that fish can fit through- great for bettas. Also great for making you think you've lost your betta. There's a few sprigs of Java fern and some unhappy crypts. No algae issues. Lots of dead snail shells, but no snails- the sunfish ate them. I'll probably need either the firemouth cichlid or the sunfish to go with someone before I can get rid of this, but, when it's empty, you get everything. Tank, tank contents, heater, filter, light, lid, etc. Filter is too strong for a betta on that half of the tank, but there's a sponge in there you can wedge into the outlet to tone it down. No copper-based medications ever used in it. Free if you can re-home some of my other fish (not necessarily the sunfish), will accept low trade offers otherwise. http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/crazybonegirl/media/image_zps33ijmi10.jpeg.html?o=2 Here's the sunfish. He's a bit pale in this pic because I'd just finished a water change. Very curious, stares at everything outside the tank. Eats everything. http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/crazybonegirl/media/image_zps33ijmi10.jpeg.html?o=2 Here's the firemouth. Again, not happy about a water change- too dark in this pic. Had to lure him out with food. Eats well on frozen, will unenthusiastically take pellets.
  5. Betta132

    Things nightmares are made of!

    I think I met someone on another forum who had one of those in a species-only tank. They got it from a LFS that had been horrified to find it, two feet long and angry, in the bottom of their live rock tank. If you want one, it's pretty cool.
  6. I'm trying to find new homes for some fish, mostly because, due to some non-serious (but very hampering) health problems, I'm having a hard time keeping up with maintenance. I have: 5 albino cory catfish, all about 1.5", all with varying degrees of crooked/arched tail. It's a birth defect that the entire batch of fry had, it doesn't seem to hurt or upset them, and they're perfectly healthy otherwise. 3 albino and 2 (?) regular black skirt tetra, all about quarter-sized. A handful of assorted nerite snails I can't make any guarantees on finding but will gladly throw in with anything you take. A leopard ctenopoma, about 2" long, eating well on frozen food. Slightly on the aggressive side for his species, won't tolerate anything cichlid-esque, occasionally chases but doesn't hurt the tetras and cories. I'm attached to this guy, so I want definite proof he's going into a suitably large tank. A firemouth cichlid, male, around 3", very bright colors. Possibly a spotted Raphael catfish? Near 4" at last sighting, haven't seen it in months but it may just be hiding, can search thoroughly for it upon request. Had short fins before due to being attacked by a cichlid in the LFS, fins were regrowing last I saw. And, trickiest of the bunch, a baby red-breasted sunfish. Yes, they are legal to keep despite being native, just not legal to sell. It's about 1.5" long, eats anything you give it, may be stunted due to being mercilessly chased away from food until I got it out of the tank it was in. Has been through an anti-parasite treatment and seems healthy. Will get fairly large, 7" or so, but sunfish are great "wet pet" fish if you have the space. Red-breasts are tolerant to a wide range of temperatures, possibly up to heated-tank temps, but do best in an un-heated tank. Depending on what you take, I may have a 30g Biocube that I'm willing to get rid of. It's currently occupied. It's one of the old-style ones, where the hatch in the lid is nice and big but the lid doesn't hinge up. A bit dirty on the outside, inside currently occupied by cories, tetras, ctenopoma, a clay+sand substrate, and a bunch of old sticks. Not planted, but looks a lot like the sort of stick-and-mud habitat you see in a lot of pictures of wild tetras. Cories love the substrate. Filter pump doesn't work. Reply here or PM me if interested, please. I'm in Georgetown. All questions welcome, can try to get pics if needed.
  7. I have a disco fangblenny who isn't doing well. He's being bullied, and it doesn't seem likely to stop. I have him in a little breeder box, but the box is stressing him. He's free to anyone who can care for him, but there are some mild problems. 1: He's only eating frozen foods right now. This is a blenny, though, he should learn to eat processed foods. 2: Tiny mouth. He has trouble with mysis, even, unless he gets it by the tail. Crushed-up mysis works fine, and he'll take things like frozen brine shrimp. Otherwise he just has to chew on it, and if the mysis is curled up, he may not even be able to eat it. He'll need smallish food. 3: Not a terribly fast feeder. Wanders around after food. Acts a bit like a slightly faster mandy, the way he eats. 4: He gets skinny through the stomach if not fed every day, not sure if that's normal for fangblennies. I can't rule out the possibility that he may have something wrong with him. If you normally QT new fish and treat them for parasites and the like, that shouldn't be an issue. He's acting healthy and his color is fine, so I don't think he's sick, but there's a chance. 5: He's not timid, but he's easily bullied. Yes, I know he's a fangblenny, but he apparently isn't aware of that fact. Warning: when frightened or sleeping, he plasters himself against a wall or wraps himself around a stick. He then turns greenish-yellow and does his best impression of a dead fish. He's not dead, he's perfectly fine. This is apparently his pyjama style. It looks quite alarming, but it's normal for this guy. To sum it up: give him little foods and don't expect him to eat dry food right away. Don't put him with scary things or fast feeders. Should be harmless to other fish, though there's a chance he may not like other blenny-shaped things. Might not be in the best of health but doesn't seem outright sick. This is a hover-type blenny, he doesn't sit on the rockwork. Active little fellow, and cute. If you want him, I'd like to know where you plan to put him. I want to put him in a good home. Tank size and stock list would be nice. Maybe a nano-ish tank would work for him? Anything 15g and up should work just fine, he doesn't seem very space-demanding. Pickup in Georgetown, might be willing to drop him off if you're fairly close. Not asking for anything in return, I just want him in a good home. Attaching a couple of photos. One is the blenny when I first got him, investigating the net that I attempted to use as a scarecrow for the damsel. The other is him in his pyjamas, curled around a stem of turtle grass. He's actually cream-white most of the time, not yellow, my phone just makes him look yellow.
  8. Betta132

    What do you think I should get?

    I know those are usually supposed to be nice, but I don't want to be digging one out if I get one who goes mean... I've seen possum wrasses, those are pretty. There's a dwarf species that I like... Pygmy possum wrasse. They seem nice, and they have the flowy movements that are so cool about wrasses.
  9. Betta132

    What do you think I should get?

    I was thinking of a cherub angel... The tiny ones. I absolutely love how flame angels look, but I think they might need slightly larger tanks. Do they? I'm going to have my watchman goby, my damsel, and one more fish. Maybe two more. I think that qualifies as a reasonably peaceful tank, even with the damsel. A clown goby is definitely on my list... They're small and hilarious. They're also bully-proof, since they taste NASTY. Are there any small enough wrasses?
  10. Betta132

    Yellow Tang likes to swim upside down

    Silly tang! Doesn't look like swim bladder disease to me, not at all... I guess he's just being weird! Never seen a fish do this, aside from the couple of species that don't really have an 'up', like clown gobies.
  11. Betta132

    What do you think I should get?

    I've shelved the bluestripe pipefish for later. Not sure about most dottybacks... Those can be a bit mean. I'm thinking of maybe a chalk bass?
  12. Would those be species that will work under a Biocube's lights? If so, I'm definitely interested... Would it be possible for me to come by at some point?
  13. I love this site! Everyone's so nice.