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  1. Here is a list of raffle prizes for the event so far. Neptune Systems Apex jr. with temp probe and display RO/DI unit Next Reef MR1 Reactor with pump and hose for plumbing Cobalt Aquatics- Multiple large cans dry marine fish foods Lifeguard Quiet One 2200 return pump Lifeguard Digital Thermometer 2 AquaEuro 656 Return pumps Doc's Eco Systems Reef Foods, multiple bottles and tubes Fluval - Reef Supplements Fluval - Cp1 power head Fluval - Cp4 power head ( if you like Koralia power heads you will like these just as well) Coral Rx- coral dip Sera- Reef Supplements and multiple other products Instant Ocean Reef Crystals- 200 gal. salt mix Rapid Led- Par 38 bulb
  2. We have an updated list of current vendors that will be in attendance at the September, 27 Frag Swap Event: High Def Corals Ijam Corals Rift2Reef Coral Cove WorldClassAquatics Reef Remedies Blue Water Tropicals Fish2morow Reefkoi This updated list does not include all of the hobbyists that have reserved tables as well.
  3. Our NTRF September Frag Swap vendor list is growing! We've got confirmation from a few more vendors that will be setting up at the event: Blue Water Tropicals Coral Cove WorldClassAquatics Reef Remedies We'll keep updating the event and providing information.
  4. Our list of vendors continues to grow! We would like to invite our friends from ARC to attend as well. Admission to the upcoming event is free for members as well as guests of North Texas Reef Fanatics.
  5. Just 2 more days until the NTRF Frag Swap event!!! We are super excited and our our sponsors, vendors and supporters are as well!We are looking forward to a great event, the first big one of the year in the Dallas/Ft Worth area!!
  6. Fish2tomorrow will be joining the list of vendors at the North Texas Reef Fanatics Coral and Frag Swap event this weekend, Saturday, March, 15.
  7. Hello, I just wanted to remind anyone from ARC that is planning on being in the Dallas area during spring break and looking for something hobby related that the North Texas Reef Fanatics coral frag swap is 5 days away! This weekend , Saturday, March, 15 we have a great line up of vendors, sponsors and hobbyists that will be setting up everything from corals, equipment to supplements. This is the first big saltwater aquarium event of the year in the Dallas area! We look forward to meeting anyone from ARC that makes it to the event! Admission is free for everyone. No fee to get in. We have also listed our raffle prizes as well. So far we have the following: Planet Aquarium tank 100gpd RO/DI unit Bucket of Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Refractometer GFO RO/DI replacement Filters BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor – Dual 2- 32” Blue LED Strips 2- 24 Hour Digital Light Timers FRITZ PRO AQUATICS COMPLETE MARINE SALT 200 GAL FRITZ PRO CALCIUM CHLORIDE 1 LB FRITZ PRO MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE 1 LB FRITZ PRO MAGNESIUM SULFATE 1.25 LB FRITZ PRO SODIUM BICARBONATE 1.25 LB FRITZ PRO SODIUM CARBONATE 1.25 LB Stony Coral Propagation Starter Kit (Boston Aqua Farms) Reef Nutrition products ReadySetREEF 50.00 Gift Certficate test kits, food and other products Other items to be announced