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  1. Great skimmer, and have replaced the pump a few months ago.
  2. Reefer Dad

    30+ lbs of live rock - $60 [SOLD]

    I think it's closer to 40 lbs.
  3. Reefer Dad

    Green Clown Goby [SOLD]

    Have had this guy for over two years. Lots of fun to watch and very hardy!
  4. Reefer Dad

    Angels: Flame & Coral Beauty - $25 ea. (SOLD)

    All gone
  5. Each is over 1 year old, and fully grown. They both eat everything including flakes. I have lots of SPS and they both like to nip a bit at them, but nothing serious.
  6. Reefer Dad

    ~22 lbs. of mature live reef rock - reduced to $50!! [SOLD]

    Transitioning tanks, so need to get rid of this stuff. This is like $2/lb.
  7. Reefer Dad

    40G breeder or similar tank [CLOSED]

    Thanks, but I just want a standard breeder tank. I found an amazing deal at Pet Solutions up North on 183. They were running an online special for $48 for a 40 gallon breeder. Appreciate the help though. I am still looking for an ATO an HOB filter.
  8. Reefer Dad

    40G breeder or similar tank [CLOSED]

    Nope. Just looking for basic HOB, not drilled, but thanks for the assist!
  9. Don't need all the accessories, but will take an HOB filter if available.
  10. From back to front, left to right... German Blue Digitata Blue/green acropora - green base, blue growth and neon green polyps Neon green birdsnest Orange setosa Yellow porites Green apple montipora cap Purple chalice Red montipora cap
  11. Reefer Dad

    Med sized SPS, LPS & softies - FIRE SALE

    Duncan is sold. Everything else is still available.
  12. Reefer Dad

    RBTA on small rock - $25 (SOLD)

    I don't have a current picture, but below is what it used to look like as a part of the larger colony. I've sold everything else and was afraid it would move on me and start killing other corals, so it is in a separate area away from the other corals at the moment. It's in great shape.
  13. Reefer Dad

    Med sized SPS, LPS & softies - FIRE SALE

    Lakeway, but I work at Dell, so will be in RR part of the time and can meet there.
  14. Prices below, but feel free to make me an offer. Getting rid of everything! Maze brain about 4" dia. x 3" h. - $50 $40 $30 Setosa on 2 lb. rock - $50 $40 $30 [SOLD] Meteor Shower Cyphastrea on small rock about 2" x 2" - $40 $30 4 to 5" neon green montipora cap frags - $25 $20 $15 per piece [SOLD] 10+ head Duncan coral (whisker coral) - $25 [SOLD] 50+ yellow/green polyp coral on 1.5 lb. rock - $25 $20 Mint Chocolate maze brain - $30 $25 $20 GSP rock about 1.5 lb. - $40 $30 $25 [SOLD] Small reef rock w/ red montipora cap, green acropora & superman montipora frags - $25 $15 Small reef rock w/ purple montipora and blue german digitata - $25 $15 $10
  15. Reefer Dad

    RBTA on small rock - $25 (SOLD)

    Small - about 2-3 inch across, and I can make it smaller.