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  1. jolt

    Where to buy coral

    Depends what kind of coral you want. I only care about acros and I think the best deals are by avoiding the hyped-up blue saturated sites. It's hard to go wrong with Battlecorals, especially if you are not too specific on what you want. You can get what Adam calls a Battlebox for s reasonable price and he loads it up with whatever he likes. I've done it and it was large healthy pieces. Another good value site is Boomcorals. I have no good suggestions on non-acros tho ... Locally, you know the players
  2. Looks good Ian. I can't really see that much difference between your initial layout and the final
  3. Awesome update. Your pictures came out really well I think
  4. I have two industrial grade stainless steel dual stage regulators from Alan Le. I love them! The ones affinityaquatics is selling on ebay look nice. I have no experience with other regulators, but would not hesitate to go the same route if I did it again.
  5. In three years I’ve only ever had to mess with the first chamber. Never touched the second.
  6. I run a 6" geo single on my frag tank (70 gallons) and a 8"x6" geo dual on my display (180). It's funny but the Ph on my frag tank runs higher than my display even though I put the dual stage on to counteract Ph drops. Go figure. I've been very happy with both units. From my own experience I would say run the single if you are space limited and you will be fine.
  7. I think @Caravanshakahad posted some zoas for sale.
  8. I don't understand the fuss, what's 1/4" difference amongst friends?
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