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  1. jolt

    diesel3443's 80g SPS Reboot

    That T5 + Radion combo will be very nice. It should get you good PAR all the way to the corners!
  2. jolt

    diesel3443's 80g SPS Reboot

    If you tell me what title you want I should be able to change it. I believe Kim was right about the time period for edits for regular members.
  3. jolt

    diesel3443's 80g SPS Reboot

    You can change the title yourself, just edit the first post
  4. jolt

    KimP's in-wall room divider build

    Fantastic! Glad to see things so happy
  5. jolt

    Maxspect Gyre 250s

    I use the icecaps and they work fine. The programming takes a little effort but its not too bad at all. There's a nice video from CoralVue on how to set up profiles and use them with the icecap, and I just followed that. I prefer this approach over the older gyre controllers, but I've heard the newer gyre controllers are pretty nice (I have not tried them)
  6. jolt

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    This should be fun!
  7. I think mike mentioned he had an extra one
  8. Maybe try a different eb8 to see if the problem is the controller or the energy bar? Also maybe swap out the aquabus cable between the controller and the energy bar?
  9. jolt

    Hope you guys dont mind me joining

    Hi! I would have guessed Victoria did not have a pet store, so that was a surprise!
  10. jolt

    Battery Backup...UPS

    That looks tense to me ....
  11. jolt

    Battery Backup...UPS

    It does. But keeping it up let’s me get an alert and plot temps, manually turn off or on devices, etc etc. I can get a text on my phone that power was lost and I can hook into the system and assess and manage things.
  12. jolt

    Battery Backup...UPS

    I use it to keep my apex running. I have the apex wires such that it can tell when it’s running on the ups. It then turns off various pieces of equipment and keeps others running some of which are on batter backup and some are on an apex power bar attached to the ups. I like it for the ability to keep the apex up.
  13. jolt

    Battery Backup...UPS

    I'm glad I have my UPS it's come in handy a couple of times
  14. jolt

    the jolt 1̶5̶0̶ 180

    Photo Bomb! Merlin's Staff: Gonzo Cookie Monster JF Jolt and MattV Rainbow Envy (grow babies grow!) Pikachu (pika pika!) One of My Bellina (I have another in my DT) Battle Corals Angelica (grow grow grow!!) Battle Corals Aquatic Man recovering nicely from a major scalping! And this one cracks me up: it's red cap growing ON green goblin. My own "grafted" coral so to speak
  15. jolt

    Help with ID

    I have no idea what that is?? Seems like maybe some kind of worm???