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  1. jolt

    Fireworm anyone

    That's pretty scary! 😲
  2. This is something for @mFrame to investigate
  3. I have G3 and when the G4 came out I did not upgrade because I didn't think it was worth it. I might consider the G5 though since I've run the G3 for three years now (looks like replies are working at least for me)
  4. I'm no help. I'm not a fan of either socks or sponges because I hate cleaning them
  5. I had not noticed the in-wall speaker until this picture. Nice
  6. Aquascape looks nice. I like the anemone island!
  7. I've read about the aquabiomics but have not tried it. It's an interesting concept but I'm not sure what I would do with the results. Say it comes back lacking biodiversity, then what?
  8. jolt

    BG's 180 Reef

    I don't trust the badges any more myself
  9. jolt

    BG's 180 Reef

    I wonder if you had an ammonia spike? I see you have a hang on filter, but how did you get a bacteria population established? I keep sponges in my HOB filter and seed them with Dr. Tim's. I also keep some marine pure balls in the QT to allow bacteria to grow. The other thing that helps a lot in a QT is to run an airstone
  10. I have both a Reef Savvy and a Planet Aquarium. Both are high quality. The Reef Savvy wait time is ridiculous, I waited 18 months. The planet wait time was much better. They can do a matching steel stand which then gives a really good warranty to the combo I believe. My only issue with planet is their overflow hardware is not great. So I put a Reef Savvy ghost overflow on my planet tank. It's an awesome combo! I really like my elite aquatics sumps too: https://www.facebook.com/Elite-Aquatics-241732935839455/
  11. I had a great experience buying a Planet Aquarium from Gary at Aquadome. Planet has some ready made configurations that can save you money versus a custom: https://www.planetaquariums.com/crystaline
  12. jolt

    Blue Linkia

    That's amazing, I had no idea they could be kept that long!
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