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  1. the jolt 1̶5̶0̶ 180

    Update on OP growth, it's been kind of slow, but I was fighting algae outbreaks and everything was somewhat pissed off. One round of flucanazole three weeks ago and it's so much better!
  2. Planet Aquarium 130g

    Oh, yea, since its their stand and tank you get something like a 7 year warranty don't you?!?
  3. Planet Aquarium 130g

    That's good news, I think checking with them on the stand will give you peace of mind
  4. Corals & Anemones for Sale

    Haha, both of those were accidental frags I'll probably bring a couple to the next frag swap
  5. Corals & Anemones for Sale

    UPDATED Various items. Sorry for crappy cell phone Pix ... Buy multiple and get a discount! Bioreef Green Goblin $15 - SOLD Fox Flame $35 - SOLD Pink Lemonade $20 - SOLD ORA Spongodes - $10 Northern Lights acro mini colony - $25 (in front of the bright green anacropora) - PENDING Blue montipora digi $10 (I have multiple of these, they have bright blue polyps) - 1 PENDING Small Golden Basket Fire Polyp Mille $10 (mother colony shown too) - SOLD Tyree Pink Sand Dollar $10 - these are 2" at least, I have multiple - 1 PENDING Red Monti Cap - $15 - this is 2.5 to 3 inches Three head frogspawn - $15 Two small bubble tip anemones $20 each
  6. 40 Breeder Drilled

    I have a 40 breeder for sale. it's drilled and comes with bulkheads, glass holes overflow, overflow plumbing, and loc-line return lines. Back and bottom are blacked out, and it also has a glass top. It's in great condition. Asking $150 for the entire setup.
  7. Planet Aquarium 130g

    Dude - you gotta fix this major flaw:
  8. Brightwell aquatics

    I use microbacter7 and neophos. Those are good products
  9. The Money Pit

    looks great!
  10. Gap between tank and stand

    I agree with Jeff
  11. What's happening everyone?

  12. Gap between tank and stand

    I can't remember, is your tank flat bottom, or does it have trim?
  13. Dang! That was such a nice wrasse Jeff