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  1. jolt

    RicFreak 20g - So much room for activities!

    Tank looks very nice. Love the little filefish! I see room for another frag rack in there, honestly ....
  2. jolt

    Victoly's 210........

    Great start!
  3. jolt

    the jolt 1̶5̶0̶ 180

    Thanks! I am really excited to see the Merlin's Staff grow, it's pretty small right now.
  4. jolt

    the jolt 1̶5̶0̶ 180

    Thanks Ty - the anemone seems happy to me so I am pleased!
  5. jolt

    the jolt 1̶5̶0̶ 180

    Thanks Scott. I agree we should do that!
  6. jolt

    the jolt 1̶5̶0̶ 180

    It's been a long time since a photo update. Here's a few I took today Wet Thumbs Tropical Punch Mille, WWC Red Polyp Clathrata, and WWC Black Widow Sold to me at Macna as Event Horizon Mille (I'm not 100% convinced) Back: Pretty in Pink, Walt Disney, RR Rainbow Blossom Front: Merlin's Staff, Orange Passion RMF Flavor Parade Pink Cadillac (from @olaggie01) JF Party Crasher Cyphastrea, F2M Holy Grail Micro, Rainbow Acan Pikachu! UC Strawberry Shortcake, RMF Diablo Mille, CB Malieficent (off to the left is GB Full Spectrum, and in the bottom left is CC Bahama Mama Mille) RMF Red Devil Nasuta Vivid Rainbow Delight Couple of torches Just some nice pieces RR Shazaam and TGC Northern Crush BC Aquaticman Reef Ready Grape Juice CSB Anemone CC Sleepy Hollows and JF Fruity Pebbles
  7. jolt

    Jen’s Red Sea reefer 350

    That always happens so fast, doesn't it !!!
  8. jolt

    Jen’s Red Sea reefer 350

    Nice collection
  9. jolt

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    I'm using 5 radion G3 Pro on my tank, no diffusers. The tank is 6x2x2. I like them a lot, but they are definitely pricey. I think if you used the new diffusers the hotspot problem is not so pronounced. I'm using the difusers on 3 g3 pros over my 4x2 frag tank and the coverage measures pretty evenly on my par meter.
  10. jolt

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    I owned one of the basic SBReef lights for a while. I used it for a frag tank. It seemed to be made well enough. I tried to contact them for some support (wanted to buy a hanging kit), and they never responded. Overall it seemed fine, but I did not feel it put out as much PAR as one would expect. I believe it was a 165 watt box so maybe I was just expecting too much from it.
  11. jolt

    FarmerTy Fall Bash Meeting

    Reaally sad I have to miss this one
  12. jolt

    Hi all

    Everything look pretty happy in the photos