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  1. jolt

    280 gallon Build

    Dang - I need some of that technology on my filter socks and skimmer cups!!!!!
  2. jolt

    280 gallon Build

    What is an "LED PRO power filter" ?????
  3. jolt

    SB Reef SBOX16 LED - $75

    I have an SB Reef SBOX 16 light, works perfectly (see: http://sbreeflights.com/sbox-reef-lights/1-sbox-basic.html) I can throw in a hanging kit for $10 more
  4. jolt

    Tunze 3155 ATO - $75

    In good condition. The original magnetic holder than can hold both the probe and the float broke, but I have two magnets, one for the probe and one for the float. Everything works fine.
  5. jolt

    fuge reverse flow plenum will it work

    Genius on the pod towers!
  6. jolt

    AC out - lucky me

    I think you should be Ok if that's all it was. My AC went out in May and my tank was in the low 80s for several hours
  7. jolt

    the jolt 1̶5̶0̶ 180

    No GFO or carbon. On my frag tank I dose KZ Phol's XTRA, KZ Amino LPS, KZ Coral Viltalizer, Seachem Flourish Nitrogen, and Brightwell NeoPhos. I need to add more fish to the FT so I can eliminate the dosing. No dosing on the Display Tank at this time.
  8. Ohhhhhh, it's an upside down avast spyglass -- now I see it
  9. What's the bottle on the left under the ATS?????
  10. jolt

    the jolt 1̶5̶0̶ 180

    We could arrange that!
  11. The skimmer might have metric pvc fittings. Coralvue sells a few on their website. I think flexpvc also sells metric pvc.
  12. jolt

    Isaac's 180+

    I run my ats off a manifold and it produces tons of algae. Have to clean every two weeks and it probably weighs a pound. I’m sure a separate pump will work fine too.
  13. jolt

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    I hate to see such a beautiful colony go down
  14. jolt

    Bobcat's 75gal First Reef Build