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  1. jolt

    BBMarlin's 125G - Skimmerless SPS Reef

    That avast pump will be loud, fair warning! I put mine at the aquarium, not at the RODI tank. It works like a champ
  2. jolt

    BBMarlin's 125G - Skimmerless SPS Reef

    I use the diaphram pumps from Avast Marine. They are noisy but it pulls from the garage up through the ceiling down the inside of a wall, probably like 45 feet or more
  3. jolt

    BBMarlin's 125G - Skimmerless SPS Reef

    I have a 60 gallon RODI reservoir in my garage and the RODI unit is in the house on the same wall as my washer/dryer. I use a float valve on the tank to shut off the flow, and I have a booster pump with a pressure sensor shutoff switch. I manually run the RODI unit whenever it looks like the big tank needs topping off. When it's full the float closes which turns off the booster pump. I also have a HM Digital FM-2 filter monitor that beeps at me when it the flow is cut off. I don't like to leave the RODI unit on when not needed. My ATO pumps draw topoff water directly from the tank in the garage.
  4. jolt

    BBMarlin's 125G - Skimmerless SPS Reef

    Nice to have a sink right there!
  5. jolt

    NEW 32-Gallon BioCube LED w/Stand & More - SOLD

    Done. Good luck with your sale!
  6. jolt

    Coming back To saltwater /reef hobby

    Like John said - tell us more?
  7. jolt

    PETCO $1 a gallon sale

    Thanks for the heads up!
  8. @mFrame or @brian.srock may have an idea, I am curious as well
  9. jolt

    BBMarlin's 125G - Skimmerless SPS Reef

    New builds are always fun, sometimes I think its the best part of reefing
  10. jolt

    Rimless 180g "2nd child"

    Sorry to hear about the problems, but seems like excellent detective work!
  11. jolt

    1link status light doesn’t turn on

    The green status light should come on as soon as you plug the aquabus cable into your system. Sounds like the 1link is bad if the cable is good.
  12. jolt

    Alkatronics or Aoex

    If you already know how much to dose your tank and just can't always be there to do it manually, then the doser is a simpler setup in my opinion. I think there are options for programmable dosers that don't require an apex?
  13. jolt

    BBMarlin's 76G - Skimmerless SPS Reef

    Sorry to hear about your crash, but looking forward to the build thread.
  14. jolt

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Ouch, sounds like a PITA. Please keep us posted on the results, if it works its a good thing for us to have in our toolkit!
  15. jolt

    50 Gallon Low Boy display frag tank.

    Well, I like your build. Its looking really cool!