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  1. I have various fvriends and relatives who will come by once a day to feed and add supplements. My daughter even knows how to check alk for me using my hanna!
  2. Hi - per forum rules please add your asking price for this item. Thanks!
  3. How do you like it?
  4. What kind of rock did you go with?
  5. I like to use the cable management sleeves like these: https://www.amazon.com/Management-Sleeve-JOTO-Computer-Entertainment/dp/B015HWXG4M/ref=sxin_14_sk-bs-1-na_9981057f25d9175350e26d6df54d29089691f43d?cv_ct_cx=cable+wrap&dchild=1&keywords=cable+wrap&pd_rd_i=B015HWXG4M&pd_rd_r=7737c08c-54e8-4f34-90e3-b45b971fee6f&pd_rd_w=0MxJh&pd_rd_wg=jWENw&pf_rd_p=52677558-f9b6-464d-86b7-e77935eecb30&pf_rd_r=X9469BZ8BEMW9F1Y0836&qid=1590709964&sr=1-1-19adb3fb-fdf7-40db-b78f-c677b04bb4de
  6. I really like that Jimbo!
  7. I've had aquariums that come with everything (CoralVue T32 system including tank, sump, stand, plumbing), and I also have a Planet custom with components and plumbing I selected myself. The tradeoff is accepting what someone else has decided for a component list versus getting exactly what you want. If you are picky the extra money for a non-packaged system can be worth it, but if you are more interested in convenience, startup time, and saving money then the package can be a better deal. Of course some of the packages have poor quality components or various other issues so it's always good to look for reviews and experiences with whatever you get. I would add that with a package you are likely getting a system from China and they often have plumbing that is metric so finding parts or making modifications can be challenging. With Planet you are getting American made up the road in Dallas.
  8. This is looking great John!
  9. Did you decide on a builder for your tank? I believe Planet Aquariums gives a major enhanced tank warranty if you also get a steel stand from them ...
  10. I’ve only ever run led so can’t comment on the lights. I do think the t5 led combo is pretty common these days and am planning to move to that myself.
  11. Tank and coral looks really good Kim!
  12. Don't let the nitrate get too low or dinos will kick in ....
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