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  1. Hey Guys This has been a long time coming: The getting-out-of hobby sale I should have had a while ago. Everything listed is in working order, and I have seen to it that the prices are slashed at least by 1/2 the current retail. Thanks for looking (Would like this gone by the end of the week). While offers are welcome, sucker punches aren't ;-). 1. 2 Kessil A350Ws w/ Goosenecks ($200 takes both) SOLD 2. Neptune Dos ($120) 3. APEX probes for PH, Salinity, ORP w/ Probe holder ($150 takes all) 4. 2 Different Refractometers and a PH probe ($50 for each refractometer, $20 for PH meter) SOLD 5. TUNZE pump 1073 ($100) 6. Hannah Checker ALKALINITY ($20) SOLD 7. Reef Octopus Space-Saver Classic 150 ($90) 8. Random Reagents and Test Kits ($50 takes all of it. I have others that aren't even pictured here I can throw in for free) I also have a Marineland 60 Gallon RR tank and stand sitting in the garage untouched. I would be able to leak test it for you. ($100 for tank and stand) PENDING
  2. GiddyORION


    awesome work BPB! glad to see your tank successful after all the hard work. You still doing CPs? Terraforums has been dead for a while, lot of the regulars have moved on. I abandoned the outdoor bog and am doing a highland tank build now, if your interested I'm tracking it on FlyTrapCare forums! Sorry to hijack. Keep up the good work.
  3. GiddyORION

    1/2 HP Chiller

    Update: still looking! I have a nice skimmer/60G RR tank/ much more to trade if necessary!!
  4. GiddyORION

    1/2 HP Chiller

    Hmm, this may work. Could you PM me the details? (condition, etc.)
  5. GiddyORION

    1/2 HP Chiller

    Saw that, was a bit too expensive for me though. Although I'm coming to understand these units don't pass for much lower than ~500.
  6. GiddyORION

    1/2 HP Chiller

    Preferably Aqua-Euro, but if you have a "quiet" alternative I'll be happy to talk that over with you. Need for a little plant experiment I'm doing.
  7. GiddyORION

    Featured Tank - Third Quarter - 2010

    that's awesome. Ya its zeovit, and it's tanks like these that are inspiring me to take the plunge into the method.
  8. GiddyORION

    New Corals

  9. GiddyORION

    Featured Tank - Third Quarter - 2010

    It's a shot in the dark but I really hope this tank is still going. Imagine the growth...
  10. GiddyORION

    DSA NEO 105 rimless part out

  11. GiddyORION

    devastating loss at Texas state aquarium

    1 million? that's it? I'd have advised to sue them into non-existence.
  12. GiddyORION

    About to hook up Biopellets, suggestions?

    Week one has passed. Tumble is still steady and all the pellets are moving. Should I let what I have in the reactor run for a month or so before adding more? what schedule should I follow for ramping up the amount in the reactor? currently there's just under 1/4 cup, which is the instructed starting dosage for 70 gallons as stated on the can.
  13. GiddyORION

    About to hook up Biopellets, suggestions?

    Bio pellets are going. I actually removed the ball valve on the reactor because it was inhibiting the flow (420gph). I know this is probably unsafe, and I am looking into other reactors. For now this should do. I added some Bactiv8 as well and will daily for 10 days, per instruction. I also hope this tumble keeps up even when the bacteria gets going. https://vid.me/TmTC
  14. GiddyORION


    This truly is the strangest case of bad SPS luck that I've seen. The fact that you have great luck with literally every type of coral (including SPS) other than Acropora really makes me think that its something specifically targeting the genus, as others said here. Have you done that Triton test yet? I'm really curious to see what the result is. I really do think you'll find despite all the heartache that the resolve to this issue is just in reach, considering throughout this tank's timeline you have eliminated every other variable that could be affecting the corals. Also do you run carbon on the tank? If it's any consolation, your tank is still pretty awesome looking.