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  1. 1/2 HP Chiller

    Update: still looking! I have a nice skimmer/60G RR tank/ much more to trade if necessary!!
  2. 1/2 HP Chiller

    Hmm, this may work. Could you PM me the details? (condition, etc.)
  3. 1/2 HP Chiller

    Saw that, was a bit too expensive for me though. Although I'm coming to understand these units don't pass for much lower than ~500.
  4. 1/2 HP Chiller

    Preferably Aqua-Euro, but if you have a "quiet" alternative I'll be happy to talk that over with you. Need for a little plant experiment I'm doing.
  5. Featured Tank - Third Quarter - 2010

    that's awesome. Ya its zeovit, and it's tanks like these that are inspiring me to take the plunge into the method.
  6. New Corals

  7. Featured Tank - Third Quarter - 2010

    It's a shot in the dark but I really hope this tank is still going. Imagine the growth...
  8. DSA NEO 105 rimless part out

  9. devastating loss at Texas state aquarium

    1 million? that's it? I'd have advised to sue them into non-existence.
  10. About to hook up Biopellets, suggestions?

    Week one has passed. Tumble is still steady and all the pellets are moving. Should I let what I have in the reactor run for a month or so before adding more? what schedule should I follow for ramping up the amount in the reactor? currently there's just under 1/4 cup, which is the instructed starting dosage for 70 gallons as stated on the can.
  11. About to hook up Biopellets, suggestions?

    Bio pellets are going. I actually removed the ball valve on the reactor because it was inhibiting the flow (420gph). I know this is probably unsafe, and I am looking into other reactors. For now this should do. I added some Bactiv8 as well and will daily for 10 days, per instruction. I also hope this tumble keeps up even when the bacteria gets going. https://vid.me/TmTC

    This truly is the strangest case of bad SPS luck that I've seen. The fact that you have great luck with literally every type of coral (including SPS) other than Acropora really makes me think that its something specifically targeting the genus, as others said here. Have you done that Triton test yet? I'm really curious to see what the result is. I really do think you'll find despite all the heartache that the resolve to this issue is just in reach, considering throughout this tank's timeline you have eliminated every other variable that could be affecting the corals. Also do you run carbon on the tank? If it's any consolation, your tank is still pretty awesome looking.
  13. Radions XR30w Pro.

    I believe the Gen 4s' that were for sale at C4 were the standard, not the Pros. Still curious how those work though.
  14. About to hook up Biopellets, suggestions?

    It would be ideal for me to doctor the system. I have not purchased alternative lighting yet. bio-pellets go online this weekend.
  15. About to hook up Biopellets, suggestions?

    Thank you for the very in-depth response! Indeed my goal for the last 4 years I've had this tank was to sustain a full blown mixed reef. I actually had more rock in the system a month or so ago, but I rid of it after a terrible cyano infestation that I have just recently cured with chemiclean. After stupidly removing these rocks and washing them with freshwater every few months in an attempt to 'clean' them off, and consequently with each algae population growing back more vigorous than the last, I figured they were doing more harm than good. I now realize that washing these rocks was essentially resetting them of their bacterial populations, and supplying existing algae with a nutrient source. I make all my water changes with water purchased from Aquadome. I never invested in an R/O system. I do a 20% every other weekend. my skimmer is a workhorse- the skimmate typically is tea colored as I skim pretty wet. I have also just recently nuked my sump, which used to be a phosphate and nitrate factory. I did this after I was forced to relocate 8 snails, 9 hermits, and two fish to the sump after the trigger snapped one day and raised hell in the display. I had since never seen the fish again (My sump used to be so dirty I'd lose track of where livestock in it was), and the snails went one by one due to lack of food in the sump. I admit this is terrible husbandry and quite frankly inhumane, and I have since resolved to stay on top of tank maintenance. I refuse to buy anymore livestock until I can prove to myself that I am capable of sustaining them. The sump is now bare except for equipment. I think in that respect I have narrowed down that the nutrient abundance rests in the display. The algae problem I face today is more a monument to my sins than is a chance happening. I will also definitely reduce photo-period, although I plan on ditching Kessil in the near future. I actually attempted another reef tank with all the bells and whistles, only to have all the coral brown over time due, in my opinion to the Kessil's quality of light. this is just my experience. The pump and bactiv8 just shipped this morning, can't wait. After about a month or two of running them I think I will then consider how much live rock I need restored to the display. This time I'll actually let it mature lol.