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  1. So the kid's tanks are cycled and we went to the dome today for fish. After finding and looking at their previous choices they decided no. The fish they saw pictures of were cool but turned out not to be very active. So we wandered around until they were both completely captured by the guppies. LOL! That was unexpected.
  2. New inhabitants from January meeting plus some fish! Thanks y'all!
  3. Awesome meeting! I learned a ton about the tank and about photography. Plus, it was like my birthday! Thank all of you so much! I love ARC!
  4. Beautiful work! I love having my tank in my bedroom too. It has cured 80% of my insomnia.
  5. Lorien

    29G Basic Setup

    Nice! Be sure to post updates so we can see how your tank progresses. I love when folks do that, it gives me something to look forward to in my own tank.
  6. Wow. A flood. Then an embarrassment of riches with the microstars. Tomorrow should be an interesting day.
  7. I absolutely love this fish.
  8. A few more pics, cause I love my borrowed camera!
  9. Updates: Please excuse the huge UV sterilizer, I am treating ich. My tank is in a bit of a rough patch, but is starting to come together. I am still rearranging stuff, but it is almost there. I had to get a new mimic file, because my other one jumped out. My macros are starting to take off, at least the ones that aren't murdered by the emerald crab or carried off by the urchin. LOL! And I have the tiniest BTA, about the size of a quarter. It seems to be happy on the top rock. *crossing fingers
  10. My tank isn't ready for new inhabitants suddenly. gonna bow out. PM sent.
  11. PM sent, i am in for $20. Two ocillaris clowns please.
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