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  1. Exactly. I was thinking of using those igloo coolers. I have a basic design in my head, I can engineer the entire system, simulate heat, liquid flow, etc.. That part is easy. However, I'm no chemist.
  2. I'm looking over setups now. I don't really want to go too complicated my first time around. I think I can DIY a system based off the RIMS brewing method.
  3. This is excellent. I will check that site out tonight! I am pretty excited. I may start with the Mr. Beer kit just to see if I like the whole process. I am currently working on a kegerator project so I'd love to fill it with my own brews.
  4. Do any of you guys or gals dabble in home brewing? I am looking to get into it as a hobby, much like my reef.... but much less expensive! Maybe we could share recipies, pointers, setups, etc Looking foward to hearing from you guys.
  5. Basement? Not sure if in Austin or.... I WISH I had a basement to devote to a sweet reef tank. I may one day fulfill my dream of building a basement bar with a showcase reef.
  6. Aggies? Booooo LOL Just kidding! Welcome to the site!
  7. Ibnzmonkey

    135G Lagoon

    I really like this setup. Thanks for sharing.
  8. So it's best to keep a lagoonal tank a bit "dirty" when it comes to nutrients or orgnaics in the water column?
  9. This is incredible! Thank you for sharing this. I have been wanting to get into clownfish breeding for fun and to maybe spread the hobby out to others. You are an inspiration!
  10. 92*... Ouch. I've done something like that before. Except when my heater failed, it didn't turn on so the tank got cold.
  11. I am going to have to try and experiment with mollies. I really like how odd they look in a reef tank. Plus their fry can be food for the other inhabitants.
  12. I read a rumor in the Reef Central thread that the new WP25 will have built in speed control. I only hope this is true!
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