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  1. Neon Reefer


    likewise been in your shoes kinda sorta get well
  2. Neon Reefer


    More people than you think use this product although they may not suggest it or even acknowledge it
  3. Neon Reefer

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    No TDS meter behind the DI canister to measure the good water or did these chemicals not register
  4. Neon Reefer

    All Off Market - SOLD

    GSP and Palys available this weekend
  5. Paypal to hold at andrehebert@att.net  use gift send

    you can text me to set up a pick up time any day this week after 5:30  Bring lots of containers baggies ect..



  6. Neon Reefer


    Please see live stock listing equipment to follow
  7. Neon Reefer

    premium purchase

    If your invoice has expired you can go to the Store and add the Premium Membership to your cart and proceed from there. Well I cant seem to figure out the store and the cart Andre Thanks Haha Confused Sad
  8. Neon Reefer

    Large Jedi Mindtrick - SOLD

  9. Neon Reefer

    Aiptasia Eating Peppermint Shrimp

    just curios Juiceman How do you catch them ?
  10. Neon Reefer

    [SOLD] ALL Fish

    add a two spot hogfish and a flame hawkfish and you got my fish list. Funny for a moment I though those were my fish for sale.
  11. Neon Reefer

    Help with chalice

    detritus and debris left on a chalice from low flow will accumulate and start these spots. Best thing to do is blow it off and increase flow over the chalice. There is no such thing as too much of flow on a chalice.
  12. Neon Reefer

    All sps white overnight

    I would suspect either metal poisoning or a bacterial infection like vibrio alginolyticus or sphingomonas paucimobilis. You could try an antibiotic dip IE half tablet of chloramphenicol in 2.5 liters of water for 3-4min dip
  13. Neon Reefer

    Flame Hawkfish

    Want to buy a Flame Hawkfish
  14. Neon Reefer

    Marco Rock since hurricane

    If its dry rock maybe a good RODI fresh water soaking and test water for phosphates after a few days. If no phosphates then continue to a saltwater bath and cycle start. If phosphates are present in sufficient quantity then you can go to a lanthanum chloride soak or an an acid bath