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  1. What happened to the hammer pic??? I am so late to the game that I dont even get to see the pics... Boo Hoo!
  2. I miss my old T5 heat producing lights...
  3. Hi Don, I have serveral of the tabling acropora and other corals you sold me that need to be trimmed. I am happy to return some of the corals back to the original owner...! Good Luck!
  4. I have a new one that was never needed, I had a bad pressure guage and then never got around to return it... PM me if you still need one.
  5. I have 2 of them and some spare power bank outlets. What is a good Price? Please pm me...
  6. I sold right before leaving town, sorry. Add updated.
  7. This is my used/backup SKIMMER that has skimmed 300 gallons for the last 2 years, it originally came with an HY3000 pump. The HY5000 pump is about 7-8 months old, I bought it new from some one getting out of the hobby, it looked new and it was in a box. I like to over skim my system and that's why I have the HY5000 on it. No modifications; comes with stock assembly including a gate valve and plumbing. This Skimmer is very forgiving and can function properly with large variations is sump depth. Reef Octopus 8" Classic 200INT Skimmer Dimensions: 15.6" x 10.25" x 23.75" Manufacturer rates skimmer for tanks up to 250 gallons. BRS Recommends this skimmer for tanks up to 160 gallons Powered by an Aquatrance 3000 High performance venturi air injection system Modified cone neck design designed for easy transition of micro bubbles into cup Precision controlled gate valve In sump only 1 year warranty on skimmer and pump Metric plumbing parts Works great, I have a video but it is too large. $150 OBO
  8. I would like the 5 gal tank with filter and light hood for $15 and the BRS Kalkwasser (3/4 full 1 gallon jug) for $8. I will pm you my cell phine number. THANKS!
  9. I am not that you are just a zoas and palys hoarder; you are more like a zoas and palys reproduction specialist!
  10. Thanks for the great deal, enjoy the corals. I hope thy do well.
  11. Hi Pham, Please let me know when I can come by and give you lots and lots of money for corals...
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