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  1. We bought a home and wife wants to downsize. I hate to have to let this tank go. Below is whats included. -185 Gallon tank -Black on Black canopy and stand -Roughly over 100 pounds of live rock -Marine current LED lights with timer and light controls w/remote -Heater -UV sterilizer -Tons of extras -crushed coral substrate -A few 5 gallon water jugs -pumps and air pump NO LIVESTOCK INCLUDED $1300.00 This tank has no sump but has a internal dutch reef system with two skimmers and 3 huge filters. The internal filtration has 4 chambers for filters and any other customization you may need. Im located in Buda. This tank is heavy! Bring a couple friends. Texting is best 5l2-296-o77l Mark
  2. Im interested in trading this light for saltwater fish, designer clowns,corals,mp40...shoot me an offer. I have a 185g -1 Kessil A150 Ocean Blue 15k LED light -1 Kessil gooseneck I bought this light new, used on a quarantine tank I had. Approximately 1 year old. Not used too much. Must meet in Buda or South Austin. txt for quicker response Mark 5l2-296-O771
  3. UPDATE- I have found someone with a couple spare jugs. Thanks ARC! Hey ARC, I'm looking for 2-3 5 gallon water jugs. If anyone has any they could spare and want to sale, you can reach me through ARC or text. I would be glad to pick up. I live in South Austin but I wouldn't mind driving a reasonable distance. Thanks, Mark
  4. Will trade for zoas, frogspawn, anenome. Any combination of the three if they are small frags. Make offer! Thanks!
  5. "El Chapo" the goldfish has been moved to a different tank. Tank has been taken down and ready to go. Will be moving soon and I am having to downsize for the moment. 14g Fluval cube AIO set up Stand with access door LED light w/day and night settings HOB Filter Nano in tank skimmer (needs impeller) Aquadome doesn't carry it and I haven't checked North fish stores. Cons On one of the legs on the stand there is some splitting. I'm sure with some clamps of some sort it can be fixed. Doesn't affect the stability of the stand at all. Mark 5/1/2-/2-/9-6/-0/7/7/1 Text for quick response
  6. Will be moving soon and I am having to downsize for the moment. I just took this tank down about few days ago (2/11/18). It still has a little bit of water in there for the live sand. The tank was running for roughly 4 years. No leaks or anything. 40g Breeder Tank Real nice dark wood stand w/2 access doors Current USA T5 and Halogen light fixture (Plenty of life on the Lights) HOB Reef Octopus skimmer (Classic 100 model) Rated 60-100 Gallons Fluval 50 HOB filter (has media and filters) Aqueon 200W Heater MIsc. stuff (thermometer,algae cleaner/scraper,feeding clip) $250.00 Motivated to sell!!! SOLD!!
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