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  1. I have red monti I could frag. I have other kinds I could frag that are not plating-Superman, mystic sunset, spongodes, sunset Troy
  2. troypt


    I have a Sherman RBTA if you are interested
  3. I have Superman mushrooms and monti’s if you are interested Troy
  4. I have a frag of purple style, and can frag red monti cap, Superman mushrooms, mystic sunset montipora, Troy
  5. Here are some pictures
  6. I’m at work and won’t get home until about 7 but then will take a picture for you Troy
  7. What part of town are you in? I have som and live in Cedar Park Troy
  8. Unfortunately, I can't help with the fish, but in case you need a recommendation, I am a physical therapist and work for a great orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ted Spears. Troy
  9. I have one. Pm sent Troy
  10. I have some candy apple red palys and cat's eye palys Troy
  11. I still have a couple of superman mushrooms available. Will drop price to $10 each
  12. All the blue mushrooms are sold. I still have 3 Superman mushrooms
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