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  1. Want to Rent PAR Meter

    Pm sent Troy
  2. Need Help!

    Unfortunately, I can't help with the fish, but in case you need a recommendation, I am a physical therapist and work for a great orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ted Spears. Troy
  3. Par meter?

    I have one. Pm sent Troy
  4. I have some candy apple red palys and cat's eye palys Troy
  5. FS Superman and blue mushrooms

    I still have a couple of superman mushrooms available. Will drop price to $10 each
  6. FS Superman and blue mushrooms

    All the blue mushrooms are sold. I still have 3 Superman mushrooms
  7. FS Superman and blue mushrooms

    I will be home tonight around 9pm. 512-983-0231
  8. FS Superman and blue mushrooms

    I'm in Cedar Park, near 183 and cypress creek road
  9. FS Superman and blue mushrooms

    I have four superman mushrooms for sale. One is attached to a small rock, the others are not attached to anything yet (I have them wedged against some small rocks). $15 for one, $25 for two, $35 for three, or $40 for all four I also have various blue mushrooms, they will not be attached to anything. $3 each or will sell for less if you by multiple. Troy
  10. FS tiger tail cucumber $10 OBO

    Its fine. I have it in a 10 gallon tank under my stand. Let me know if you want it because if not, it goes to the fish store tomorrow.
  11. FS tiger tail cucumber $10 OBO

    I have a tiger tail cucumber that I would like to sell for $10 OBO. I have it caught and want to get it sold as soon as possible. Text me at 512-983-0231. I'll be home later tonight and live in Cedar Park. Troy
  12. Looking for NanoReef

    I have a JBJ 12 gallon nanotube with LED lighting and stand. Is comes with its own pump/power head. I know it not a 20 gallon, but it you are interested let me know. Troy
  13. FS candy apple red palys

    This is the best picture I could get with my iPad
  14. FS candy apple red palys

    I have a frag of 10 polyps of candy apple reds for $30. Troy
  15. Random softie/LPS odds and ends for a 3 gallon

    I have a superman mushroom for $15. Troy