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  1. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    They really like squash. Seeing some major growth spurts. Added some blue ramshorn snails. I may regret it later.
  2. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    Everything going well. Bought a cool pH/TDS monitor.
  3. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    Picture time. Shrimp are doing great! They are small babies right now, and pretty hard to photograph without a true macro lens. These are Pure Red Line Hinomaru No Entry Crystal Red Shrimp. Pro Packed No Color out of the box. Dripped Acclimated them for 3 hours. Colored up nicely. Old school magnifying glass in front of the camera.
  4. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    Lots of tiny copepods (or whatever the fresh water equivalent is) and other tiny life everywhere. Tank is really looking slick. Should be ready for shrimp soon. I'm set on getting Pure Red Line Hinomaru crystal reds and found the vendor I'm going with.
  5. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    Guys, I might have a problem. I keep buy shrimp food.
  6. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    I keep seeing this plant called subwassertang on other forums.
  7. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    Cloudiness is starting to clear up after adding purgin and carbon. I've been doing a lot of reading and considering going for Pure Red Line (PRL) crystal reds. It's been a little while since Ive kept dwarf shrimp but Im really looking for a challenge.
  8. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    Still cycling. Looking VERY cloudy today for some reason.
  9. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    Got my fan mounted. Seems to working well. Really like the controller.
  10. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    Planning on high grade crystal reds. Depending on my success I may try another tank with shadow panda.
  11. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    Im not quite sure as it was a hitchhicker plant I pulled from my 20g. Also not sure about the long plant in the right. The others are christmas tree moss, lacy java fern, floating duck weed, and marimo balls. Not planning on any c02 or ferts, so I hope they are hardy.
  12. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    Added Montmorillonite stones as well as Montmorillonite powder clay for minerals. Added a feeding dish. Added Catappa leaves and alder cones for hiding spots and ph buffering.
  13. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    Going to use the very affordable controller to kick on a fan when the summer starts up and we get more frugal with the house AC.
  14. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    These shrimp are going to be eating better than me.
  15. I miss saltwater :(

    1. Todd Council

      Todd Council

      Andrew, it is never too late to have a happy childhood. Enjoy the neocarodina for now and plan out that PERFECT salt system.

    2. ACampbell


      Thanks Todd!

    3. Todd Council

      Todd Council

      I've got an empty Fluval 12 gallon cube sitting behind me with Ecocomplete substrate just waiting for some plants, driftwood and shrimp. As soon as I get a little time I'll set it up. Probably won't happen until after the end of the semester. In the mean time, I'm learning from your posts.  Keep the Shrimp tank build thread coming.