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  1. ACampbell

    Andrew's 45g

    Yes, just one AI Prime HD. I love it. Gotta remember I've been out of the hobby for quite of a while. The ability to control everything from my phone is so cool. Using way less energy than my old metal halide setups.
  2. ACampbell

    Andrew's 45g

    Everything is still going great. I reserved the top spot for a few sps which I managed to get from Ty. Learned at the meeting that Ive got great disco scatter! Witnessed my CB maderine eating some mysis today. It's really hard to get it in front of her before other fish eat it. Seems to be doing well. Also had tedious fun checking everything this morning. (the poor mans way) All parameters at doing great!
  3. ACampbell

    Captive-Bred Mandarin Dragonets

    Going to take a little while to figure out. It’s scared of the mini feeding station right now. I can’t imagine dropping one of these in a six foot tank and trying to offer it prepared foods. You’d be lucky to find it.
  4. ACampbell

    WB on iPhone X

    How can I get white balance correction on the iPhone?
  5. ACampbell

    Captive-Bred Mandarin Dragonets

    It’s finally out and about.
  6. ACampbell

    Andrew's 45g

  7. ACampbell

    Andrew's 45g

    Visited AAF yesterday and was blown away. Picked up a few scollys.
  8. ACampbell

    Captive-Bred Mandarin Dragonets

    These biota manderins are tiny. Like the size of a Tylenol. Just FYI. Hope mine grows fast.
  9. ACampbell

    New SPS lover

    Very nice. Welcome!
  10. ACampbell

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    I feel dumb that I’ve never heard the term wrassehole. And now I’m laughing hysterically.
  11. ACampbell

    Green Sps

  12. ACampbell

    Andrew's 45g

    Yea, I dont recommend this to anyone. I added lots of live bacteria, sand, and rock. No more ammonia or No2, so I feel pretty good about it, but could still crash. Checking all the parameters daily for now. Also have lots of water on hand for changes.
  13. ACampbell

    Andrew's 45g

    I've been moving pretty fast. Too fast really, but I accept the risk. I'm following parameters closely. radial tile frag rack sweet brain ORA maximas Lots more to share, just need to take some better photos.
  14. ACampbell

    Green Sps

    ID please? I think hunter told me it starts with a p.