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  1. Tried of this guy knocking things over and getting things attached to him, would like to trade for a nice rhodactis mushroom or Ricordea.
  2. Gone took him to River City. Admin please close thread
  3. Looking for a skimmer that will fit in the back of my JBJ RF-65 it's an AIO. Would be interested in a HOB as well Thanks!
  4. Hmm I edited post let me try again
  5. He's in my QT tank now, thought it would take longer but some frozen mysis and a homemade fish trap worked.
  6. Hey everyone looking to get rid of this guy, he's aggressive towards new tank mates.... Asking 30 or trade for coral beauty or flame angel. As soon as I catch him he'll be in my QT tank. Ready to go
  7. Hey everyone I got these from veexios, would like to trade for some lps, mushrooms, ricordia, favia, acans. Sorry for the crappy pics just did a water change and moved some things around.
  8. Rconde

    Salt mollies [gone]

    Gone! Thanks Victoly! Admin please close thread
  9. Rconde

    Salt mollies [gone]

    Hey all my daughter started a tank awhile back and acclimated some mollies to saltwater. She doesn't want them anymore, so she would like to re-home them. The tank she has them in is to small (BC14) they pick at each other, but other than that they are community fish and are peaceful.
  10. Everything is gone! Thanks everyone! *Admin please close thread
  11. Yes everything is still available, thermometer and UV sterilizer are gone
  12. Bump! Reasonable offers?
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