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  1. Rconde

    Nano calcium reactor

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a calcium reactor for my BC 29. Thanks
  2. Rconde

    Freshwater fish- Koi x2 need a new home [closed]

    I can take them, they'll be happy in my pond
  3. Rconde

    Jbj power compact

    Gone* admin please close thread. Thanks
  4. Rconde

    Jbj power compact

    Hey guys and gals I finally got a new light! So I'm passing this one on, it's a good light for a fish only tank. 48" bulbs are about 6months old
  5. Rconde

    Orangeback Wrasse - SOLD

  6. Rconde

    90g tank RR, stand, canopy w/lights

  7. Rconde

    55g peninsula tank with 35 gallon sump

  8. Rconde

    HELP!!! Aquarium heater...

    Thanks y’all
  9. Rconde

    HELP!!! Aquarium heater...

    I have a digital external thermometer
  10. Ok so I have 3 heaters in my 125 with a 40breeder sump. My thermometer shows 72 right now so I’m sure my heaters are busted I bought them on amazon. I need to buy some more and was wondering what everyone else is using bc I don’t want to be buying heaters every couple of months....
  11. Hey everyone, I have a ton of mobile electronics I’m trying to get out of my garage. Some new some used, car audio, video, security, remote starts, back up cameras, backup cameras into factory screens (Toyota’s mainly) intergrade remote start into most factory key fobs. Willing to trade for reef equipment and livestock.. I need lights for my 4’ 125 PM me for details thanks all! Rudy
  12. Rconde

    Tank for snake

    Hey everyone I’m looking for a tank 40gallon+ that’s no longer than 60” preferably with a stand. my stepson has been bugging us to get him a snake, I’d rather get something that the snake can grow into instead of grow out of... i know it’s not reef related but what better place to ask!!! Thanks all!
  13. Rconde

    125g with stand

    GONE!! Admin please close aThanks!
  14. Rconde

    125g with stand

    Sounds good see ya Sunday
  15. Rconde

    125g with stand

    Yeah that’s fine bring some help!! It’s heavy! Text me at 5125769050 Rudy