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  1. Hello All I am in need of some reef equipment, especially lighting for my 125g. I do mobile electronics installs and have some used and brand new equipment I’d be willing to trade. I do everything from simple installs to complete car audio systems. Remote starts, mobile video, sound systems, really anything you’d like to a certain extent. I have been in the industry for the last 19yrs. I also can intergrade a back up camera into most factory screens. Just lmk what you have. Toyota’s are a for sure intergration. Forgot I can add Remote start to your Factory remote if your Car is a PUSH TO START!! And very few turn keys If I put this in the wrong section, I’m sorry admin!
  2. Rconde

    Very Large Pencil Urchin and Crab $15 or trade?

    Still available???
  3. Rconde

    SPS Large/Medium Frags and Mini Colony

    Hey what’s the number 11?
  4. Rconde

    42 Gallon Planet Aquarium (Reduced)

  5. Rconde

    Labor Day Frag Tank Blowout!

    Hey jolt I’d like #65 pm me your PayPal info
  6. Rconde

    Biocube 8 w/stand $125. Price Drop 75.00

  7. Rconde

    RLSS R6i Skimmer-sold

    What is the footprint?
  8. Rconde

    Biocube 8 w/stand $125. Price Drop 75.00

    Trade for nice coral piece???? I'm Interested in softies!! Acans!!
  9. Rconde

    Biocube 8 w/stand $125. Price Drop 75.00

    Price drop $75!!!!!!!!
  10. Rconde

    Corals for sale

  11. Have this 8 gallon biocube, it has been used and still has water cycling in it, has a piece of live rock and sand. I will throw in 2 2.5 gallon water jugs. One moon light is out but I think I have an extra laying around. Asking 125. Price Drop $75!!!
  12. Rconde

    Internal Return pump

    I dont have an apex, starting from scratch. I have a Rio 3100 return pump but dont think it's big enough. And I've got 2 powerheads.
  13. Rconde

    Internal Return pump

    Thanks I think I'm going to go with the jebao dct12000 just bc, I have a manifold with 3 inputs.
  14. Rconde

    Internal Return pump

    What size jebao do you think I would need?
  15. Rconde

    Internal Return pump

    Hey all I'm looking for a return pump so I can get my 125 with 40 gallon sump running. I'm thinking I'll need at least a mag 18 sized pump or mag 24. Lmk what you have thanks!