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  1. Rconde

    Salt mollies [gone]

    Gone! Thanks Victoly! Admin please close thread
  2. Rconde

    Salt mollies [gone]

    Hey all my daughter started a tank awhile back and acclimated some mollies to saltwater. She doesn't want them anymore, so she would like to re-home them. The tank she has them in is to small (BC14) they pick at each other, but other than that they are community fish and are peaceful.
  3. Everything is gone! Thanks everyone! *Admin please close thread
  4. Yes everything is still available, thermometer and UV sterilizer are gone
  5. Bump! Reasonable offers?
  6. ANOTHER UPDATE, I ordered a new ballast. It just came in today. Keeping price as is.
  7. UPDATE one of the ballest for the power compacts is bad.... So price drop!
  8. Yes, has two built in overflows. Sorry I just drained the water and haven't had a chance to completely clean it up.
  9. Hopefully you can see the weight of the 2 big rocks. 38.4 and 20.2
  10. It's a SCA-303 50 for the tube of live rock. I spent that on just the one big piece (really heavy)
  11. Hey guys just wanted to let you know, after removing everything and placing into a 10 gallon bare bottom (until my new tank arrived) Everything is coming back to life! Which leaves me to believe what Tim had stated was what the issue was! Thanks again everyone for the input I do greatly appreciate the words of wisdom!!
  12. Hey everyone, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded! So I'm selling said BC29 with all the equipment I have for it. Coralife UV sterilizer bulb works Oceanic skimmer with extra wood bubblers Jaebo wavemaker controller knob is broken (kids 😔) And the bioballs. Had to replace original pump awhile back so hence the Rio box.. Had this tank for over 10 years Asking 150 obo I do have the top it's just in the garage, it has brand new compacts in it.
  13. Going to part out systems Tank and stand (sand and live rock included) 150obo Jaebo dc13000 return pump 80obo Skimmer 65 obo Sold Sump 65 obo Jbj ATO with Rio pump Sold BRS dual reactor 30 obo Sold Admin can you please move post to hardware
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