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  1. Hey everyone, I have a ton of mobile electronics I’m trying to get out of my garage. Some new some used, car audio, video, security, remote starts, back up cameras, backup cameras into factory screens (Toyota’s mainly) intergrade remote start into most factory key fobs. Willing to trade for reef equipment and livestock.. I need lights for my 4’ 125 PM me for details thanks all! Rudy
  2. Rconde

    Tank for snake

    Hey everyone I’m looking for a tank 40gallon+ that’s no longer than 60” preferably with a stand. my stepson has been bugging us to get him a snake, I’d rather get something that the snake can grow into instead of grow out of... i know it’s not reef related but what better place to ask!!! Thanks all!
  3. Rconde

    125g with stand

    GONE!! Admin please close aThanks!
  4. Rconde

    125g with stand

    Sounds good see ya Sunday
  5. Rconde

    125g with stand

    Yeah that’s fine bring some help!! It’s heavy! Text me at 5125769050 Rudy
  6. Rconde

    125g with stand

    No worries I’m usually free after 530 6 during the week and I’m off on the weekends, tomorrow is bad for me and Saturday morning.
  7. Rconde

    125g with stand

    Sorry I forgot to post pics in original post
  8. Rconde

    125g with stand

    No cracks see pics you’ll see what I mean by TLC
  9. Rconde

    125g with stand

    I’m in pflugerville
  10. Rconde

    125g with stand

    Hey guys and gals, I got this tank for my stepson to use for a snake but it’s way to big for where I wanted to put it. I am sure with some TLC it’ll make a great aquarium but as it stands I def wouldn’t put water in it. I’m posting here first before I post on offer up or craigslist I’ll give it a week or so before posting elsewhere. 72x18x20 tank 77.25x21x30 stand
  11. Rconde

    Mariculted Green Milli

  12. Rconde

    Mariculted Green Milli

    Are you going to sell them?
  13. Rconde

    Mariculted Green Milli

    Interested in those orange zoas to the left!!!
  14. Rconde

    45 Cube

    If you still have it in a couple of weeks I’ll take it. Been looking to upgrade my BC29!!