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  1. Still have the box and a free peppermint shrimp
  2. bobby layland

    box of stuff

    Anyone want a box with a few odds and ends in it some good stuff will not meet
  3. I have around 65 to 70 lbs of rock left in my tank I would take 65 for all of it and throw in a peppermint shrimp and a loose mushroom text me at 512 529-9522
  4. My son is selling his 20 long that is drilled with 10 gal sump $75 just tank and sump and return pump Led light $75 obo
  5. I just broke my phone you send me messages on here
  6. Emperor angle $40 sold Pair of clowns $30 sold Banggai Cardinal $15 sold 4 blue cromis $10 sold Pink brittle starfish $10 sold 4 heads of frogspawn $15 sold Small torch $5 sold 80 to 100 lbs of live rock $2.50 lb sold 35 lbs Rock with around 12 orange mushrooms $40 sold Small rock with 6 orange mushrooms $25 sold Large devils hand $10 sold meteor shower on about 2 lbs of LR $15 Sm rock with a couple of orange mushrooms $5 gone
  7. 1 pic $20 the other 2 for trade
  8. I have 3 rocks that I need to sell or trade 1 is a nice rock for 20 or trade for other corals the other 2 are small for 10$ or trade
  9. bobby layland

    free gsp

    Have way to much gsp in my tank none of it is attached to LR let me know if you want it I'm in cedar park
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