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  1. Moving 90 gallon to 180 gallon

    I might have gotten the frag from you.
  2. Moving 90 gallon to 180 gallon

    OMG...that's amazing!!!!! I'm picking up a new tank tomorrow. Gonna need a frag of it in the not too distant future.
  3. Need help to identify

    it's a torch coral.
  4. Tank move help.

    Don't worry about it...completely understand.
  5. Tank move help.

    psh...that's not out of town...that's just goin' to the hill country!
  6. Tank move help.

    hmmm...another NY trip?????
  7. Tank move help.

    ok, thanks! I'll keep everyone updated.
  8. Tank move help.

    Well boys and girls there's been a slight change of plans. Planet Aquarium just notified RCA that they accidentally put my tank on a truck headed to Denver!!! They're starting a new tank today to get it here by next weekend...sooooo, will need help on Saturday the 25th instead...or at least that's what the plan is as of right now... Same game plan, pick up at RCA at 11am. Will find out next week if they'll have enough help to load or if I'll need to get someone to meet there and help.
  9. Mixed 3.5g Pico 11/2016 - Present

    Sorry to hear about the fish loss. I was going to post that the tank was looking great...even in spite of those pesky little critters!
  10. Tank move help.

    Thanks everyone. I've got someone to meet me at RCA for the load. If Ty is back to at least 75% or so he should be good to go. So Ty and Tomas (RicordeaFreak) can meet at my place and should only take 5 min or so. Thanks for the offer Paula but I'd hate to make you drive all the way up here for 5 min worth of work and getting in the mess of I-35 traffic.
  11. Tank move help.

    mmmm, even better!
  12. Tank move help.

    I might be able to meet at your place James. I'll have to confirm maybe Thursday or Friday. Getting over a flu/cold so hopefully my body will be less sore by then and me less contagious. Yikes, that's not good. Drink plenty of liquids and some chicken soup and you'll be good as new!
  13. Tank move help.

    Well, the friends I'd lined up to help are going to be out of town this weekend! :-( Looking for 3 people to help. Need one person to meet at RCA to help with loading at 11am then head to my place to unload near University Blvd / Sunrise in Round Rock. RCA will only have two people there on Sat. The other two can just meet at my place around 11:30 or so. James
  14. FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Ha...kinda like you tell someone you're into reefing and the first thing that comes to their mind is NOT aquariums!