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  1. Jimbo662

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Now we know why he's been MIA...so busy taking pictures!!!!
  2. Jimbo662

    Lighting for sale

  3. Jimbo662

    KimP's in-wall room divider build

    Everything is looking great!
  4. Jimbo662

    Cleaning filter socks

    I'm using felt socks right now. I do like Eddius does with an extra rinse cycle. When I take them out of the washer I rinse / dunk them in a pitcher of RO/DI a few times then let them dry.
  5. Jimbo662

    Blue/green chromis

    If you're looking for a great fish that won't kill each other off check out the blue eyed cardinal. I've had 5 for about a year now and will be adding a few more soon. I'd say they semi-school. Up until last month I had 3 tangs in the tank and pretty much all the smaller fish stayed in the rocks except for feeding time. Now that the tangs are gone everyone stays out in open water pretty much all day...even the firefish and dottyback.
  6. Jimbo662

    45g SCA tank w/wood stand - SOLD

  7. Jimbo662

    Planet Aquarium 130g

    I think I'm long overdue for an update. Big thanks to Ty, Sascha and Chris for helping me get it moved! I finally got sand in it last week and Ty was right...so much better than going bare bottom. I had one casualty which I think was an accident. Lost my red head salon wrasse. I think he jammed himself under a flat rock that was on the bottom of the tub. He'd been out the evening before swimming around and eating like normal. Next morning when i started transferring everything to the tank I found him under the rock. Luckily I found a great replacement...picked up an orange back fairy wrasse last weekend. Only one coral had some issues...my large plate. It's lost some tissue but has been hanging in there...not sure if it'll pull through though. Who needs a dining room when a "fish room" is all the rage these days!
  8. Jimbo662

    45g SCA tank w/wood stand - SOLD

    No, lights are on my current tank.
  9. Jimbo662

    45g SCA tank w/wood stand - SOLD

    Custom made tank from SCA. 36"x24"x14". 3/8" Starphire glass.Lights not included. Original plan was for a lagoon style tank for LPS but would be perfect for a frag tank too. This is the only decent pic I have right now.
  10. The new place doesn't have enough room for my office furniture so it's time for it to move on to a new home. L-shaped desk, book case and 2 drawer file cabinet. All with frosted glass. It's about 7 yrs old but in very good shape. Mainly some scratches and stuff on the desk.
  11. Jimbo662

    42 Gallon Hex Tank Build

    That is amazing work!
  12. Jimbo662

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    WOW...sorry to hear that!
  13. Jimbo662

    Tangs for sale - All Gone!

    I dropped them all off at RCA on Friday. They were going to QT them for a while to make sure they are healthy with no issues.
  14. Jimbo662

    Tangs for sale - All Gone!

    Bump...If they're not sold by Friday they're going to the LFS...
  15. Jimbo662

    Radion XR30W Pro G3 HELP

    I'll bring a spare cable just in case.