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  1. Jimbo662

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    WOW what an ordeal. Hope it solves your issues!
  2. Jimbo662

    diesel3443's 80g SPS Reboot

    Glad to see it survived. My first one went through an MP10 and didn't make it. Second one has been in tanks with foam covers on them.
  3. Jimbo662

    BBMarlin's 76G - Skimmerless SPS Reef

    Sorry to hear about the crash. Always a fear...and I'm getting ready to start trying SPS again. A little advise on the tank. I've got the PA Crystaline 130 with the external overflow. They use the Tideline overflow. It's extremely difficult to keep it quite. The rear box is lower than the inner box so it's hard to get the water level in the outer box high enough to stop the waterfall noise. I had to raise my emergency drains so the water in the outer box was about 1/4" from the top. I finally ditched it after about a year and got an Exotic Marine overflow. It's dead silent. I just had another reefer come over to check it out. He's about to order a PA tank too. He's currently using the Reef Synergy Ghost overflow which is the same basic design as the Tideline and the noise in it is his main complaint.
  4. Jimbo662

    WTB Radion Gen 4

  5. Jimbo662

    Reef 1992

    WOW that's some huge frogspawn colonies.
  6. Jimbo662

    Planet Aquarium 130g

    I feel bad for never updating this thread...just not much happening with the tank. I finally got my PO4 up and stabilized in the .1 - .15 range consistently for about the last month. It had been staying around .03 -.04. And of course with that comes more algae!!!!! Got home Sunday and saw my CSB was ready for its closeup. The disc is now around 6" - 7" across.
  7. Jimbo662

    Orangeback Wrasse - SOLD

    He's gone!
  8. Jimbo662

    Planet Aquarium 130g

    Hi. I think I had the 16" overflow. Exotic was great to work with. Not sure that you would need to tell PA anything about the holes. But, knowing that they can mis-drill I would take as many measurements as you can to send to Exotic. Taylor didn't charge me any extra for the templates. Or you may be able to get Exotic to send you a template that can be sent to PA.
  9. Jimbo662

    Orangeback Wrasse - SOLD

  10. Jimbo662

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    Oh yeah...seen those...a bit out of my budget.
  11. Jimbo662

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    As I was reading this I kept thinking "is this my future he's talking about?" I've been renting for the past several years and decided it's time to buy my own place again. I think my best option is a townhouse where there's no outside maintenance. I've been browsing the options out there and one thing I keep looking for is a floorplan with that open area under the stairs to hide all the equipment!
  12. Jimbo662

    Orangeback Wrasse - SOLD

  13. Jimbo662

    Orangeback Wrasse - SOLD

    He's fat and healthy and is about 4" long. My female clown is constantly running him away from her corner which usually ends up in water being splashed everywhere. Other than that he doesn't bother anyone else in the tank. He's a little frantic in the video. I had the screen off the tank and she charged him and he jumped. He actually almost made it into the other tank but bounced off the side of the tank and luckily onto a towel. You will need a hood or screen on your tank because he does jump when he's startled.
  14. Jimbo662

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Glad to see more people than just ARC appreciating your work!