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  1. I got my PA 130 through Jake. Great tanks.
  2. Used about 4 months before breaking the tank down. It's been stored in the original box for the last year and a half.
  3. Two 3ft aquatic life hybrids (or similar) and 4-5 XR15s?
  4. OMG!!! I was just at RCA and saw your tank. That thing is amazing!!! The pics of the stand don't convey the size of it very well.
  5. How exciting! Also think about humidity control. Make sure not to use standard drywall around it. BRS recently did a video where they talked about their BRS 160 tank where they cut a hole in the wall to run the plumbing through from the external overflow box and how salt creep and splashing was a big problem with the drywall. Edit: Just saw something in victoly's thread that I didn't do on mine...access from the front of the tank.
  6. WOW, can't wait to see this thing come together.
  7. Does anyone happen to have a spare pump that I can borrow? I noticed my pressure was only running about 40PSI. I bypassed the pump and hooked it straight to the faucet and got the same PSI...thinking maybe it's a goner.
  8. I had issues with my Tideline overflow for quite a while. Jake even got me a 2nd pair of gaskets which I finally was able to get the leaking to stop. I had to get everything lined up perfectly centered. Right at about a year ago I bought the Exotic Marine overflow. Couldn't be happier. They're very well built. Not at all flimsy like others and they have a better design that prevents waterfall noise. On the Tideline the external box is lower than the internal so to get the water level up high enough on the internal side you have to set your emergency overflow pipes as high as possible. Water level in my external box was about 1/4" from the top. Also, the Exotic doesn't have weirs so the water isn't broken up which contributes to the waterfall noise. You're more than welcome to come by and check it out.
  9. That's a great idea!
  10. You know...now that you mention it...they had pretty much gone away when my phosphate were averaging in the .1 - .15 range. Because of all the other algae I'd reduced the feedings a little and when I tested yesterday it was at .03. I'll increase feeding just a bit and see what that does. To get rid of the stuff, because it attaches to the sand and is hard to siphon, I've been swirling the sand like crazy to get it to detach then use a python hose and drain it into a felt filter sock along with it going down the drain.
  11. Well...I'm still battling the ugly algae that covers the rocks (the kind that you can blow off with a baster) and the bright green stuff that carpets the sand. This was weekend before last. It only takes about a week to look like this after cleaning. After a good cleaning it looks like this. I've been prepping to introduce SPS again and have had new rock getting seeded in the 45g that's attached to the system. After cleaning everything on Monday I switched out all of the rock. Old rock into the 45g and new rock in here. I'm still getting the bright green on the sand. Might pick up a sand sifting goby to see if that'll help deter it from forming.
  12. WOW what an ordeal. Hope it solves your issues!
  13. Glad to see it survived. My first one went through an MP10 and didn't make it. Second one has been in tanks with foam covers on them.
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