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  1. Jimbo662

    Tangs for sale

    Bump...If they're not sold by Friday they're going to the LFS...
  2. Jimbo662

    Radion XR30W Pro G3 HELP

    I'll bring a spare cable just in case.
  3. Jimbo662

    More rocks with corals - SOLD

    1st rock is appx 6" x 4" has 4-5 dozen zoas - 2nd rock is appx 6" x 5" has two superman rhodactis. In the pic the 2nd one shrunk up and is barely visible on the side. Both are about 3" across. You can see the MP10 head next to it for size comparison.
  4. Jimbo662

    Radion XR30W Pro G3 HELP

    If they were connected to a WXM module before you usually have to reset them. You need to download ecosmart live from ecotechs website. Connect the light to your computer with the included usb cable and go to the reset option. Once that's done on all of them they should connect to the WXM Sorry, I missed the line where you said you did try the reset. Hmmm, not sure what else it might be.
  5. Jimbo662

    SChrisEv’s 375g reef

    Ok, just let me know...anytime other than next weekend. It's time for my yearly move! 😉
  6. Jimbo662

    Rocks with corals! - SOLD

    Getting ready to break down a tank and I've got two rocks to sell, one with several dozen zoa's and the other has Toxic Green Palys with two rock nems. The zoa rock is appx 12"x9". The polyps have yellow mouth and skirt. The center of these area dark green. In my big tank with higher light the centers are a dark blue. The rock is an acro skeleton shelf rock - $30 The paly rock is appx 8"x6" - $40
  7. Jimbo662

    SChrisEv’s 375g reef

    Hey look who it is! Did you get the new lights one???
  8. Jimbo662

    Tangs for sale

    Ok, I'll keep you posted.
  9. Jimbo662

    Tangs for sale

    All 3 are healthy and eat anything you put in the tank...frozen, pellets, nori. My tank does have ich. The Power Blue does show it on his body but shows no signs of stress at all. They yellow and yellow eye kole don't show any signs of it on their body at all. I've decided to go with more smaller fish in the tank. If you'd like to come look at them just let me know. Powder Blue - $125 Yellow - $60 Kole - $50 I'm breaking the tank down the weekend of the 17th to move so pickup would be coordinated with that.
  10. Jimbo662

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    I keep forgetting to tell you that once I get moved and settled a bit if you're still wanting to do the re-plumbing on the tank let me know. Something like this will be a fun challenge!
  11. Jimbo662

    Tank Move - Nov 17th

    I'm thinking it won't take more than about an hour or so.
  12. Jimbo662

    Tank Move - Nov 17th

    Ok, just let me know.
  13. Jimbo662

    Tank Move - Nov 17th

  14. Jimbo662

    Tank Move - Nov 17th

  15. Jimbo662

    Tank Move - Nov 17th