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  1. Thanks...that's what I was going for.
  2. The lid FINALLY arrived...it's like Christmas in July! I can finally take good pics of the tank with the new lid on it!!! I had been using a full sheet of the clear netting with all the sides weighted down.
  3. Nothing in the tank was affected by the treatment. The clove polyps seemed to disappear after several days...but both times eventually came back. I even tried scrubbing them with a toothbrush but it didn't seem to help.
  4. I got them in my tank about 2 yrs ago. I tried fenbendazole. They disappeared...until a month or so later and they reappeared! Treated again and same result. Eventually just removed the rocks they were on.
  5. Step by step the tank is making progress. Zoa's have been in for at leas 2 weeks and are nice and fluffy so I figured it was time for the next one to go it. The alveopora seems to be happy...it was open in about 5 min after going in. Still trying to get the last of the fish.
  6. I really like it...almost the only thing I've ever used. It locks together very well so you don't really need to find other methods to get them to stay in place.
  7. It's just the reef saver rock from BRS.
  8. Light is in...I'm done for a while! Now just be patient until I can start moving some corals in.
  9. One of the last pieces to the puzzle. Still need to install the cabinet lighting and UV. Now just waiting for the nutrients to increase a little before I move any of the corals in.
  10. Unfortunately not all of the wires are long enough to allow me to attached the controllers to the front.
  11. I've actually got a couple of those...may need some more.
  12. Thanks. Now I just have to figure out a way to keep the wires organized when sliding it in an out.
  13. One more project almost complete. This is an insert for the electronic side of the stand. I used a pull out cabinet organizer that I cut the sides off of . The one thing I didn't account for was the depth of the APEX unit. I'll just have to hang it on the inside... Only thing left is the paint.
  14. On my last tank I had it on for about 2 1/2 years with no issues.
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