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  1. My observation tank is full, but I thought that I would pass on this sale coupon if anyone is interested. It's good for 25% off orders of $199 or more today only.
  2. Brainstorming - Future Custom Build

    I have a tank with similar dimensions. In general the width should always be greater than the height for proper drainage. A 30" width gives you greater options to aquascape and not fill the tank with rocks. However, I have trouble reaching the back of the tank easily. I got quotes from 4-5 companies when I was trying to find someone to build the tank. If I remember right, Reef Saavy has a year long waiting list, I believe DSA went out of business. I got the Planet Aquarium quote from RCA, and DAS wouldn't return any calls or emails. I've had corner overflows in the past and my current tank has an internal coast to coast Bean Animal overflow. The calfo offers much better surface skimming, but the overflow box is too long and there are spots where detritus accumulates. I'm going to switch to a slim internal when I can find some motivation. I got several quotes back in January and glass holes had the best options. If you email the company then they will custom make whatever you need. I was planning to buy a solid overflow box and cut my own holes to fit my existing bulkheads. You can get the BA in a lot of different designs. I don't think it's much quieter than a durso unless you're pumping a large volume, but it has the safety feature. I'm running about 3k gph through 1.5" pipe and my full siphon is 60% open. Stand height will depend on how you plan on looking into the tank. If you're mostly going to be seated, then choose a height that's similar to how you like looking at your computer monitor. Imagine the monitor frame as your tank frame. I always view my tank standing and I don't want to have to bend too much when I'm looking in the tank. I really like 30-36" tall stands for easy viewing, but you'll need a step stool unless you're part ogre . I've seen a lot of steel stands, but nearly all of them are unfinished or less than furniture grade. To do it right on a tank that size, you're going to have to budget around $3k for the stand alone. The best sumps that I've ever owned have been DIY. Custom sumps look cool, but they're cramped and rigid. You end up marrying an acrylic sump and this spouse is never going to change. Make sure there is enough room for a big skimmer and at least two reactors to leave room for future options. Also, plan to have a 20g ATO resevoir in the stand. My 20g ATO has to be refilled every 7 days for most of the year. If I had MH or T-5 then refilling might be a real chore every 4-5 days. I'm not going to comment on specific builders, but make sure the baffle design is bottom, top, bottom on each side. The top, bottom, top design has sub par surface skimming in every chamber.
  3. WTB Copepods

    Here is some information that I have bookmarked about raising rotifers. I have also read great success stories where people use Rod's Fish Eggs in a dish or jar. Good luck! The Breeder's Net: The Rotifer And Rotifer Home Culture Raising Live Rotifers & Copepods
  4. Blue Zoo Aquatics Gift Card

    I have a gift card balance that I will not be able to use before expiration. It is not intended as a promotion or advertisement. I have only used this company once before and wrote a review based on that experience. Please post if you have successfully used the gift card so that everyone knows it's been taken. This gift card for Blue Zoo Aquatics (https://www.bluezooaquatics.com) is good for $11.87 and expires on 6/12/17. You can schedule a shipment up to two weeks out, but you must use the gift card prior to the expiration date. Card # DAA516887
  5. Xenia, kenya tree, soft corals. Etc

    I've got some Watermelon Mushroom frags for $5. The rest of the frags that I have are hard corals.
  6. The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Pretty good looking FTS! Love that stag with the blue tips.
  7. Additional fish?

    No problem, this is a judgement free zone buddy! RCA started renovating that back room to QT fish. I don't know if they've started yet, but they might be able to order whatever you want and QT them for you. I have to use up my credit with www.bluezooaquatics.com soon and plan to put an order in during the first week of June. It will be free shipping and I don't mind if you want to sneak onto my order.
  8. Acropora experts

    I can't tell from your pictures in the OP. Here's a picture of my A. Desalwii that you can compare. December picture March picture May picture
  9. Additional fish?

    You did in August!
  10. Reefer looking to compare, learn, exchange

    I didn't see a 2017 meeting schedule. If they're having one once a quarter, and the first meeting was in February, then the next meeting should be sometime between April and June 30th. They should be posting a thread on it soon.
  11. Additional fish?

    Did you take down your QT?
  12. Additional fish?

    Tangs get too big and other dottybacks/blennies will fight with the ones you have. That pretty much leaves you with dartfish, damselfish, basslets, gobies, cardinalfish wrasses and clownfish. Wrasses are hit and miss with jumping. I think it has more to do with the environment and less to do with the fish itself. There isn't much risk of jumping if you have a light timer and don't have any habits that scare the fish. Most of the jumpers that I've seen were being bullied or nipped by other fish in the tank. Any of the fairy wrasses would be good. I also like the yellow wrasse. I would avoid the lined wrasses and anything that gets above 5". Blennies can sometimes attack dartfish and gobies so those might be out. A small school of 4-5 cardinalfish can look nice in a medium tank. I really like Royal Gramma for their color and personality. Some clowns tolerate each other and you might be able to drop another pair in there depending on the species you currently have.
  13. Reefer looking to compare, learn, exchange

  14. Big eye squirrel fish

    They're not super common because they aren't good in reefs and they're nocturnal. I don't know what size you're looking for, but RCA had a 6" one in their big tank.
  15. Blue Ribbon Eel

    Ouch! Priority to 2005 or so was a hard time for hobbyists. I think we all have a story like this. Mine was $200 worth of hermit crabs and snails. The detritus was so thick from lack of flow that they didn't even make a dent! The people that I've seen be successful with ribbon eels have put them into mature reefs with live food already seeded. They're fish eaters and it helps to have Mollies or damselfish established beforehand. LA says that White Ribbon Eels are easier to keep than Black or Blue Ribbon Eels. The people that I mentioned in my last post having success all had white eels. I don't know if that makes a difference.