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  1. Planet Aquarium 130g

    I'm pretty sure I saw the kit in one of the many spam emails Marine Depot send me! What I meant was how much macro algae it would hold. If chaeto is growing that fast then you might have to harvest every week. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  2. Planet Aquarium 130g

    Pretty cool macro reactor! I've been wondering if those work. It can certainly save a lot of space and you don't have to worry about rotating the algae. About how much would you say it holds?
  3. ARC Meeting 02/24 (2pm-4pm) FarmerTy's 215 SPS Tank

    Here's what I have to bring if anyone is interested. ORA Sour Apple Birdsnest, ORA Green Pocillopora, Green Fungia Plate (3"), Aussie Purple Plate (4-5"), ORA Lantana, Red Monti Cap, Reef Raft Nauti Spiral, Watermelon Mushrooms.
  4. Got an extra $3 million laying around?

    Haha did you see the Mono Sebae at 53:43? What's the little guy doing out there! I agree with you, the maintenance will be horrible. I guess if you can afford it, then you can afford the maintenance crews cleaning glass, scraping barnacles, etc.
  5. 300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    I took your guys' advice and went with 1". I picked up 25' of flexible PVC and a new gate valve in the President's Day sale. I need to get some reducers and some unions to be all set! During the sale I also picked up a new batch of frozen foods. I'm really impressed with the packaging from DFS. I only ordered 20 packages, but you'd think I had 100 by the size of the box! They used 28 frozen packages that probably cost more than my entire order. I ended up paying about $3.50 per package with shipping.
  6. Looking for Livestock - Fish, LPS, leathers

    I've got Watermelon Mushrooms, ORA Sour Apple Birdsnest, ORA Green Pocillopora, Green Fungia Plate, Australian Purple Plate, and ORA Lantana, Red Cap.
  7. Captive-Bred Mandarin Dragonets

    Aww! Attractive coloration on that one. Have you seen it eat? Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  8. Bio Balls and Quarantine Tanks

    You can skip the Paraguard. I went through several bottles without any success.
  9. 300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    Last night I was able to apply some aquarium silicone around the bulkhead and stop the drip. Now I'm looking at flexible PVC pipe to replace the rigid currently in use. DFS carries a flexible sch 40 pipe with good reviews. This type of product glues into the normal sch 40 PVC parts, but gives me the flexibility to run into my wooden stand. Marine Depot carries a white PVC pipe that looks similar to Spa-Flex. Either product should work for me and the next step is to decide sizing. Each of my drain lines are built to the specifications in the original BA design. I currently have 1.5" drains with 1.5" pipe throughout. The full drain is roughly 50% closed in normal operation. I could continue with the 1.5" drain or reduce to a 1" drain to make it a little easier to work with. Both drains will handle the full 2,000 gph of my return pump. Aside from saving a few bucks, is there any difference between having a 1.5" drain mostly closed versus a 1" drain mostly open?
  10. CaRx Gurus!

    It seems like you're keeping your effluent constant and reducing the pH to increase the amount of output from the reactor. IME the effluent rate naturally slows as the line develops deposits or becomes dirty. If you're running a pretty slow effluent then it'll clog up faster than a higher rate effluent. It's easier for me to keep a constant bubble rate and adjust the effluent line to match output, similar to how you would make adjustments to your dosing unit. I make sure the effluent is flowing every day, but only test my Alk once a week and adjust the effluent based on the uptake. For me, a deviation of +-5ppm is an acceptable test result.
  11. Dual Personality Frag Tank

    Is it a frag tank or the dancing McDonalds hamburger mascot? I'm so confused!
  12. Dual Personality Frag Tank

    His setup makes me want to go back to MH! I also hate my canopy, but it's mostly him...
  13. ARC Meeting 02/24 (2pm-4pm) FarmerTy's 215 SPS Tank

    Come on man, that ain't right! Come over here and fix whatever I've done wrong. I'll watch the baby!
  14. Dual Personality Frag Tank

    It looks like he invited 100 of the hottest people in the world to party in a 150 sq ft studio apartment. There's a lot of touching, some people are going to get really friendly, and more than one beer is going to be spilled. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
  15. ARC Meeting 02/24 (2pm-4pm) FarmerTy's 215 SPS Tank

    Purple Efflo is soooo last week. It's Ultimate Efflo or nothing! I'm going to try and make it and I'll vote when I know for sure.