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  1. Sascha D.

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    Two hours before the kids bedtime...Go! Lowe's didn't have all of the parts I needed. Still need two male connectors, a coupler and a grey thingy. Plumbing is so expensive! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  2. Sascha D.

    FarmerTy Fall Bash Meeting

    Great meeting Ty! Thanks for having us. It was great to meet all of the new people and it didn't hurt seeing your reef again. Keep it up man
  3. Sascha D.

    FS SPS LPS Mushroom

    PM Sent.
  4. Sascha D.

    FS SPS LPS Mushroom

    List updated. Please PM me before 11 am today to pick up at the club meeting.
  5. Sascha D.

    Alternatives for Carbon & GFO?

    Biopellets and other forms of carbon dosing are primarily used to reduce nitrates. It's not as effective as GFO at removing PO4, but may also reduce phosphates marginally. Other alternatives include natural removal like refugiums or turf scrubbers and manual removal like water changes or filter socks. As far as I know, there are no alternatives to carbon media besides keeping up with water changes. I personally stopped using GFO and GAC in my aquarium and I've been exploring alternatives. The best aquarium that I've kept incorporated a refugium and protein skimmer with monthly water changes. I plan to go back to that method when I figure out the best way to get around my sump problem
  6. Sascha D.

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    Awesome! Your corals look great so it must be working for ya. My corals improved a lot when I added the supplements, so I know that I was lacking in PAR. Right now making sure there's enough PAR and not too much heat are my main objectives.
  7. Sascha D.

    FS SPS LPS Mushroom

    Sounds good I'll mark them off for ya!
  8. Sascha D.

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    @jolt are you still using the Radions for your tank? I contacted EchoTech to inquite about coverage and they told me that I would need 8 Radion G4 Pro models for my reef. I could probably get by with 5 fixtures and keep the T-5's, but I'm worried about having too many hot spots. The Hydras have the same coverage, so it'd just be a matter of preference. How do you like your models?
  9. Sascha D.

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    Thanks for the feedback, I know you're a pro and appreciate your opinion! I also submitted a question to the email address on their website and never received a response. A lot of good a two year warranty does if they don't have customer service to use it! I also thought it was strange that they have so much inventory on hand at one time. Either they aren't selling any units or they never update the number. Their most advanced unit came out in 2016 and a high inventory tells me that they have devoted most of their labor to building old models instead of developing upgrades. If they don't respond to my questions, then I think it's safe to strike it off the list.
  10. Sascha D.

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    Has anyone heard of SB Reef Lights? I saw them mentioned as viable LED lights along with the Reef Breeders and Vipraspectra. All three brands look like upgraded "black box" fixtures and I wonder what they look like in real life. I would need 3x30" fixtures for full coverage and I would probably keep my 4x54W T-5 bulbs for supplement and to reduce shading.
  11. Sascha D.

    FS SPS LPS Mushroom

    Pick up is in Pflugerville. Cash or Paypal accepted. I'll be at the club meeting on Saturday if you want to pick up there. Tyree Rainbow Stylophora (Forgot to take a picture) Completely encrusted a frag plug, about 1" x 0.5" $20 SOLD Atlantis Meteor Shower $20 WWC Bizzaro $50 Purple Stylophora - Closed when I picked it up $10 Tyree Pastel Favia $20 ORA Tricolor Valida - Healthy coral, not getting enough light on my frag rack $10 True Undata $10 one SOLD one left Watermelon Mushroom $10 Peaf Yellow Stylophora - Yellow skeleton purple polyps $60 SOLD
  12. Sascha D.

    FarmerTy Fall Bash Meeting

    Is that the secret to In and Out? This whole time I thought it was always marginal at best
  13. Sascha D.

    FarmerTy Fall Bash Meeting

    Okay, I'm coming too. Where do we submit our frag cut requests?
  14. Sascha D.

    Dinos, cyano, or diatoms?

    It's sometimes hard to identify nussiance algae because there are so many different kinds. The good news is that the treatment is the same for dinos or cyano. I've been lucky enough to have them both at some point and neither are very fun! Also, if you want a second opinion you can always email Reef Cleaner some pictures and they will help you identify it. Good Luck! I'm going to go with Calothrix Cyanobacteria. I've attached a picture below. Here is a picture of dinoflagellata that we've all come to know and love.
  15. Sascha D.


    I'm only a member of ARC, but I've read several of his articles and he's a genius. I used his articles to set up a kalkwasser supplementation system and kept it up for a few years, but later switched to a calcium reactor. Kalk is difficult to use and labor-intensive for larger aquariums or those with high uptake. At one point I was decanting 6 one gallon jugs at any given time and using two gallons every 24 hours. I also tried it in my ATO, but I never got the hang of it. Looking back I think the problem was that my container wasn't air tight. Kalkwasser reactors are available these days, but they're expensive and I don't have any experience with them.