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  1. i may want them can your text me at 6056613035
  2. I know but i would rather buy one that laying around to make use of it before buying a new one
  3. Wondering if anyone has 2 of these laying around anywhere??? Thanks Mike
  4. BML led lights worked great on my bow front
  5. so i come home and my wife has a sun coral sitting there... idk anything about this thing...

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    2. Funkness


      How often will their heads come out? They are all closed on this one

    3. wizardx322


      The heads will come out during feeding you can train it to open up during the day

    4. ckyuv


      Mine didn't open for the longest time before I realized they only opened up at night. I started feeding them pellet fish food and they grew fast

  6. So i have had this tank set up for about 8 weeks just been letting it do its thing with cycling was 150lb of fiji base rock and about 10 lbs of live rock rubble well i had it covered with a wool blanket as to not let any light in haven't had any lights turned on it sense i put the blanket on it 2 months ago all i have been doing it filling the ato with water well yesterday i pulled the blanket off and i am looking around and every rock has coraline on it not completely covered but very noticeable what i am confused at is i thought coraline needed a good amount of light to grow ?? which in a turn my biocubes will not grow any !!! any thoughts on this would be awesome Thanks Mike
  7. Looking for some rubble i want to try a few things would like to get 15-20lbs as brs is out of stock thanks in advance
  8. So i am getting ready to order my bulb and i think i am going to do 3 blue 1 purple and 4 "white" as i like the more "clear" look the 3 blue and purple will be on one driver and the white will be on another also does anyone know where i can get 60 inch reflectors all i can find are 48 if not do you think the 48 will be fine?
  9. anyone know a good place to order t5ho 60 inch bulbs?

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    2. Grog


      I'm using my T5 for supplement only for 3 halides so I'm using ATI actinics. May adjust with some blue plus. Used a mix of ATI bulbs in the old tank.

    3. esacjack


      Im using 4xt5 for primary lighting over the zoa tanks. Blue+, Purple+, Coral+, True Actinic.

      Very blue, but I like it that way, and the reproduction of my zoas doubled since installing the Coral+ bulb.

    4. Funkness


      are the coral + the whiter of the colors?

  10. are they dimmable with t5vho lights?? where i read was only dimmable with t12
  11. little bit of everything mostly softys but would also like to do sps
  12. Looking for one of these before i order it thanks
  13. actually after doing research i think i am going to go with t5 HO still dont know how many i will need though LOL
  14. Ok guys i think i have decided which kind of lights i will use for my 135 build and i am thinking T12 retro fit only issue i am having is i dont know how many i should use i can get the 60inch 140w VHO lights pretty well priced but i dont know if just 4 of these will be enough and if so should i just do 2 white 2 actinic or should i throw some other colors in there? Thanks Mike
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