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  1. 10G beginner tank

    Nice start to the tank! I also love the pistol/goby pairings... I have a tiger and yellow watchman in my current tank. One word of advice, make sure your live rock is settled firmly on the bottom of the tank. The pistol is a very vigorous burrower and will most likely make multiple tunnels under the rock. So you don't want the rock shifting and killing the shrimp and fish. My pair has about 3 or 4 entrances, though they normally only use one at a time, but the shrimp is constantly digging and working on them. Good luck!
  2. Josh's Reefer 250

    Very nice tank!
  3. Andrew's 45g

    Wow. Just wow.
  4. Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    Yay! Water!
  5. 220 Rimless w/ Mangrove

    Very nice!
  6. Andrew's 45g

    Wo... that is fast! I know the feeling.. I tried to speed things up when I first re-set up a tank... with very mixed results. Looking forward to lots of success with yours!
  7. Andrew's 45g

    Yay! Back in business!
  8. Andrew's 45g

    He's back in the salty side! Yay!
  9. The Money Pit

    That is not bad for cloudy water. I didn't rinse my live sand on my current tank, and this is what it looked like for a few days. The blue/white filter floss helped to clean it up.
  10. SoCal 28g

    Snapped a picture of the Watchman and his buddy last night. Still the only fish in the tank.... maybe after Christmas I will try again.
  11. SoCal 28g

    Well howdy folks! Long time no talk to. As some might have known, when I up and moved from Texas to Southern California over 2 years ago, I sold off my 75g and 24g tanks. I have been mostly dry since then (I am not really sure the 2 gallon freshwater tank we got for a Betta really counts). But the call of the saltwater has always been there.. especially when walking along the Pacific beaches and checking out the tide pools. Well, last night this happened: Yep, getting back into the game again. While I had grand visions of a 90g+ tank with large fish, I decided to do the gateway drug again of an All-In-One. One of the LFS near me had a great deal going on this new 28g JBJ Professional LED tank with stand. I was on the verge of buying the 32g BioCube the other day, but glad I waited. The lights on the JBJ LED are tons better (of course you pay for it too). I plan to add sand and water tonight. Stocking plans? Not exactly sure yet, but I got the better lights because I do plan on having an anemone in there. So probably kinda like my Symbiosis tank I had in Texas. Also want a shrimp/goby pair (thus the rocks places on the bottom of the aquarium). Coral wise is a bit up in the air. I have never been a big colored stick person... so probably some LPS. We shall see. Probably not going to go crazy on any mods with this one (it came with a wave maker for the dual pumps already). Since it does have a clear back, I might try to do a refuge in it's built-in sump at one point. Glad to be back in the game! And glad to be a bit more active on ARC. I checked out a few other localish forums in SoCal, but this just feels like my online home.
  12. Mixed 3.5g Pico 11/2016 - Present

    You can overcome this... my tank just went through most of the same (minus the nudibranchs). Sorry to hear about the fish loss. I love my pistol/fish pair, and lost my first paired up fish during the early months of the tank. Thankfully, the pistols are resilient, and pair up quickly with new fish. I don't have any experience with nudibranch pests, hopefully someone else can help. As for the flatworms, that I have very recent experience with. I did pretty much followed the approach you are proposing. I siphoned, dosed with flatworm exit, water changed, and repeated a month or so later. From what I have read, it is hard to overdose that stuff in the tank. I will say some of those little buggers seemed immune to the treatment. So I added a Six Line wrasse. He seemed to help the most. Best of luck!
  13. Mixed 3.5g Pico 11/2016 - Present

    Very nice!
  14. SoCal 28g

  15. SoCal 28g

  16. SoCal 28g

    Well, just a small update. Things seem to have finally stabilized in the tank (knock on live rock). The cyan is gone, hair algae is gone, lots of coral growth, and tons of coraline on the back wall. Through all the ups and downs of diseases and what not, I am left with a single fish, my yellow watchman. Him and his tiger pistol buddy are having a blast in the tank. In fact, since there are no other fish in the tank, I see the pistol come fully out into the tank a lot. Seems like every other day se is making a new entrance to their unground lair and closing an old one. Right now kinda leaving the tank as is, with it main being and invert haven. I would eventually like to get another swim thing (maybe a wrasse again, as I saw a flatworm last night), but gun shy and super busy right now with work and home life. A few quick photos this morning. Hitchhikers.... geesh.
  17. So you will be ... <drum roll> ... cutting corners?
  18. SoCal 28g

    Yeah, the Coral Beauty Angel was the last fish I added. He must of brought it in with him. Thanks.
  19. SoCal 28g

    Cursed. That is the only word to describe this tank. The angel was swimming around doing great, eating, foraging... then I come home one day and it is covered in ich. A day later, gone. And that started the wiped out of the rest of the tank Lost my six line, and 2 of the 3 fire fish. The last filefish seems to be hanging on. The only one seeming to be ok is the yellow watchman that lives with my pistol shrimp. I am starting to think I should just make this an invert and coral tank and be done with fish. No luck since the get go this time around.
  20. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Ooo, the flareback will be a nice addition! Saw one in my LFS the other day, and almost bought it. Such striking blue lines.
  21. SoCal 28g

    Stopped to get some saltwater the other day, and came home with a Coral Beauty angel... Also getting some decent growth and spreading of this cap I bought way back when. It is finally getting it's bright orange base back.
  22. Octopus tank

    Very cool!
  23. Guess who's back?

    Time to find where my ban stick went to in the move....
  24. Guess who's back?

    I thought you were going to say you.