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  1. I have mine online through the Fusion interface... will that help?
  2. From a LFS down the road from me... remember I am no longer in Austin, but in Southern California It is odd though, in my 25+ years of keeping fresh and saltwater, I have never had to deal with brook or really any other serious diseases beyond ich in freshwater.
  3. Brooklynella has struck Lost my pink bar goby quickly 2 days ago, and yesterday my flame angel. It all happened so fast, there was no time to try and save them. I can only think it might have come in through some turbo snails I bought a few weeks back. The inverts seem to be doing fine... so I am going to let the tank remain fishless for 6 weeks to allow the parasite to runs it's course. This really sucks, as this past weekend was ready to add some clowns.
  4. While at the Apple Developer Conference in San Jose, I had the chance to take a day trip and drive over to Monterey Bay... which of course meant I had to visit the aquarium. I had last visited it almost 20 years ago. This has to be one of my favorite public aquariums. The cleanliness and care of the animals is very evident. And the exhibits allow you to see the animals right up close. Here is a selection of photos from there.
  5. Not too much to report. Tank is moving into it's settled in phase. Left for a week to go to a conference, and came back to all the base rock green with algae. I had added some turbo snails to help on the glass so I only have to scrape it every other day. Hoping this weekend to possibly add in more stock. There was a beautiful anemone I saw weeks back at a LFS, might have to go and see if it is still there A trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium during the conference helped put a lot more idea's in my head. Really liked the blue spot jawfish exhibit.... but not sure he would get along with the pistol/goby pair I already have in the tank.
  6. Yay for a clear tank!
  7. Those are awesome looking!
  8. Very nice tank! Glad to see you also getting back into the gateway drug of freshwater tanks. Before we know it, we are going to see a Saltwater build thread from you
  9. That Bandit Angel is awesome looking!
  10. Update time. Well things are going well with the tank. I added a small Flame Angel last week with some fuzzy mushrooms that my daughter picked out (got them from a down the road LFS). Yesterday I took a trip a much larger LFS, and of course didn't leave empty handed: 6 coral frags, a pink bar goby, and a tiger pistol shrimp. Of course the tank is a royal mess now thanks to tiger pistol figuring out where to make his cave. As of this morning, looks like the goby and pistol have paired up. While at the LFS I saw this beautiful orange/yellow long tentacle anemone. I eventually do plan on getting an anemone and clowns, but had hoped for something to sit near the top of the tank... might have to figure a way for it to be on the bottom....
  11. Thanks for the welcomes! The big news today is a lot clearer tank. Though the rocks don't look so tall now with the deep sand bed. But the deep sand bed is on purpose. I plan on a jawfish or shrimp/goby pair in the future. I did add some life today in the form of hermit crabs and one other thing.. but we shall wait for that reveal till later. The other thing I added to the tank on Friday was a Neptune Apex Jr controller. It is hard to believe that in the 25 years of keeping saltwater tanks, this is my first controller. I have it controlling the 3 lights and heater. The tank came with it's own wave maker to alternate the two pumps, so I will leave them on that for now. The only probe is the temp... we shall see if I get the itch for more down the road.
  12. Aaaand we have achieved water and sand tonight! Tomorrow will be starting to hook up the lights to the controller and clean up wiring while things simmer down in the tank.
  13. Thanks Ty! I think a plate or two are definitely in my future.
  14. Well howdy folks! Long time no talk to. As some might have known, when I up and moved from Texas to Southern California over 2 years ago, I sold off my 75g and 24g tanks. I have been mostly dry since then (I am not really sure the 2 gallon freshwater tank we got for a Betta really counts). But the call of the saltwater has always been there.. especially when walking along the Pacific beaches and checking out the tide pools. Well, last night this happened: Yep, getting back into the game again. While I had grand visions of a 90g+ tank with large fish, I decided to do the gateway drug again of an All-In-One. One of the LFS near me had a great deal going on this new 28g JBJ Professional LED tank with stand. I was on the verge of buying the 32g BioCube the other day, but glad I waited. The lights on the JBJ LED are tons better (of course you pay for it too). I plan to add sand and water tonight. Stocking plans? Not exactly sure yet, but I got the better lights because I do plan on having an anemone in there. So probably kinda like my Symbiosis tank I had in Texas. Also want a shrimp/goby pair (thus the rocks places on the bottom of the aquarium). Coral wise is a bit up in the air. I have never been a big colored stick person... so probably some LPS. We shall see. Probably not going to go crazy on any mods with this one (it came with a wave maker for the dual pumps already). Since it does have a clear back, I might try to do a refuge in it's built-in sump at one point. Glad to be back in the game! And glad to be a bit more active on ARC. I checked out a few other localish forums in SoCal, but this just feels like my online home.
  15. Right when I was leaning towards a large cube tank, this comes up!