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  1. Dream Home?

    That video is so cheesy, and there are so many issues with having a reef -->under<-- a ledge, on a moving house.... yeah, nice dream
  2. That is a sharp looking tank!
  3. Andrew's 10g Shrimp Tank

    Afraid of snail take over? I think the blue offsets the greens and black nicely.
  4. The Return 20 gal Peninsula

    I am south of LA (Mission Viejo exactly). Moved out here 2.5 years ago from Austin.
  5. The Return 20 gal Peninsula

    Nice looking tank!
  6. Agreed. Thanks for the voice of reason.
  7. Site software upgraded

    It was Grey Chrome. Switching to another one fixed things. Thanks.
  8. Site software upgraded

    Hmm... not sure I like this new feature This is what I get when I scroll to the very top of any pages now. Safari 10.1.1, MacOSX
  9. Chasing Corals on Netflix

    For those of you with Netflix, I would recommend watching Chasing Corals that is now available. It was brought up by other ARC members earlier this year when it showed at SXSW. If it a really good eye opening documentary about coral bleaching around the world.... and really depressing. Not to spoil the ending, but it ain't a happy one.
  10. Hmm.. after reading your thread, I am starting to wonder if I had Brook or Marine Velvet rip through my tank. I am currently 30 days fallow in the tank, and was originally going to wait 60 before trying fish again. I am trying to be good and wait the 60 days.. but these stupid flatworms are making me want a six line. And I wish I would be making a trip back, but doubt anytime soon (unless work sends me... we did buy an Austin firm). Always appreciate the offer
  11. Hey.. that was no attack, but a compliment. Nothing wrong with owning a Mini... You could join me in the Mini club
  12. Oh man... sorry to hear about all of the fish losses. I have been battling with a lot of diseases and pests out here in SoCal with my new tank that I never dealt with in my whole 20+ years of saltwater keeping. I was thinking it was just the local or one particular LFS. But hearing about your tragedy, I am wondering if it is something at a grander level. Loved the picture of the plate coral bonanza!
  13. Already putting the kid to work I see.
  14. SoCal 28g

    Well, as I wait out the Brook, I can at least still add inverts. Got the below nice Blue Knuckle Hermit the other week. Oh, did I mention I now also have flatworms? I have no idea why this is the first tank in 20+ years to go through all of this crud at once. I did one treatment of Flatworm Exit last week. Worked well, but starting to see a few more again.. will probably treat again here soon. Too bad I can't add a 6 line to just eat the little buggers.
  15. Isaac's 180+

    I have mine online through the Fusion interface... will that help?