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  1. Right when I was leaning towards a large cube tank, this comes up!
  2. Congrats Ty! Welcome to the new adventure of parenting!
  3. And here I thought Mark was coming back to say we set up 440g Drop Off Tank.....
  4. Wouldn't using pure live rock to create a cliff cause a lot of detritus to build up inside all that rock? I guess circulation could help with that. Met thought there the shallower spot would be great for light loving items like clams, and the deeper would make some good swimming room for some larger fish.
  5. I saw that tank. "75" gallons is really a 50 gallon tank with a 25 gallon sump. And yes, the price is astronomical.
  6. @$#$%!!@$@#$!@#~~#@$@#$!!!! I was searching for ideas on Droff Off tanks, and the internet directed me to here.
  7. The betta I have on my desk at work in the iOS app group is called Steve.
  8. How about some tide pool urchins?
  9. When did they add the mermaid?
  10. Wow. Your tank is looking awesome! So glad to see it shaping up the way it is. This is really making me want to get a tank again
  11. That is Ty is real life.
  12. Get back to owning a saltwater tank.
  13. Happy birthday oh great coral propagator!
  14. <lurkMode>Off</luckMode> Lest us not forget to give a huge "Thank you" to the guy who keeps the lights on in the place, our fabulous Admin Mike Frame! Thanks for all the hard you work you put into the site and club in between your busy life It was great having the club there when I had my tanks, and people came though in aces when I needed to break down the tanks at a moments notice. It has been over a year now salt-less, but now that we are settled into a house, I am starting to get that familiar itch... so who knows... as my states former governor somewhat said: "I might be back" (read in your mind with Arnold's voice). Miss y'all (yes, even you Robb)! - James <lurkMode>On</lurkMode>