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  1. Still available? Where do you live?
  2. Interested in some of your corals please txt me at 512-525-5604 thanks
  3. Looking for a canister filter- if anyone is wanting to sell their canister filter please txt me . I need one for my 55 gallon tank. 512-525-5604 thanks in advance!
  4. My buddy has 2 koi fish that need a new home ... txt me if you’re interested- koi fish are in killeen 512-525-5604.
  5. My friend is giving me a 55 gallon tank if i can re-home her koi fish. She has 2 adult koi’s that need a good home - hMU if you want them and i can arrange to go to her home and pick them up with you. She lives in Killeen.
  6. Is there any aquatic stores in the area that sell saltwater fish and equipment ? Or is the only thing available in the cove Killeen HH area the PetSmart type establishments?
  7. Well i used to have a 75g reef tank for 4 yrs but when I moved to a new house I sold it. I haven’t actually starred a new tank yet but gathering my information for what i want. Im looking to start with another 75g tank . So if y’all know of anyone selling there tank send them my way.
  8. Just wanted to say hello- coming back to try the hobby again. Live in copperas cove
  9. Just wanted to say hello- coming back to try the hobby again. Live in copperas cove
  10. Richrod73


    Pm sent. Thanks
  11. Just wanted to say ..I have the very same LED 36" 12000k 30w and its awesome! Wouldnt mind gettin a solid blue strip for coral. Didnt see one but if you have one lmk. Thanks. For those contemplting buy them ...this is a awesome price for a very sleek looking LED
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