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  1. Happy late bday!
  2. And it's gone!
  3. Thanks! Didn't think I'd be selling fish tanks for diapers and cribs but I'm excited! I'm sure I won't be tankless for long lol
  4. Well the wife is pregnant so I get to sell my reef tank. Not really excited to sell it but a pregnant lady with no insurance is expensive! I have a 60g Red Sea max 250 for sale. It's been an sps tank on auto pilot so it comes with some sps but they are not in in their prime. It comes with a pretty new wireless mp10 quiet drive, a deltec mc 500 skimmer a tunze ato, a bubble magus dosing pump and plenty of random pumps, heaters food and fish tank stuff. All the bulbs are ati and got about 6-8 months on them. I recently replaced all the fans in the hood and added extra so the tank is silent and stays cool. There is random sps, some zoas, and a frog spawn for coral. There is a melanuris wrasse, yellow tang, chromis and a flame hawk that I have had for a long time. I also have a ro/di filter that will come with it. I have to post a price so well say round 1200. I do not care to part out don't waste your time asking. Any other reasonable offer will entertained.
  5. Awesome! I never noticed you got the nitrates to 0 has it been like that a while? Diggin the colors from the t5's? Those fish will be cool, I've always wanted them but read they eat a lot and I forget to feed my fish a lot
  6. That mushroom looks sweet, it's the brightest thing you can see in the pic!
  7. Go fishing and use it as bait
  8. Def Gota get a flame hawk! He's my coolest fish in the tank, like Ty's mines a chicken he gets bullied by the chromis lol. I leave the flipper scraper on the front glass for him to sit on and he'll just sit there and watch what's happening outside the tank. I've been thinking about getting a 2nd
  9. I work in the day time now I'm going to come see your tank one of these days.
  10. You'll have to get in line behind the Nopox guys ... And zeovit and prodibio and anyone else who don't list all their ingredients
  11. You should just plumb your return into that pvc to make it extra crafty, then you won't see it coming out the top
  12. Tank looks good! Sorry to hear about the filefish he was sweet! Have you thought about a yellow tang? I've never had much luck with other tangs but I still have a yellow tang I got at that petco on Brodie when I lived down there.
  13. How often do y'all check salinity? I have a hydrometer that I maby bust out once a year when I get bored. How does the salinity change that much? I thought it was a set and forget type thing.
  14. Man that ckyuv Heavenly Touch stag sure is lookin good
  15. someone on here was makin some cool ones a while back, I think it was Tim but I'm not positive. Hopefully they will see this.