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  1. Free Shipping on $99+ orders!!!

    Awesome size frags, got some zoas on this deal and I am very pleased. Thanks!
  2. Josh's Reefer 250

    Sweet setup, x2 on the pics
  3. Captive-Bred Mandarin Dragonets

    What does it eat when it is that small? Think it would go for some mini pellets? We were thinking or ordering one after our spring break trip.
  4. Now I have to choose either a meeting or a rebelution show
  5. I keep seeing this topic pinned for feb 19th and get my hopes up.
  6. Captive-Bred Mandarin Dragonets

    That's pretty cool! If we were not planning on a vacation I would go for it. Totally going to check them out when we get back if available still. I have heard with other mandarins even if trained to eat frozen food you still have to keep up your pod population. Wonder of that is still the case here
  7. Indoor plumbing

    Thanks y'all! The insurance is cool so the recovery has not been bad. Just wanted to make sure to share the experience so I could hopefully prevent it for someone else. Like others mentioned, a quick check / replacement sure beats replacing house lol
  8. Indoor plumbing

    Well, here is my friendly reminder to learn from my mistakes. Don't cheap out on your plumbing. I hooked up a RO/ DI filter in my laundry room, I did a splitter in the fresh water line to my washer so I could also put the drain into the drain for the washer. Figured the best way to ensure I did not get copper in my lines was to use a cheap plastic Y valve. Well... that turned into the valve not digging the 15 degree weather while I was out of town in the upstairs of my house. That turned into a downstairs where I used a broom and an open door to drain the water. Then a downstairs with no ceilings, walls, or carpet and an excessive amount of very loud fans Please don't use cheap plumbing, and if you have please consider swapping it out.
  9. Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    The t track sounds like a good idea, another option could be if the studs are in the right spot on the wall, to do a bar coming out horizontally to hold up the lights / wires. For where they are now in the ceiling, do you have access to that from above? You could also just put a 2x4 or something where you need it above the sheet rock where you have the openings and shift the lights over that way. For the wires, Its been a while since I had mine, but I think they had an extension for the power wires you could buy, then for the ones to link them, it's a regular ol 3.5mm cable you can get. That may help to extend and run through the ceiling if that is the plan.
  10. Zoas / Ricordea

    Hey guys, lookin to add some color to the tank. Trying to see if anyone locally may have some colorful zoas or ricordea Florida. For zoas, looking for Fruit loops, Sunny d's, Eagle eyes or stuff with nice contrast like that. For ricirdeas, mostly just looking for Florida's. Thanks!
  11. 280 gallon Build

    Dilly Dilly!
  12. Kessel, par, height, ect..

    What size tank are we talking? How wide is it?
  13. Is this a rotifer?

    What did you take that picture with? Pretty cool pic! I duno much about pods but if I had to guess I think the tiger pods have the longer tails like that pic.
  14. Used T5 bulbs

    Can these be cut down for 24" fixtures?
  15. Lemon Peel Angel @ 13

    That's longer than I have had a girlfriend, or a job, or even a dog