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  1. FishyStuff

    Should I use my filter sock?

    Hey, Timfish here. I am working with someone to totally overhaul my website and include a lot more info but much of the basic stuff was covered by Delbeck and Sprung in both Vol. I and III of their 'The Reef Aquarium" series. There is a lot of important info also in Forest Rohwer's "Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas". What's important to remember about skimmers is for aquaria there still is no standard being used by the manufacturers to rate how well they work (pumps have gallons or liters per hour and lights have PAR or lux) even though Dr. Ken Feldman, et al, with their research posted on Advanced Aquaria has provided two different metrics. "dialing in" a skimmer is a purely subjective term and has no basis in reality for how much or what is being removed by one.
  2. FishyStuff

    Local aquarium manufacturers?

    If you can use a standard size glass tank that will be your best bet. Either Aquadome or River City can get you glass tanks pretty reasonably. We do thermoforming with acrylic and can do some pretty unique shapes (Wave Tank at C4 two years ago) if you're inclined to go that route.
  3. FishyStuff

    22 Year Old Reef System

    Was rather dissapointed, we ended up settling on $7500.
  4. FishyStuff

    22 Year Old Reef System

    System has been sold!
  5. FishyStuff

    22 Year Old Reef System

    My client is retiring and is will be traveling quite a bit.
  6. FishyStuff

    22 Year Old Reef System

    PRICE DROP!!!! I've been instructed to drop the price to $10,000. This is a real steal! It can take 2 or 3 years or more to get a tank looking as nice and as full as this.
  7. FishyStuff

    22 Year Old Reef System

    Yes, this is as close to getting a pedigreed coral as you can get. With any of the "designer" corals what you get is a fancy name and the challenge of trying to match environmental conditions to maintain colors. With this Sinularia foliata comes a copy of the lab work by one of the preeminent octocoral taxonomist which can be verified independently irregardless of any color or growth change due to different environmental conditions.
  8. FishyStuff

    22 Year Old Reef System

    No apology needed. It was my oversight and thank you for pointing it out.
  9. FishyStuff

    22 Year Old Reef System

    Your quite right. If you read the first post the lab work done by Dr. Jaines is available, "(A .pdf copy of the lab work by Micheal P. Jaines, one of the for most world authorities on soft corals, is available for potential purchasers.)" I would point out the estimated price for the 2003 receipt was not based on the rarity of the coral. Unbeknownst to us it was as yet a still undescribed species and was not identified until 2008 by research conducted by Dr. van Ofwegan, the fist post links to his research paper. The price for the 2003 colony was determined by an estimated number of frags that could be cut off the parent colony with an estimated survival rate of 90% and without cutting into the main parts of the mother colony and an estimated retail price of $30 per frag. For the second estimate we used an estimate of $200 per frag, a very reasonable price for a very rare coral and which we have gotten. Here's a picture from 2003 of the deflated colony after it was removed, you can see at the upper left edge of the colony a piece of the roughly 8" long by 4" wide rock it was attached to: You mean Fishy Stuff right? Fishy Business is a different company that didn't have any input.
  10. FishyStuff

    22 Year Old Reef System

    Part of the justification is the extreme rarity of this species. Please feel free to read the link in the first post, current research has it documented from one only location in Palau. Samples were sent to Micheal P. Janes, one of the for most experts in the world on octocorals in 2011 and identified as Sinularia foliata. This is the one of the rare occasions we are aware of where documentation is available by a world renown taxonomist, think of it as having registration papers for a pet cat or dog. We also have these receipts:
  11. FishyStuff

    22 Year Old Reef System

    Thank you for pointing that out. I've corrected my first post.
  12. FishyStuff

    22 Year Old Reef System

    22 year old reef aquarium system for sale. $20,000.00 110 gallon display tank with 20 gallon sump, LED lights (BuildMyLED.com) 1/4 hp chiller, 40 watt UV sterilizer, misc pumps and an air pump w/ battery backup. System was initially started in 1992 and still has a few of pieces of the original rock, the current tank and stand are 7 years old and is oak with a dark red mahogany finish. System has a significant percentage of the known and very rare Sinularia foliata(1) colonies in the US. (A .pdf copy of the lab work by Micheal P. Jaines, one of the formost world authorities on soft corals, is available for potential purchasers.) Also includes large colonies of Tricolor Frogspawn (added in the mid nineties). Other soft/stoney corals include blue and red Discsoma spp. (added in the mid nineties), assorted zoas and palys, two 2nd generation show size Plerogyra sinuosa polyps (added two years ago but are 14 years old), Strawberry Chalice and blue Anchor (Euphillia spp.), green/brown/white Candy Cane (2000?) and brown leather finger (90s). Fish include a 20 year old Purple Tang. Other fish are a mated trio of Ocellaris clownfish which host all the frogspawn colonies, Sailfin Tang, Yellow Tang, Regal Tang, Coral Beauty, 5 Yellow Tail Damsels, Lawnmower Blennie and Flame Hawkfish. To schedule an appointment to view this system or for more information please call 512-627-3690 or 512-454-6723 (1) This coral was purchased in 1997 but the species was not described until research by L. P. van Ofwegan was done in 2008 in Palau http://www.repository.naturalis.nl/document/122261 Hopefully it is more widespread but currently this species is only known from one location in Palau and is not being imported.
  13. The 73 gallon is going to wiegh at least 600 lbs and you deffinitely want a big safety margin. If it's going to be against the wall it could be built with a flat back.
  14. Not to brag but I can build you the tank for about $1500. You'll have to figure out how to hang it though.
  15. FishyStuff

    I broke my center brace,

    Looking at how AGA braces some of thier big tanks with just plastic cross bracing an inch or two wide I'd be inclined to think steel cable is a bit of an overkill. My wildly speculative guess is the reason aquarium manufacturers use glass is for simplicity of construction and appearence.